Meet-Up in Other States 2020

If you are planning a meet-up in Montana leave a comment below that includes at least the following:

  1. Date of your meet-up
  2. Location of your meet-up







5 thoughts on “Meet-Up in Other States 2020

  1. Good day to all,

    Reading the posts raised some questions in my mind.
    As I recall, Forrest had mentioned something about rental car records.
    This leads to the question: What was Forrest doing the morning of the hide?
    [ I hide it in one afternoon. ]
    2) Was Forrest still flying at that time?
    3) If so, where was his plane stored?
    4) How far could that plane fly on a tank of fuel?

    In my mind I see Forrest leaving his home in Taos and driving to the airport.
    Loading a backpack with the chest and some of the items in it and another container with the remainder of the treasure in it into the plane. Now here is where it gets sticky.
    1) When did he leave his home to go to the airport? What time?
    2) How many hrs did he fly before landing and picking up the rental car?
    3) Did Forrest use an event he was attending as cover to hide the chest?

    What I am trying to do here is, account for the morning of the hide.
    That time period may tell us a lot, esp the state the chest rests in.


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