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This page is for searchers to introduce themselves. Please write a few paragraphs about yourself that you would like to share with others on the blog. This page is only for searchers to write about themselves.

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  1. Hi Fellow Seekers

    My name is Dan and I live in London, England. I first became aware of the TC earlier this year following an article in the Times of London (as you might call it over there.) I did my own research and took some interest in Dal’s blog and a couple of others. I was amazed by the level of courtesy and friendliness shown by posters on this blog – or maybe Goofy just nuked all the idiots.

    Anyway, long story short, I am heading to the Rockies in two days time with one of my daughters to spend ten days searching for the chest – or one day searching for the chest and nine days in Vegas. FF did say that a certain amount of confidence is needed…

    You can follow the story of our adventure on our Facebook page “Dan and Liv’s Excellent Adventure.” Just search for the page and like it to get updates.


    • Hi there adventures, friends, mentors, and competition alike. My name is Christoffer “Liam” . I am sort of new to the look and feel of being a searcher. That being said I hope to learn from reading your stories.

      General bio.
      I am an avid practitioner of Parkour, rock climbing, Free weight diving, and various active sports.

      When I was younger my mom would always set up scavenger hunts for me to keep me busy. All with rewards of cash. She always said I had a curiosity equivalent to a cat.

      I naturally got into rock climbing at a young age living in the Wyoming Rockies. I didn’t actively get into diving tell my first visit to lake McConaughy in Nebraska. Where I went diving for rocks and other misc. things. My freshman year of highschool I started exploring around in old barns garages and buildings. Just trying to make some cash. Quite regrettably I couldn’t finish out highschool due to moving schools and lacking credits. I opted for Equivalents Degree just to help test out of school.

      As of now I have six dives, wish it could be more but living were I do the water is only warm for one and a half months before it gets too cold. I do have a dive planed off the coast of Texas in June it will probably yeald nothing but its the adventure that counts.

      As far the Forrest’s treasure I just recently heard about it. I will leave you all to your findings and I will go on my own leads.

      See you all around.

    • I just wanted to properly introduced myself and tell ya how much I enjoy everyone’s comments. I’m originally from South Georgia and I have a wondering spirt. I started this crazy journey at the beginning of 2013. I had my first solve after 5 months and chickened out after driving 10 hours. I had no confidence at all in myself or my solve. I walked about 30 yards up the trail and turned around. It was in the Secret Valley, near Madison River. I now know I was so off base with that solve and glad I turned around. Shortly after returning home I learned my mother wasn’t well, they had found something growing on the side of her heart. I packed up my life and moved back home to help her out, that was in July. In October we had a fire and lost most everything, they said it was an electric issue. Then 3 months later in January we had another fire and lost everything that time. I lost all my maps, research, everything. I have spent 4 years now trying to rebuild my life. I picked the chase back up in March of this year. I saw the words differently this time and 3 months to the day I had my new solve. As I said in a post before, I’m in Australia now and won’t be able to look for the treasure for at least another season. I wish you all the luck in the world & hope you all stop to notice the little things.

  2. Sawadee Ja, my name is Charles ‘Cholly’ T. Quinnelly, I grew up in Starkville, Mississippi and came to Northern Calf in the late 70’s via the Air Force. While I was out west my folks moved to SC and MS was no longer home so I stayed out west. Besides, they don’t have nude beaches in MS! I’ve lived in Ukiah, CA Mendocino County since ’93 where I’ve been licensed in the real estate industry for almost 20 years. In the 80’s I lived and worked in Alaska and was able to travel all over, I went as far out as St. Paul Island and got to witness a seal harvest, I worked on oil platforms in the Cook Inlet and traveled to Juneau on several projects as well as Fairbanks and worked casual labor for the long longshoremen in Anchorage, (only one regret I have was not sticking with longshoremen).

    In the late 80’s I ended up back in Calf and at one point got the idea to become a commercial diver so I went to a two year program in Santa Barbara at the city college. After graduating I worked in the Gulf of Mexico for one season as a diver/tender but realized hard hat diving wasn’t in my cards and I moved to Mendo to regroup. In 2000 I went to Thailand to vacation and sport dive, this is when I met my lovely wife, Saing-In who is from Chiang Saen, Chiang Rai, Thailand, the area known as The Golden Triangle. We have 3 children, (two girls and a boy). The plan is for me to retire to Thailand, if there is such as thing as retirement.

    I only recently discovered The Thrill of The Chase this past spring and honestly have not physically searched, just doing a lot of reading and thinking, (dreaming) at this point. I know the books scream out loud search in YNP/WYNP but having attended Philmont twice in the early 70’s I have a pull to check out the Cimarron area and to just visit/explore NM first. New Mexico has always been on my mind as a state to relocate to as I get more and more burnt out on living in lovely NorCal! However, being near San Francisco does have it’s perks.

    I’ve enjoyed discovering and learning about the Thrill and being a part of Dal’s Blog. I do not have a solid solve, can’t figure out hoB at all so the time is not ripe for BOG. That’s about it, lots of adventures and memoirs in my life, I’m fairly liberal (why else live in Mendo) and open to new ideas and sharing thoughts. If you have ever wanted to visit Thailand I can clue you in as I’ve been going back and forth once or twice a year since 2000! Feel free to email me and good luck on your search. Thank you Dal, Goofy, all the bloggers and Forrest Fenn!

  3. Hi there – I am an armchair enthusiast, but I have been out to New Mexico twice to poke around and possibly fall into holes. I have a few ideas I want to chase down this winter, so I would love to meet a fellow adventurer or two while I am out there. I think I have seen a few people from the board when I am walking around, but I am a little shy and afraid to approach people and start spouting about hidden treasure in the desert. It sounds funny if the person is NOT there looking for it. I think I have tried a lot of obvious places, and I have done a lot of reading to open my mind to other alternatives, but still dead ends. So, if anyone wants to join me for a few days in December around Taos (I just like to look there because it is so beautiful), contact me with my email. Best, Addey

  4. Hi to all the Forrest Fennatics out there in the blogosphere. My name is Garth and first of all I would like to say a big Thankyou to the gentleman who has made this all possible the charismactic and generous Mr. Forrest Fenn. I would also like to say a big Thankyou to the man who’s fingers do the talking Blogger Boss Mr. Dal Neitzel. Even though I live 4,500 miles away in the Republic of Ireland (which by the way would fit comfortably inside New Mexico five times) the Fenn-Gold-Fish-Fever has got me hooked. About 8 weeks ago I casually Googled something to do with metal detecting for gold and went off on different tangents into cyberspace (like you do) only to end up here. I admit that I have lurked in these corridors of information, misinformation, happiness, laughter and sadness but what a great experience I have had. I have learnt more through reading and research about the four States NM, CO, WY, MO than I could of imagined. These four States alone are truly magnificent in their awesome size, beauty, diversity and not forgetting their colourful Native Puebloan Histories. The opportunities you have there for camping, fishing, hiking etc in such beautiful and vast empty spaces is enviable. The variety of animals, birds and fish seem to be in abundance. I didn’t think an arrowhead could be as big and as strikingly beautiful until I saw the different collections. No wonder in the old western movies they would refer to these areas as God’s Country. I would love to get my wife and myself over there for a holiday someday and who knows we might even go treasure hunting. Good Luck Everyone and Enjoy Yourselves.

  5. Greetings all,

    I was introduced to The Thrill Of The Chase at the end of June, beginning of July 2015 – saw a spot on the the Today show around that time. Ordered a book and have been posting here on Dal’s site since shortly after that. I did look into other sites, but determined this one had the best report amongst fellow posters. So that’s how I’m here.

    My dad made a career of the Navy, so I grew up all over the East coast of the US. I graduated from high school from a little town in Western New York from the same school my parents met in. Initially went to college locally and then transferred to a college in the Mid-west to play football (got to play three years). Did my graduate work in Kentucky.

    Met my wife in college and we have 3 adult children. One married, one doing graduate work in Arizona and the last one a senior in college. I work in IT building and maintaining a fleet of PCs, laptops and tablets of about 450 devices for the company I work for.

    The two main hobbies I have enjoyed over the years are building and flying model rockets (since 1972) and working on my 62 Ford Falcon, now that the kids are out of the house.

    My mom’s parents owned a dairy farm (now my uncle’s) and I spent a lot of time on that land exploring as a boy, growing into an avid woodsman and ocassional hunter. I also worked for the US Forest Service in NM as a smoke eater for a summer before going to college. I’ve had the opportunity over the years to visit 47 of the 50 states, including the four listed as possible places for Indulgence.

    To date, I am still an armchair searcher, as I have not put boots to ground yet. I hope to do that in the coming days if I can figure out the starting point.

