Meet-Up in New Mexico

If you are planning a meet-up in New Mexico leave a comment below that includes at least the following:

  1. Date of your meet-up
  2. Location of your meet-up



15 thoughts on “Meet-Up in New Mexico

    • Waterhigh,
      Yeah I was bummed to hear this too, my first and only Fennboree to attend was last year (had a blast). Hanging out with fellow searchers will be remembered for a long time.
      I may have to go to Hyde Park this summer, sit at my campfire and just reflect on last year. Sometimes it not all about looking for the treasure.
      Have a great night waterhigh…. until next time… see ya

      • Love that thought, Focused… “sometimes it’s not all about looking for treasure”….

        So very true… and yet, that is when some of the most valuable and rarest treasures are often realized to be found… 🙂

        My husband and I had a great time last year meeting everyone….

        • Thank you Jenny for meeting with Papa Fenn and posting the Q & A session! Would love the opportunity to sit down with him over Juevos Rancheros at Tia Sophias one day. I wonder if he’ll let me smoke Sitting Bull’s Peace Pipe after I go in peace. Of course, I wouldn’t want to upset the Chief, better not do that.

      • Focused, If you want to give us a little advance notice of when you might be at Hyde Park, I’d LOVE to come & sit at your campfire for a while! I bet there’s several other people who would love to drop by to see you when you’re in that neighborhood!

    • DARN – I thought that Fennboree was 17/18th. I now see that it is scheduled for 22/23 – Same dates as Cynthia’s get-together in Montana.

      Wish that there was not a conflict – JDA

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