    Some Where West Of Toledo – swwot

  6. Hi searchers,

    My name is Margaret Sangers but sometimes I go by another name. I first heard of the Chase in 2010? Or when? I’m friends with Cyndi Child, Lincoln Child’s sister. I have one husband and two kids. I’ve been married for 25 years.

    I didn’t buy the book. But I watched the videos and read the poem. Here we have an American hero who began by walking home in misery, I thought. The more I listened, the more I realized he gave so many clues that I should be able to stumble on it. I begged my family to get to the search area and they said no and gave me the whaaa? look. I gave my solve away here and on FB. I forgot about treasure.

    That was 5 years ago. Here it is 5 years later, and no one has found the chest and Fenn’s treasure. I came across a Fenn article, and I’m still thinking the treasure is in the same place.

    We recently went searching for treasure! Twice!! We hung out with the trout and squished in Pecan creek, screamed an ran when we saw a huge spider, got dehydrated and crabby, and learned to respect any kind of cactus. We bought leather boots, ran between golfing greens, and looked at what I think are the answers to the clues. Many times I told the air, “Well, this is where I’d put it.”

    After the second trip I noticed Andy Briggs’ cipher. I almost fell off the chair. It is the exact route Fenn would have taken after college. And it names the street and tells more direction. Aww, shucks. And we are not heading back there. My family is back to giving me the whaa? Look. Anyway, nice to meet you. Last time I gave away my solve I didn’t last a day in this site. This time I got in at least a few posts.

  7. Hello fellow Seekers, Searchers, Hunters and Adventurers,

    I am a writer, a poet, a retired English prof who likes fly fishing, short hikes, gardening, thrifting, and rock hounding. I first heard about FF and Indulgence when my niece, my sister’s daughter, sent me an email asking if I had ever heard of the man and his chase. Yes, something seemed familiar, but it took some reading to remember why.

    Anyway, my niece likes puzzles and treasure hunts, and she wondered if I had any thoughts about the poem, especially since I live in one of “those” states, the northernmost one. I read it through several times and thought about it, and sent her an email about my thoughts. And then I read it a few more times and set it aside and went fishing. And then I went fishing again. And on the third time I went fishing something in Mr. Fenn’s poem hit me like lightning, and I was hooked.

    When my sister arrived shortly thereafter, I told her about the Chase, showed her the poem and my copy of “Thrill. . .” and explained that I thought I understood enough about how poems get written that I might take a shot at a boots on the ground search. However, I would in no way ever enter my search area alone, it being no place for the meek. Would she join me? Yes.

    Off we went. It was great. Loads of treasure, though not Indulgence. A truly rare and wonderful moment with my only sibling. We worked hard and laughed lots. She found a penny and a ladybug, the clearest of symbols for our parents, and it was touching.

    I made a second hunt with a good buddy. More treasure, though not Indulgence. On that second trip I found a Zippo lighter and gigantic elk rack, still attached to the top of the skull. Where we were, antler hunting is quite legal, so my buddy and I carried that thing out.

    I will give it at least one more shot, but probably not until next year.

    Thanks for the fun, Mr. Fenn.

  8. Hello everyone, Bookworm here. I first heard about Forest Fenn’s treasure in May of 2014 from a story on the news. Since then I have purchased TTOTC and have been conducting an armchair search for the treasure. I have yet to put “feet on the ground” since I am in southern California but am planning a week long fishing trip with a long time friend next April. While in Montana I will of course poke around in the forest for the treasure. Yes, I have a solution to the poem (it makes sense to me anyway) so in 6 months I will be giving it a go. If I don’t find it that is okay.

    I will be 40 years old in less than 2 months and this treasure search has brought back memories of my childhood. For that and my upcoming trip, I’d like to thank Mr. Fenn, Dal, and everyone else who is searching for the treasure. I am an Eagle Scout as well as ex Navy and this will be the first adventure I will be going on since 2000 when I was discharged from active duty.

    So if you are in the West Yellowstone area during the last week of April 2016 you might bump into me 🙂 Happy treasure hunting and stay safe everyone.

  9. Hi , =)

    We are the Dantuono’s . Our family has been on the hunt for 3 years or more. We first herd of the chase form a friend of ours who was looking for the book TTOTC. At first I was not interested in it at all. But one day after having multible surgeries and in bed stricken , with doctors orders . I decided to try and take my mind off things. I started reading Forrest”s book, and started thinking of things I haven’t since I was a kid. See just before my accident , My Dad passed of Angio Sarcoma of the live and spleen , and with in months of his passing my wife Dad got lung cancer and passed.
    Right after my accident , my wife mother was killed in a head on collision while on the way to us after her doctors appointment to fetch us for dinner. So as you can see we have had a lot happen in the last few years. So , as I was saying , I started reading his book and visiting on Google earth just the places he was speaking about in Yellow Stone.
    I had never see , or payed much attention to that place as a kid , even though I had also hunted my own food in Amarillo Texas as a kid . I never knew about what a awesome place Yellow Stone is. I like West Yellow Stone the most after being there.

    The beauty of nature and the animals gave me strength , and 2 years later back on my feet with a fire burning I was gonna find this thing.=) So since , we as a family who have fought some pretty hefty odds have been out on the trail in , New Mexico , Colorado , Montana , Wyoming , and Texas. We have visited almost every place mention in the book as well as a couple we have come up with our selfs. We live now in Colorado , inspired by her mountains and wealth of Animals , we try to get into nature as much as possible . More looking for places that many don’t go to , where you can hear everything and smell ever flower and tree around you .

    Our friend and comrade , Jake Fink is a film maker and works for a lot of different film companies . Is building a show called Natures Warriors . Its about how we need to be more aware of our plants condition and educates people on how to live more Green . Any way he has been trailing us for about a year now filming our solves , we have had some really cool adventures let me tell ya. Next is New Mexico , and a hope to meet a fellow Searcher who I will not say who she is at the moment , and build a Small Team to find this treasure and tell the story . This is our hope of course. But if any boots on the ground search who is serious about finding Mr.F’s chest and wants to team up with our Film project , my e mail i.e. . Any arm chair searchers who have been involved in this for a long time and has done their home work is also invited to be apart of this . You can reach me at the same e mail also , from there we can exchange phone numbers and contact via Video to discuss terms.

    Hope you all the best in you hunts, and safe trips while in the wood. =)
    Have fun , thats what F wants for the kids involved in this , them to discover everything =)
    From ; The Dantuono Family

  10. Hi all, Not Obsessed, searching since September 2014. My name is Gary McMullan. Born 1953 and raise in Corsicana, Texas. Married my wife Kathi in 1975 and moved to Denton Texas for about 4 years before moving back to the Corsicana area. We have four girls, all married with 15 grand-kids.

    I work in the IT department at Guardian Glass here in Corsicana. I also have experience as an electronics tech. Love to build things and be outdoors and love to fish. Archery and Radio Control planes have been some of my past hobbies.

    I found out about Forrest Fenn in the National Parks Trips news letter, telling people not to bring metal detectors and shovels to the YSNP. Been hooked ever since. Unfortunately my wife doesn’t have the same zeal for the chase as I do. That’s where the Not Obsessed name comes from, she kept telling me that I am obsessed with the hunt, but I told here that I was just very interested. (Well maybe she was right as usual)
    My search area has been YSNP and I still like the WY MN area. Made one trip in April 2015 , no GOLD but a lot of treasured time with the grandson. Still keeping up with the blog, but not as closely as before. Maybe another search next summer.
    A lot of thanks to Forrest Fenn for giving us something to chase, and Dal and Goofy for all the work on the BEST blog site.

  11. I’m not sure when a started searching online, but I started posting is 2013. I had brushed the chase aside for awhile, and then read an article about the chase while on a flight home which re sparked my interest. (Hemispheres). Since then, I have been fairly to madly active on the blog.

    When I post, I typically don’t beat around the bush. I used to, but now I just lay it out there. I find I get better feedback that way.


    About me –

    I was born in the Everglades. My dad says it was practically on an alligator’s back. I have lived as far north as Caribou, Maine and as far west as Oklahoma and Texas. I fell in love with Texas and moved back here 10 years ago; I hope to never leave.

    Occupation – I am a software guy working for a global company providing solutions to the financial industry. I am responsible for software solutions and delivery for North America, and have the best people in the world working for me.


    For Fun –

    I hike, camp, and explore. I am into “bush-craft”, and find it incredibly rewarding. My favorite bush-craft guru is a retired ecology professor named, “Ken Kramm”. You can follow him on Youtube – My wife says I have a man-crush. 🙂

    I love the beach – not the condo beach visit though. Just 3.5 – 4 hours from my house is the longest undeveloped beach in the US (heck it might be the longest on the continent). I love taking my kids out camping on this beach. We can drive about 60 miles without seeing a single building. In Texas, a beach is considered a highway and the same rules apply; with the exception that you can camp out on this highway. 4×4 required.

    I LOVE! photography. It ties in with everything I do. My camera, an old Nikon D90 (old by today’s standards), is with me everywhere I go.


    Architecture –

    I travel a lot, and I find the most fascinating places. I enjoy going to abandoned buildings such as hotels, warehouses, schools, train stations, bridges, and such.

    I also walk the city streets. My tip to all – look up. There is so much more cool stuff on the upper floors that are missed by the masses. Ask for access to the inside of old buildings. You will be surprised how often you get it. Many times the security guard will actually give you a tour.

    Things most people don’t know about me –

    I can’t write in cursive. I can barely print.
    I had to have a special curriculum in order to graduate college (couldn’t pass the English classes – like eng 101)
    I can’t read a novel – which really sucks.
    I know more non-essential trivia items then should be allowed
    I’ve hiked the Smokey Mountains National Park end-to-end in a single trip
    I rebuilt an engine at the age of 15 – and it worked
    I can twist my tongue into the shape of a “W”. <— yep, looks just like that 🙂

    Scott W

  12. Fellow Searchers, or Fenn-atics,

    First off, thank you Mr. Fenn Dal, Goofy and others who are regulars and have contributed to this little community.

    My name is Mike, and yes, I’m from Wisconsin. I’m originally from Chicago and have endeavored to make life an adventure. I played semi-pro baseball, worked in a lumberyard, restaurant, hotel, managed a sporting goods store, director of a youth center in my home town, was a real estate banker, then mortgage broker and finally a partner in an investment management company. A few years ago I started a specialty foods company and am leading a movement in Wisconsin to begin a new agro-forestry industry here. I was elected to the county board and am up for my third term next year.

    I become involved in the search this past Spring when my 12yr old daughter had a school project in which she had to write about New Mexico and someone famous there. Her research turned up Forrest Fenn and unbeknownst to me, she even called and spoke to him for two minutes! She was so thrilled afterwards she was shaking for half an hour! Once she recovered it was “Dad! We HAVE TO go looking for the treasure!” I knew this was a “golden” opportunity to curtail her Internet/electronics addiction. So, only a few days after school was out for the summer we were headed West. Although it was the longest car ride of my life, it was a great adventure and the treasure I found, worth more than Fenn’s, was quality “Daddy-time”.

    I’ve worked hard at the solve since then and IMO, have solved several of the clues, and shared some of them here. My daughter and I will be heading out west again, better prepared and more serious, in the spring.

    God Bless One and All.

    Wisconsin Mike

  13. Hi Treasure Seekers!

    I am Jon C. Been a full-time searcher going on 4 years. I say full-time because I have been unemployed for that long and I spent at least 40 hours per week on this search! I am 50 and married to a saint (like Peggy Fenn) who fortunately makes good money and allows me to follow my dream…I am not totally in denial as you must think. I have been on 9 separate trips to all 4 states. I have had at least 20 good solves that compelled me to drive a few thousand miles and spent a few thousand dollars to go look…to no avail. Believe me the drive home is long and reflective. What did I do wrong? Every time I go I pledge never to return Unless my solve is better than before, and it always is. I think I am a good sounding board for people since I have read all the blogs and studied all the videos and listened to all the interviews many times over. I have read about 6 of Fenn’s published books, TTOTC and TFTW about 20 times each cover to cover.

    If you want to email me my email is in my profile, click on the triangle picture, I’m happy to answer questions or poke flaws in your solve (or better yet agree with you)!

    While being voluntarily unemployed and chasing my dream like most of you here, I have also completed 2 Graduate Degrees at Arizona State U. I love to study, research and learn new things and this chase is so diversified I have learned much more than you would know about history, geography, geology, the outdoors, animals, flowers, rivers, Native Americans, famous painters (Sloane, Gaspard, Fechin, Sharp,) etc. There is so much to learn from Fenn and from this chase.

    Some of the places (generally) I have looked include; Rio Grande Gorge, Los Alamos, San Ildefonso/Otowi Crossing, Chimayo, Chama, Durango, Colorado Springs, Monument Mountain CO, Meteetse and Amelia’s Cabin (spent 2 weeks up there), Cody, Yellowstone, West Yellowstone and a few others. All these places have been hot spots for me and for other searchers. There are a lot of historic connections and lines crossing at these places. My current area shall remain a mystery since I think it is my best solution yet. I went there 2 weeks ago just before the blizzards and deep snow fell. IMO great spot, going back next year!
    I have been HOT on New Mexico, CO, WY and MT….close to FF home and far away too. As you can see I am excited and very emotionally invested. I wish everyone the best and want to shake your hand if you find it! If I can help in any way just let me know.

    Last, if you want to know what I look like I am the guy wearing the red shirt at the recent FF book signing at La Fonda Hotel (for Gaspard Book). Look on the Charmay “You are invited” blog. This was the First time I met FF and Dal and a few other searchers. It was a great event! I took my wife (Cindy) with me and she had a good time too. FF was flirting with her as you might expect but I didn’t mind.

  14. Hello fellow seekers….I’m Tim. Not a NM native, but a resident of ABQ sons 2001.

    I became involved with this chase in 2012, so it has been a little over three yrs since becoming active in it.

    My first thoughts when I was told about it from a friend was “Difficult, but not impossible”, new at that time this is SOLVABLE.

    So I embarked on a bucket list checkmark…to find a buried or hidden or sunken treasure.

    I’ve lived it and loved it every day. Some days I try not to think about, but it doesn’t work….I still think about it. :o)

    I’ve gone on one hunt. My wife, myself and the friend who told me about it, had done our first physical attempt back at the end of August 2015….but we did it, after 2.5 yrs of research. We think we have a good spot and even came across some signs that tell us to comeback and reinvestigate.

    Now if Indulgence rears it’s beautiful glint in a “tarry scant”…well, I think we will all be sharing in that tale.

    Anyhow, good to see others out and about trying to make a dream come true.

    Hope you find the things I write helpful in your journey.

    Bestest regards to all and may the power of Fenn be upon you.


  15. My name is Michael. I live in the beautiful state of Idaho. I first heard of this chase in 2011, and I have been hooked ever since. My obsession has hurt my relationship with my wife and my boss, but has awakened a part of me I had forgotten existed. I have been on well over twenty searches, but only five that I really count…three in Colorado, and two in New Mexico. I have posted all of my best solves for all to see, and I have even hidden two treasures of my own, one of which was already found (it took just over one year) and one that remains to be claimed. Perhaps some of you have heard of the legend of the Pink Tutu treasure? Anyways, I consider myself to be a very serious contender, mostly because I am good at thinking outside the box…sometimes a little too good. I have found FF’s initials in the poem, the word uranium, the word Cimarron, and a host of other breakthrough clues that turned out to be dead ends…or were they? I have partnered up with a few searchers from this blog, most notably Germanguy, which ended badly I am sad to say. I recently teamed up with another searcher, but to be honest, I think we are barking up the wrong tree. I am 47 yrs old, and I have lost three children over my lifetime. I lived in a dark place for so long that I forgot what the sunshine even felt like…until Forrest built his chase. Going through the motions is not the same as living… Thank you Forrest Fenn. My oldest son was lucky enough to be a part of the chase for a while, and the highlight of his last days was the fact that Forrest called him “wise” in an e-mail. I tend to be a bit abrasive in my communications, but it is just me trying to get my point across with as little effort as possible. Once again, I am certain I have solved the poem, but the more we fail, the more cautious we become. I am currently seeking employment a little further south, in order to make my searches more “user friendly”. I have seen so many beautiful places in the southwest, that even if I am wrong about the chest being there, it is still a place I want to retire in. Sometimes life deals us cards that we don’t want to play…but like Forrest pointed out, we play them whether we like it or not. I am not a folder! I will play the cards I am dealt to the best of my ability, in the hopes that I win the pot at least once before I die. Good luck to all of my fellow searchers out there!! It is fun to watch the ideas come full circle, only to be repeated by newer searchers. Perhaps we are missing something there?

  16. Is this the AA page? Lol, jk. Not funny, I know.

    I’m a dork. Always have been. I guess. Sometimes I let my courage get the best of me and I do crazy things. Sometimes I run and hide.
    After elementary school, i had an outside education, for the most part. School became obsolete when the street offered so much more. It didn’t start out that way, but hey, that’s how the chocolates get ate.
    I’ve always been easily spooked, while on the same token, ready and able to take out whatever spooked me. Travel is my desire, as is knowledge. I enjoy having fun and encourage the same in those around me. Life is short and death is fast.
    I’ve been on 12 searches, and up until search 11, all was progressing quite well.
    Then, my husbands faith in our success, and therefore his tolerance of following me around mountainsides and riverbeds, had waned.
    I feel strongly about myself, but at the same time am not willing to argue over tangible things, let alone proving I’m right…cause I am. 🙂
    I am hooked on forrest fenn and his poem. His memoirs are such romantic memories, that to me, they come alive.
    I have found myself in an empty nest with dehydrating ovaries, and this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time in my changing life.
    I can’t wait for each new page in my own unfolding memoir.

  17. Hello Fellow Thrill Seekers,
    I discovered the chase quite by accident, It was very intriguing and have as of now not found a way to remove myself from it. As a child I would go on my excursions alone and was always able to maintain my direction, nerve and did it all with only a few trips to the emergency room. I have endured those lessons and am now very careful but no less curious. A few years ago I decided that I was going to find an arrow head, which I had never been able to in 35 years of keeping an eye to the ground. I did some research that produced an area and on my first trip I discovered a perfect point, I have been hooked ever since. The Thrill of The Chase is an extension to my current adventures, I get to go to places I have never been, fish water I have never fished, see sunrises and sunsets that I otherwise would not have. I took the challenge and the suggestion that maybe I deserved another turn and I am going to enjoy very moment of it. I have not been ale to get my family members interested but have invited them every time to ride along, maybe some day they while decide their time has come. Fortunately I am in very good company when by myself.
    Good Luck to ALL.

  18. Hello, my name is Belle and I am a treasure hunter. My husband recorded the interview on the Today show. That’s how it all got started. My daughter, her family and I have been thrilled by the chase. I think we drove the rest of our family nuts and they thought we were. We were consumed by the chase at times. We have leveled off a bit but still devote a portion of time to this. My husband even chimes in on occasion. I can relate to Forrest on some levels and quote him on occasion. I don’t do the blog thing too much, I guess some would call me a lurker but that is not true. I don’t chime in that often. I had always enjoyed the outdoors, the mountains and everything in between. Needless to say hour adventures have been bumped up a notch or two by this quest. Happy Huntin Y’all!!!!

  19. I used to be a telecom engineer and worked overseas quite a lot. Once when I was working in Prague, the charming woman at Marriott’s reception entered my name details incorrectly on her computer and called me Mr. Muset in front of a few of my friends. I corrected her and it looked like she was fixing the error on her computer, but the next day a different front desk woman called me Mr. Muset again, in front of the same group of friends. So that stuck.

    I had just taken a new boring desk job that I hated in March of 2013 when I read about the Chase. I figured that searching for treasure was more my speed than sitting in the basement of creepy old morgue (literally), so I quit that job within a couple of days. It was the first time I quit something, but I am very glad for it now.

    I’ve been on eight searches so far and there will be more next summer. My friends and family have been much more supportive than I expected. Several of my friends have gone along on searches with me, expecting to not find anything, but just going for the enjoyment of being outdoors. I am blessed to have them. They don’t actually want to hear my reasoning for where we search, though. It makes their eyes roll to the back of their heads.

    Cheers to Mr. Fenn for this challenge. I think I will come away from it one day a more patient and thoughtful person.

  20. My name is JD, or at least that is what I go by in some circles.
    I am 73. I am a retired stone sculptor, a retired IBMer, a retired Marine, and a retired kid.
    I am a new searcher…just started looking on December 23, after watching a special on TTOTC on TV.
    I am ADICTED! Spend most waking (and a lot of supposed sleeping) hours reading, and re-reading the poem and TTOTC (TFTW not arrived yet). Have spent a few bucks on Topo maps etc. Spent hours researching the internet on all the same “stuff” most of you have searched. Am now working on solve #7…Others just did not work out. This one I am happy with. Just waiting for late spring or early summer to put it to the test.

    Happy Hunting to all.

  21. Aloha All! My name is Justin Watts, From California. I started the Chase back in 2012 I think… it was that year. I’ll never Forget, I saw the cover of Newsweek Magazine’s article about Forrest and was hooked and intrigued from that day on. I am a typical skeptic, but when I saw that Fenn was a former Vietnam Airforce Pilot it really caught my focus that his story was legit and needed to study him more. My family and I have done several searches and Forrest opened our Eyes to the Beauty of the West.. Wyoming and Montana are the most beautiful states I have ever visited, true last frontiers and makes California wilderness feel like a City park! I even tried Fly Fishing for the first time with my kids and was hypnotized by the relaxing feel of casting the “fly”. It makes bait fishing feel boring now!

    Forrest really helped me secure new hobbies… exploring and researching for his Chest are #1 on my list. I even helped Forrest find his Dad’s Thesis and sent it to him in a pdf. file and it felt really good sending him his family’s history and I was able to prove to Forrest that Google was hiding IT from him! Who knows how long his Dad’s Master thesis was just sitting there a few key strokes away from a simple google search…

    As time went on…I found more stuff for Fenn including an article about his Dad from 1954 Fishing… See Scrapbook 136… Fenn’s Dad is holding a large mouth bass, its an awesome old photo. As time passes on, I am always searching for new things to find for Forrest…

    Now, if I can only find his Chest… that will be the true find of a lifetime! Good Luck everyone!! Be Safe in the Wood!


  22. Hello I’m Matt in CA. Originally from the south I grew up in the woods. I have been following Mr.Fenns story since the beginning, but could never afford to join the hunt. Last year I was struck by a drunk driver while riding a bicycle. After nearly dying, I lost everything. My job, home and hope. Luckily I remembered Mr.Fenn, I then decided to live life to the fullest. My dream has always been to be a treasure hunter. So I figured , why not? I’ve spent the past year living in a van, going to doctors and physical therapy, the only thing keeping me going was Mr.Fenns hunt and this site. You don’t know it but you all helped me through the most trying time of my life. Thank you to every last one of you ! Soon ( i hope )thanks to a lawsuit, I will be setting off on a 3-4 month treasure hunt. If I am lucky enough to find it, I will leave 25% of it there, allowing everyone to continue this great journey Mr.Fenn has provided. Goodluck to all, and keep the hope alive…

  23. Hello I m Frank.. A ole country boy from WV.. Saw the poem first time 30 hours ago and didn’t think I would actually try to get in the Chase… 3 hours sleep past 30 hours and Im hooked. Ive been all over the world except the Western States in the US of A. I look forward to meeting you guys at the Fenn Festival this year.. who knows maybe I ll get lucky.

  24. Hello All. New to the search, I haven’t slept in days and I’m wondering how I will get all my work done by dead line.
    I first heard about this in 2010 but I thought the old kook was just trying to sell his books.

    After hearing of the lost searcher, God help him, my interest was piqued again. Been lurking here for a week I suppose and after learning about Forrest Fenn I’m thinking its legit. And well yea I ordered a couple of his books.

    Dal, you have the best blog out in the interwebs on this topic IMO.

    Been working on my solve for the poem and it just so happens that my family has planed a trip to Yellowstone this summer. Wife thinks I’m crazy I think, but my youngens are supper excited were going to unearth some old pirate’s treasure. Maybe see some of you come summer

  25. Greetings to all of my fellow searchers! Pleased to meet my fellow hunters. Please call me Marga, and I’m a boots on the ground searcher finally after I did _so_much research about this since FF gave Lincoln Child the _concept_ {only!} for Mr. Child’s book plot when he was writing “Codex” so that’s when Mr. Child did mention seeing the chest (Indulgence, or perhaps Tarzan at that time).

    So, being a “true bibliophile”, I’ve been told that, (yet I feel all my books are old friends, and I’ve a lot of old friends – what’s wrong with that?), also a cancer survivor and having the curiosity of at least 5 cats, I’ve been lurking, printing, enlarging…and reading, re-reading the poem and then getting & re-re-
    Reading TTOTC & TFTW Oh, so many times as well as defining every single word in the poem (& poring over the maps !!), = Fun to me!! Thanks to Forrest Fenn for his ‘Indulgence’ & Thanks to Dal for his great blog.
    So I have the time & professional history to do this research, and soon I will head out – the TC isn’t in California! Boots on the ground! Also I’ll be using a pair of canes – if an 80 year old man can take a 4×4 from a parking lot & secure Indulgence & 42 Troy lbs of treasure, then hey, I can rig a way to get it back. Trust me. 😉

    Some thoughts: a Troy lb is not 16 Oz, it’s closer to 12 auverdupois Oz so the gold, alone, should weigh about 34 “regular” lbs. we’ve been told the box adds 20 lbs – can anyone confirm that please? Just for the record – I’m working on an iphone4 (aka my iBrick), and it’s got some serious limitations!

    I feel that’s enough from me for now except to add a couple of pilot facts, since pilots DO tend to think differently – there’s one in my family!

    Pilot fact # 1 – in a 125 knots per hour plane, it would take about 3 hours just to fly one way, across CO, North from South. Hmmmm, one day to do this. So, if FF flew (remember – FF hired a private plane to rescue Rusty the dog, and well done, too!!!), a private plane & let’s think JET, capable of carrying a securely pre-loaded couple of packs & a 4×4, safely loaded in FF’s garages, that might work.

    I know pilots think of the world very differently in terms of getting in & out! If my family pilot wants to go visit our mother, it’s an hours flight from the back runway behind the hanger, or a 4+ hour drive. Guess which he picks? 😉 After all he can rent a car anywhere!

    Pilot Fact #2 – he’d not need to file a flight plan as long as his pilot stayed under 18k feet & off IFR – VFR doesn’t require a filed flight plan. It IS safer, but not a requirement! We know FF likes to fly about 100 ft above the trees…he said in TFTW that height made him feel like John Wayne…

    Pilot fact #3- the gold wouldn’t set off any metal detectors, they do not have that kind of tech in the (myriad!!), little 2, (though 1 is much more likely!), runway “airports” scattered all over the Rockies!
    Those places are generally 1 or 2 employees, fuel for sale, bathrooms, vending machines & a car/truck renting station – and they’re very friendly, too – sometimes they’ll even take you fishing. 🙂

    Pleased to meet you all virtually, and I’ve asked FF a lot of questions – guess which one he won’t reply to? ;). Happy Hunting & if you see me, please – say hello!
    I’ll be walking with a very light pack & 2 canes. (If you see a woman w/a travois pulling a load ‘like her pigtails have purpose’, that’s not me, likely best to let her alone, she may be grumpy.). 😉

    Best of luck to all – hope to hear back from some of you!
    Formerly of Kalifornia 😉
    PS to FF, pigtails DO have purpose, they keep the hair out of our eyes & faces!

  26. Oops, I think I may have forgotten that IF he got to another state by flight, and it was a jet, that he likely a) hired the pilot as well as the plane, with ca$h & a ‘nom de plane’ – (I apologize for any pun-ishment) & b) took a jet for speed & comfort as well as his “luggage” which could have morphed into 2 well designed 27 a-#’s in packs put together else when & elsewhere.
    All the best,

  27. Hello to all. 🙂
    I am Signholder from Texas.
    I started the chase in April 2015 after a news story on
    I have made 3 short but sweet trips to my search area……….and loved every minute of it.

    I am a prime example of what Mr. Fenn was trying to accomplish.
    Before the chase, there was 0% chance of me spending time in the great outdoors of the Rocky Mountains.
    Now, I have been 3 times and already booked my June 2016 trip.

    Just like everyone else here, I know exactly where the chest is…………
    It’s in the mountains, north of Santa Fe, in one of 4 states. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Good Luck Everyone and Be Safe !!!

  28. Hello all! I’m from Alabama and work as a hospital laboratory tech. Very new to the chase, I came across this delicious story quite by accident just last week. I have never thought myself to be an ‘outdoorsy’ type person, believing that camping, defined, is a 2-star hotel with no room service…lol. Having said that, I have long wanted to see the Rocky Mountains …and Yellowstone NP in particular – my folks have visited there twice, but years ago after we had all parted ways – as far as vacations go.

    Only a week out, I have already spent hours looking over Dal’s blog here and scanning Google Earth, as all of you have done. I intend to order Mr. Fenn’s book(s), especially TTOTC and read it from cover to cover, as he suggested. I cautioned myself early that this must not become an obsession, as I do live in the southeast and can’t afford weekly/monthly trips to the search area, nor am I a retired person (yet). But this quest is irresistible, yes?!

    I believe I have found a reasonable ‘solve’ – in the local lingo, and hope to try it sometime after the snow melts completely. I’ll keep my own counsel as to just where that is….

    Mr. Fenn, if you’re ‘listening’, my hat is off to you entirely. And thanks to Dal for this elaborate and elegant blog….

  29. For I, myself, shall go to there,
    And trying to be bold,
    With moxie, luck, plans, and care,
    I’ll be searching for the gold.

    The poem, the task of starting right,
    In finding this small chest,
    Hasn’t kept me up at night,
    Yet I couldn’t let it rest.

    Like all who have searched so far,
    And all who plan to seek,
    I hope soon to be treasure bound,
    Then with Mr. Fenn I will meet!

    Dana 4-4-16

  30. Hey All
    I’m Timothy Alkire and like a lot of others I’m retired from the construction field as a project manager in Chicago’s Loop area and am finished now about three years ago. A retired marine and a full time house cleaner at home. I am permanently disabled but not letting that get in my way. I’ve been hooked on TTOTC for a couple years now and bou has it grown. My wife Debbie , who you all know now is my oone and only. She is behind me and with me in aall that I do. Like everyone else we have a perfect solve, but things went array. So once she heals we will both be looking for all of you.
    God Bless and be safe.

  31. I apologize in that I didn’t realize there was an intro thread.
    I am repeating what I have mentioned elsewhere when I began to participate in discussions. Weird coincidence I am also from Chicago like Tim and Debbie. I do not know them. I do not know them yet. We should have a Chicago meet up!

    I am new tot he chase NTTC as I call it since we all really seem to like abbreviations. I am one of those that believe the treasure is in New Mexico. I will be heading out there Memorial Day weekend. My side solve takes me to Ponce De Leon Springs. My main solve takes me further north and i shared that with Dal. I will be reporting what I find and what my solve is upon my return.

    Generally I feel the treasure is in the chase itself. I have learned so much about Mexico and New Mexico and New Spain in the past month. Oh and the Camino Royal! Can you imagine the fortitude it took to blaze that trail through Mexico and New Mexico? I will be staying with my team in Taos and sitting around a fire in the evenings to tell tall tales.

  32. Hello everyone, I thought I should at least introduce myself instead of creeping through all the blogs. I do enjoy reading them and getting a sense of what others think about the chase.

    I have been actively researching this for almost a year now, thought I heard about the treasure years ago. I find the whole thing very interesting and fun. Last year my girl mentioned something about the treasure and that was enough for me to start actively investigating it. I have many years of experience in law-enforcement, working homicide cases and major crimes. I’m not saying I’m any good at it, but now that I’m retired it was nice to get a chance to look into this case. I have a knack for solving hard cases and am a puzzle freak– though it’s mostly a love-hate thing.

    Anyway, I live in Colorado, and grew up near Telluride. I love that area. Something interesting many of you may not know is that Ralph Lauren has a large ranch in the mountains between Ridgeway and Telluride in the Uncompahgre area. Seems like a good area to hide something and a lot of clues fit that area.

    I do have my first solve!! (yay). So, I guess Forrest wins this one…he got me to get my fat butt outta the chair and go look. I haven’t gone yet, but am planning to soon. I sure hope this doesn’t end up being an expensive Sunday picnic.

    Anyway, I just thought I would introduce myself and let everyone know how much I enjoy reading about all of this. Thank you to Dal who put this together and to all the other searchers who are on here.

  33. Hello all. Before I start to comment on blogs, I thought I’d introduce myself. I’m a San Fran native and Oklahoma transplant. I’m an ex rockstar, gamer, youtuber, treasure hunter, father of 3 and I’m a self employed house remodeler which gives me lots of time to think. I ran across the FF story on YouTube last Oct and it has consumed me. I purchased TTOTC and have stalked you all, all winter long. My first boots on the ground search is coming the end of May. I have 6 good spots spread thoughtout Colorado, northern New Mexico and will be finishing the trip at Fennboree, hopefully with a nice Indian bracelet I can give back to Mr. F.

  34. Hello everyone
    Zenden is my nickname
    I am from Oregon and have been a reading the blogs for two years
    and bought the book TTOTC.
    I did some armchair searches and will go with botg soon.

  35. Greetings from West of the Rockies! JasonD from Utah. I grew up in the rockies camping and fishing. My back porch has a great view of the Wasatch front. As a young man I yearned for the ocean and joined the Navy.

    Travel and adventure on the high seas and was ironically stationed on a shore command in Texas most of my tour. At the end I got my wish and was stationed on th USS John F Kennedy CV-67 out of Mayport Florida.

    I do enjoy the ocean, yet I returned to Wyoming and worked in the gas fields and the mines till I got close to the end of my usability of the GI Bill and enrolled in college receiving my degree in Multimedia Design.
    Now working with as a CAD drafter playing with maps and prints. Along the way I collected a wonderful family and adventures, and in effort to chase adventure I searched for places to hunt for gold and treasure to take the family on.

    In my searching I came across the Forrest Fenn treasure hunt and the family agreed to take up the hunt in the beginning of May 2016. We found a possible search area we all felt was a good fit for the poem and headed out to our search area within the first week. Mother’s Day weekend. 🙂

    We came up empty handed, but richer in experience and adventure. We still think that our solve is solid and will be back out in a month or so. We just got TTOTC book and have been studying the blogs and posts.

    Having fun, is rule number one.

  36. Hello—-Joe Sparrow here. Just heard about this two days ago. I forwarded the link to a friend and said “the road to insanity is in the link above”. I say this half seriously because several years ago I was obsessed with “Treasure: In search of the Golden horse”. I got so wrapped up in it I went a little insane I think (lol).

    Now I stumble upon this hunt! I have promised myself to just have fun— don’t obsess. I really don’t have the brains for this kind of stuff anyway. I’ m kind of a dimwit. 🙂

    Anyway, I hope everyone continues to have fun, and thanks to Forrest for doing this wonderful thing! All the best to all!


  37. Welcome aboard the “crazy train”.

    Feel free to jump off at any spot along the way that will have WW halting.

    Maybe a song and dance for us, as well?

    We like song and dance routines….well I do.


    Cheers and good luck to you sir…Happy Trails to you!

  38. Hello everyone. Found out about the treasure a couple of months ago, ordered TTOTC and have been reading several of the blogs; I figure since I live in Colorado and love the outdoors, this hunt just complements what I enjoy!

    I grew up in MN, was active duty Navy and have been in Colorado Springs for almost 15 years now.

    Hope to see some of you out in the Mountains.


  39. After lurking for about a year and a half, I figured it would be time to enter into the discussions. I heard about the Forrest Fenn treasure in March 2015. I was surprised I had not heard about it sooner, since it I am drawn to the lure of treasure hunting. It takes a certain type of person to spend time and effort to chase treasure. Out of the 65,000 purported hunters, I am guessing there are much less than 1000 that have had boots on the ground that have a marginal sense of a real possible solve. The definition of a real possible solve is the paradox.

    I first read the poem March 15, 2015. I obsessed for several days working anagrams, encryption’s, codes, coordinates etc. I then resolved my thinking and concluded, while the poem is obviously clever, it is probably more straight froward. Six days after reading the poem, I made my first trip from California to Wyoming. No, not Yellowstone, as I feel is too obvious and conflicting for many reasons. My original solve location ended up being on BLM property but landlocked by private property with gates. Although a good solve, I gave up on that location.

    This past April, I pursued a new solve, also in Wyoming. The terrain was much more rugged than I hoped. This location is still accessible further beyond the rugged terrain but travelling alone, I did not want to risk getting hurt too far in. Although my solve held up, my original pinpointed target location would not be easily accessible by Forrest with 22lbs. Also my “sure” blaze taken from someone’s travel photos was purported to be from my basic location (200 ft???), turned out to be a half mile further away and not what the photo depicted. I have not given up on the location, but I am now lacking “blaze and “water high” in my solve. I believe these clues must be found on site.

    In general, I am convinced the treasure location was in a cave opening or outcropping, not deep, but far enough to require a flashlight. I was aware of the “not in a mine” clue, but I believe a recent interview last month, Forrest said not in a mine OR a cave.

    I can only imagine the feeling of getting to a likely solve location and looking down and actually seeing the treasure.

  40. Forrest says start at the beginning so I figured that was here??

    Can’t believe I didn’t hear about this until a saw an online clip from CNN this July as I was checking in on the political circus.

    I’ve since gone full Carrie Mathison, complete with super size post it board diagrams decorating the living room.

    Have convinced son to venture west with me in the coming weeks while the remainder of the family grinds thru their routine with a healthy, and deserved, dose of skepticism.

    I can only echo what’s been said about Forrest creating a very clever poem that easily captivates then challenges mightily! For that I am very grateful.

    The Chase is ON!


  41. I’m new to the chase and struggling with conflicting advice.

    I’ve read that you can find the treasure location with a copy of the poem, google earth and/or a good map.?

    Then I saw another post by ff that said, a little girl in India (middle aged guy in Pennsylvania) with a good grasp of English and a good map wouldn’t get past the first two clues?

    Which is it?

    After ten days straight on google earth I believe I have an excellent solve. All the clues covered and even what appears to be a small cave at the end. Did I waste my time?

  42. My name is Ryan and I first heard about Forrest Fenn and The Thrill of the Chase in March 2016. I’ve been chasing ever since and have found many riches along the way.

    -I had not tied flies or been fly fishing for a couple of decades
    —I’ve since tied several hundred flies and have averaged at least one day a week on the water using only the flies I’ve tied. Most of my time is spent on Henry’s Fork

    -I had not been interested in geology and had never found or collected anything that could be found along the rivers that I used to fish as a teen
    —In June I made myself a wedding ring from a piece of Bitch Creek Jade that I found on Bitch Creek…at night. I wasn’t even there to fish. I drove an hour to find Black Nephrite and it took me two trips! I slabbed it with a chopsaw, drilled the hole with my drill press, shaped it with a Lortone arbor that I bought on craigslist and finished it with a dremel and several sheets of 1500 grit sandpaper.
    –I now have a 20 gallon tote full of Agate, Quartz, Jasper and more Black Nephrite. I’m saving it to work on in winter

    -I had only been to Old Faithful in Yellowstone
    —I’m now an annual pass holder and have spent time in the backcountry

    -I had never done any prospecting
    —I now have a couple of gold pans, small shovel, several sieves, a rock pick and several other prospecting tools

    -Most importantly, I made sure I had my family with me for most of this journey.
    —My 10 year old daughter caught her first fish on Bitch Creek swinging a renegade.
    —My 6 year old daughter hiked about 50 miles this summer and only about 15 of those miles were on my shoulders.
    —We spent the 4th of July in West Yellowstone and made a comfy bed in a small utility trailer to watch the fireworks
    —I discovered even more about how brilliant, and absolutely brave, my wife is from an afternoon searching in Lower Geyser Basin
    —My 16 year old son can swing a pick axe for days while looking for gemstones, but he can still get tired sweeping the garage
    —My 14 year old son has become my new fly fishing buddy. He hasn’t caught any fish on all of our trips the entire summer but still loves going with me
    —One of my fondest memories is walking through a herd of buffalo at dusk so we could make it back to the car before dark. I was with my wife, 16 year old son and had my 6 year old daughter on my shoulders. It was both exciting and spiritual.

    I’m grateful to Forrest Fenn for the inspiration to take this journey. However, my curiosity now has an obesity problem.

  43. I am a Tool and Die, Machinist, World Traveler, Inventor, Bartender, Welder, Web Designer, Programmer, Poker Player, last but not least A Treasure Hunter type guy by trade and love nature and wildlife… I wish I could say I get a lot of fresh air and do hikes every week but truthfully it comes rarely but always up for a challenge… I love the outdoors but don’t get to be in it as much as I want to due to the everyday stress of life.
    My Motto: You Only Live Once (Y.O.L.O.) and you write your own Memoirs;

    Boring or Exciting…

    I have been on other treasure hunts which has been on the news years back, where a guy wrote children’s books, with poems and drawings in it, and gave hints and clues to expensive custom-made insect replica jewelry made of diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, gold, and rubies etc… hidden throughout the USA in parks and nature areas.

    So after hearing of this guy who was a Famous Art Dealer that hid a Roman Chest filled with Gold and Jewels… That got my attention !!

    To find out more about me and ARE YOU READY TO JOIN THE TEAM ?
    whether it be boots on the ground or from home.. Please apply:

    Go to my blog at

  44. I’m bob and most of my adult life was lived in the Virgin Islands (St. Croix). Broadcasting was my job and in 1999 I moved to Michigan. The last decade was spent in finishing a MA degree and instructing at a nearby university. I live in Plymouth, MI and enjoy traveling. I have been studying FF’s poem and book for a while now and reading the many posts on Dal’s blog Hopefully someone will solve this mystery and I can go drink a Grapette soda.

  45. I have been interested in the thrill of the chase for a while now. I’m not that good at clarifying myself when writing plus my grammar is not that good. I fall into the category of having some great vacations while looking for the treasure. I enjoy learning about places and people which I feel is a great bonus. My real treasure is my family. At first, I thought finding the treasure would solve some of my problems as time went by so did the problems. Now, it’s different because I want to understand the poem. I tried many different ways for some solid leads. Mainly, I just have fun with it.

  46. First time “poster” long time “lurker.” I chose the name pitch, because I am also difficult to define. I do believe that there is a treasure placed in the woods and I would like to find it, not because I want the legal problems associated with it, nor the notoriety, but because I enjoy the challenge of matching wits. I measure progress with a count every left step and my life’s direction has something to do with two tugboats. I wish you all the best of luck in the chase. SuaSponte

  47. Hello everyone, my name is Ken but in certain metal detecting and prospecting circles, my nickname is “DK” or “TheDirtKing”. I am 50 years old and the father of 6. I have lived and worked in Colorado for the past 17 years. I enjoy learning about history and the thrill of the hunt for old relics, artifacts, gold and coins. Metal detecting and gold prospecting have become hobbies of mine that I share with one of my sons. It has allowed us to spend some great time together, which is very precious to me.

    My son and I share the same adventurous spirit that, of course, has us now out looking for Mr. Fenn’s Treasure. We are very new to the hunt for this particular treasure and like many others think we have it nailed and know the exact spot. We will soon make our first trip out to the location we’ve discovered. Out location matches up to the poem, in order, and also to most every other clue/hint we have read on this blog and others. We havent been able to discredit our location by anything Mr. Fenn has said in the various interviews and emails, everything matches up or can be explained. We are very excited yet also cautious, knowing that things may turn out like all the rest before us, but we will be together enjoying the journey and “thrill of the chase”. Good luck out there and Happy Hunting!

  48. hihihih all my name is joe. i live in rhode island am 41 years old i am here to find a person with much knowledge on Fenn and the rocky mountians. i know the 2 most important things that holding the serious people back. how to decode the location and how to find the treasure. because when you are there you can miss it unless you know how to not miss it.

    i can prove with 100% confidence beyond any doubt how to decode the location and find treasure.

    if you guys can not pick the location with 100% confidence then you need to talk to me. and we need to hurry cause spring is best time to find it.

    if you are not 100% confident beyond any that we will find the treasure then we won’t go.

    within 2 or 3 weeks if i don’t find someone serious to take me then i will post my very short very logical and factual ciphers and hope whoever wins the race to treasure will give me a finders fee

    please email

    thank you for your time

    PS. Fenn if you reading this check your FF gmail i dropped you a couple clues because not sure if is your email but i think what i wrote will spark interest. i would of just flat out wrote you my ciphers if i knew FF gmail was really yours so you would know that your treasure will 100% beyond a doubt be found in 2017

  49. I’m Derrick from Iowa. I started looking for Fenn’s treasure about 4 years ago. I have made 1 trip to Colorado and multiple trips to New Mexico. I enjoy reading about people’s search stories. I work as a computer programmer. I am married with 3 children. I never posted my search story, since I haven’t changed my location since I first went to New Mexico to look. I’m not sure if I will make any more trips out west in the near future, but if someone would like to look at my area, feel free to send me an email at grubbder at gmail dot com.

  50. I am Amanda. I reside in eastern Oklahoma on 90 acres w 3 dogs. I spent several years living in VA and working in DC. I spent some time on the continental divide in a tent w my husband trying to keep him from loosing his mind. I failed and he took his life. Ironically many evenings were spent reading Lewis n Clark. I am a cartographer. By degree and emergency manager. Although now I grow gardens and am starting a vineyard. At 56 I am chubbier and slower but I love a good mystery. I ran onto this a couple of months ago. I thought right up my alley. So good to know that so many kindred spirits are out there beating the bushes and seeing the raw beauty of the Rockies. Waking up to a snow covered Mt everyday or being inside a cloud while the thunder is rolling will do something inside a person. Very primitive and yet ethereal. I think what FF has done for me is ignite a small spark. Thank you FF. Yeah it’s a longshot but the thrill really is in the chase. Nice to meet you all.

  51. Hello, I’m Aaron and I live in San Diego and am former Navy. I turned 43 this year and am getting married next month. I have a 17 year old boy and she has a 12 year old boy. Both of the kids other parents have passed away so it makes for a unique match. We have a lot of fun together and have a trip booked in July to stay just north of Yellowstone in a house whose back deck is right on the Yellowstone River.

    My son and I fish a lot. We catch largemouth bass and stocked trout normally and are excited about getting to go fly fishing for the first time in July. This will also be our first trip to Yellowstone and we are all excited about that.

    Since learning about Fenn’s treasure a few months ago I have been studying this avidly. I am sure I know the word that is key and understand the entire poem. I hope to have a location nailed down by July. If I get one sooner I’ll head there on a weekend and go get the TC.

  52. I am finally brave enough to put my name in the hat and beginning my TOTC! However it was very upsetting when I sat down at my computer and saw this video…
    Just wondering how many others saw it?
    I don’t want to believe it’s true but I am to new at this to know.
    I am going to try to jump in a little more on the 9 clues because there are some really great ideas popping up lately.
    So Good Luck Everyone, stay safe, and hopefully I may get to see some when I actually get to take a few weeks and actually look for the treasure.

  53. Hi all, I’m from Kansas. Found my first arrow head at around age 7, grandpa lit the fire for me on this rock hound sickness. Started getting interested in the chase about two months ago. I write like I talk, so sorry up front for that. I listen a lot to videos of F and read the poem so much it has stuck in my head. The book to me had a few key elements that stuck out in my mind that validates my solve (in this guys head lol). I found the key word in my IMO that has lead me to warm waters halting. The place has had no mention in any forum so far, not sure if that’s good or bad. I acted like I was flying a plane using google earth..,..and boom it jumped out at me. Good luck to everyone and thanks to everyone one who contributes to the site.

  54. Still not sure if this is right place to post.
    I am retired male 62 seeking hiking partner to search for Treasure in Yellowstone area. I have room to share if anyone is interested.
    2 queen beds and complimentary breakfast.
    Dates from September 5th-11th, 2017.
    Contact David :

  55. I’m a retired cop who chased criminals for a living. I am applying those skills I’ve learned of 20 years to this chase. Over a couple months of studying Google Earth I’ve narrowed my location down to a 40′ section of a draw that I can hopefully search soon. I enjoy the community that has sprung up around this search. If I find the hidden items I will treat it like a Geocatch and take some items while leaving something personal behind for other searchers.

  56. HI, my name is Sean. I was actually born in Las Cruces but have travelled and lived many other places since. First heard of the hunt many years ago, forget exactly how or where. Always attracted to what my father (a well-known science fiction author) called “The dark corners where no one looks” I love a good puzzle. My partner in crime and I are moving to Santa Fe in a few months (both of us in healthcare) to continue our travels with work and will love being closer to the chase. Making our second trip in a few weeks to our main spot….

  57. Hi fellow hunters, searchers, seekers! My name ist Thilo (pronounced like Teelow) and I am from Berlin, Germany! Me and my buddie Tobi startet the search in August this year. Up to today we made two trips in a team of three (Tobi brought his son Lovis) and I’ve gone alone in there once afterwards.
    I am 15 years old with 31 years of experience, and when I heard Forrest say “Show it to a child!” I felt like “That’s it! I’m in!”
    My biggest supporters are my wife Jessica and my two boys Rufus (10) and Nante (4), who believe in me and let me go with one eye smiling and the other crying…
    I must admit I am not a fan nor believer of about 90% of all the theries I read here. Many of them are quite distracting, but however, I followed this page ever since and received some nice input and even better stories! Thank you for that!
    But now that my first season is over I would like to contribute as well.
    Happy hunting y’all!
    Cheers, Thilo

  58. Hi…my name is ken. I’m addicted to maps and poems. Naturally…when I heard about Forrest Fenn and his hidden treasure I was immediately excited. I figured, “what would be the harm in just reading his poem one time?” I could always quit…right?
    Six years have gone by now…and this poem is perched on my left shoulder like a pirate’s parrot. It mimics me every time I recite it…no matter whether I say it aloud…or behind my own back. I think I am now addicted to dictionaries…but that is a sore subject around here so I’ll save that for another day.
    Did I tell you I’m addicted to maps? Road maps, township maps, geological maps, property maps, topo maps, BLM maps, Forestry maps, historical maps; I have so many different maps I need a map just to find the map I’m looking for!
    My goal is to embrace this challenge, and couple/marry these two afflictions so that no man/woman will stand asunder….

  59. Hi, I’m an Indian female currently living in Malaysia. I found out about Mr Fenn’s treasure chest few months, ago and I was thrilled by its mystery and challenges. I’ve got some ideas of where it (the chest) might be and how to find it. At the moment I’m not able to travel to the USA and I would like to partner with someone living close to my search area to do some BOTG. I know it’s almost winter now but this will give us enough time to know each other and be ready for the spring search. The webmaster will have my email address for those interested.

  60. I’m the Infamous FeΩΩatic
    I learned of the Chase in Dec 2013 and had my first search in May of 2014. I live in my RV and search spring, summer, fall, and this year due to the extreme lack of snow have had 5 searches so far January 2018. I Made several searches in Northern New Mexico and moved on to Colorado around Browns Canyon in early June 2014 and gave up on that area in August of 2016 when I was looking for the beginning of Fenn’s Rainbow and ended up camping at one of the blazes. I say one of the blazes because as with the double omegas there are more than one of each item as they repeat. Forrest had discovered some ancient Temples while flying around looking for Indian dwellings. The Poem if followed correctly leads to these ruins, where you’ll find Mammoth Temples, Mammoth Worshippers, Moses Parting the Rocky Mountains and all of his sketches in The Thrill of the Chase. Douglas Preston knew some details and his book The Codex has an ancient Temple Ruins on its cover hinting that you are looking for an ancient temple which I had found before I bought his book. Doug says there are 2-1/2 more clues in his book and the Olnac head I found is likely one of them. The Olnac head represent’s Forrest’s ball of string but its location is 600 feet up a cliff side. Remember where he started by collecting bottle caps, that means you will find a lot of bottle caps because you will need a metal detector to find his treasure. I took me 1-1/2 years to find his secret place in the woods, which I had been to several times before realizing that was his spot. Only I realize this in January while there is snow on the ground and you can’t even turn over rocks because they are frozen to the ground. I also realized that is is very close to where he parked since after the preacher died Summer 2017, Forrest said he could go retrieve it on his own. So it is where an 87 year old man can go. I plan on metal detecting though winter and should I get a strong signal I will build a fire, boil water and poor it over the spot to dig it out. I have many YouTube videos and I am hated by many for not finding it yet. Let me remind you Dal has failed more times than I have. I even found a formation with his airplanes piled up and I know how he took it with him. The poem says the end is in his drawings, it took me over a year to find them all and you will not catch up with my search before I grab that beautiful box and laugh all the way to Fenn’s Golden Treasure Casino for the $200,000 a month contract to display it as the center piece.

  61. Hello fellow searchers.
    My name is Dan Workman and I currently reside in West Virginia (not western Virginia). There are a lot of people struggling with problems of poverty and substance abuse here but my wife and I have been blessed. We are not wealthy by any means, but our life is good. Health is OK, we have a place to live, we have good friends and, so far, our life together has helped us avoid many of the problems that abound.

    The hills here hold many beautiful treasures of animal, vegetable and mineral. Despite the problems faced by the state and populace, there are some very good people here.

    In September of 2015 I made my first trip in search of the treasure hidden by Forest Fenn. That was my first trip into the Rocky Mountains. I was enthralled when the Mountains came into view and the sense of adventure and excitement never abated during my stay.

    I am old enough to retire but am still agile and strong enough to move around in the mountains throughout the day without tiring. So I intend to continue the search while I can, though I have home base in WV for family reasons.

    Still, I like the drive. And whenever I head West with another solve, the thrill is as strong as the first time.

    I hope that all can enjoy the chase in good heath, good cheer and with respect for the land and one another.

  62. Hello All:
    I am new to the chase, barely a month in. Working on solving the poem and my plan is not to go out and look until I feel I can confidently move to the solution, as Forrest has said. And right now, I get to a certain point with complete confidence, and them I’m stuck. Which means it’s time to pack it up for the night.
    Where am I looking? Montana.
    So good night and good hunting from Olympia, Washington.

  63. Hello fellow searchers! Guess I took the plunge first and by-passed the introductions. My feet are often on step ahead of my brain.

    I’m Kristina, from Kansas. I’m a Mom of two boys, the oldest 20, the youngest 9 years. Love being a Mom of boys.

    As stated previously (I think), I’ve been chasing Fenn on and off for 4 years. Only in the last week have I gotten serious about it. I love the chase.

    I am a home maker, so I have a significant amount of time to kill. In 2006 I was studying Psychology, and became ill. I experience a massive blood clot in my right pulmonary artery that brought me to the brink of death -seriously. In addition to the clotting disorder that was discovered, I was also diagnosed around that time with a primary immune deficiency. My body doesn’t make antibodies of its own to fight off common lung infections- so when I get a lung infection or even a cold, it can be life threatening to me. So I avoid doing things that might place me around large groups of people (concerts, school functions, games, etc.). I do weekly infusions from my home to help replace the antibodies I don’t have. The medication is made from the plasma of blood donors. So if you are a blood donor- THANK YOU! I am one of the people you are helping.

    Physically I look fine, and for the most part can participate in normal activities, I just have to watch how many people I am exposed to in activities I choose. So this is perfect for me. It provides me a good opportunity to sharpen my brain and learn new things, and because the hunt is in park type recreation areas in the big wide open, it lowers my risk of exposure. So a big plus for me. I’m looking forward to my first hunt as soon as the snow melts in most regions of the RM. Happy Hunting!

  64. Hello everyone. I first heard about Forrest Fenn and his hidden treasure in 2013 when an employee of mine was telling me about the poem. After that I didn’t really think about it until 2015 when I came across the poem again and decided to purchase TTOC and actively try to solve the poem.

    I went on my first search last year after many hours/weeks/months of working on the solve from home in search of the blaze. It ended up being about 10% treasure hunt 90% vacation. My trip was cut short.

    I live in Florida and it’s difficult to get days off of work and fly to the Rocky Mountains but the thrill keeps me going. It’s a pleasure to get to know all of you and I look forward to learning more about your solutions as I have finally begun to share mine and comment on this site. Good luck to everyone!

  65. Hey all – I’m from a small town called Ferndale in Washington state. Fenn and his treasure were brought to my attention when my girlfriend tagged me on fb regarding an article about one of the searchers that was killed. I have been mildly obsessed with it for just about a year and went on my first search this past summer taking the clues at face value and correlating them with Google Earth and my GPS. Didn’t find anything of course but went on an amazing (and very expensive) hike. I’ve looked at the poem again and am beginning to see a structure within a structure there, and will no longer take it at face value.

  66. Greetings Seekers of Thrill,
    I live in Florida on the west coast about an hour south of Tampa. A retired combat veteran of the US Army with 22 years of honorable service.
    Thank you to Forrest Fenn and other veterans for serving our great nation! And thank you Mr. Fenn for given a fellow veteran a remedy for life.
    Although this is my first communication to others in the chase, I have studied clues, comments, maps/charts, books and videos, as I am certain you all have as well.
    This has been very rewarding, I feel that I have found the trove on numerous occasions. I guess therapy comes to mind above others. The truth is, I have recently been in all four states and again this past October (2017) for some fly fishing… first time!
    I fished the Gallatin, Madison, Gibbons, three dollar bridge and other locations on advice of the more experienced. During these visits I have never once looked for the treasure… but I have found many things that has given me riches beyond description. I am headed back in June, but this time……..well, I won’t know until I get there. However, “my gut” tells me I will be given “title to the gold.”
    Happy Hunting to All!!

  67. Hi Everyone,

    My name is Richard (richie), and I’m from New Jersey, a mechanical designer by trade, I’ve been studying (google maps) and reading (wikipedia) about Forrest Fenn and the hidden Chest for about seven months. Almost retired, I’m planning a road trip for mid summer to seek the Brass Box. As a web surfer I have a few places that “could” be the spot, Also intend on stopping by Crater of Diamond for a practice day, before moving on to New Mexico and Colorado. I’m open for a companion, after all two heads are better than one, maybe I’ll meet up with a few other in the area, Stay safe all and best of luck.


  68. hi everyone ,, my names kevin and i live in spartanburg sc… ive known about this hunt for many years but never went out to look for it myself… but after years of research i think i have my starting point… i am planning to make this trip in the next 2 weeks … cant wait to see if im right and if nothing else ill have a tale too tell when i get back… good luck to the other seekers…

  69. Just another armchair searcher here for now. Though I live just a few states off, which is closer than a lot of people that are on the search, I’m convinced that it is further north of the comfort zone my means allow so I don’t search when my boots hit the ground; I don’t have to go far for the peace of the outdoors or learning useful things. Something I learned from the thaw this year is that under the right conditions, a natural stream can reshape the land so that it looks similar to an aged man-made ATV trail in a satellite image (and possibly on the ground!).

    I got introduced to the search a few years shy of a decade ago, when I was still back east, by a professor who was both into literature and the outdoors. I expected the search would last ~a decade back then, but I didn’t expect anyone to die on it. I guess I’m in the camp of people who want the search to end, but I also believe that it will only end when the treasure is found.

    I made an email address to keep the search separate so you might see two colors next to my name on some posts here. I don’t mind posting it

    I’ve got one particular spot that I think is exceedingly likely at this time, though plenty of theories on others. I believe someone else on this site has the same spot and would probably have spilled my guts when I started posting a few months ago had that not been the case. That said, I do feel the need to spill something eventually. I’m glad I wont be venturing the cold and needing warm beverages for now.

    -neither green nor blue

  70. Hello, DW aka Koda here. I live in Missouri (pronounced Misery) just east of Kansas City. I stumbled across this hunt a couple of years ago reading about lost treasures. I have not spent much time on this but find it interesting that some of the same thoughts i have, so do 100’s of others. I love TTOTH concept as I’m a small time prospector. We have a couple of GPAA chapters here in Mo. One is the Show Me Gold Prospectors Club in Wellington and the other is the Pony Express Prospectors out of St. Joe
    We have great members most are semi retired or retired but we get out once a month weather permitting. If i was to pick one thing to describe me it would be “gear head” I started pumping gas when I was 12 and worked in a local speed shop in Rolla in HS. A few years ago I picked up prospecting as a hobby as something I could do with my parents. They weren’t hip to Drag Week or the Power Tours and I’ve done enough of those to check off my bucket list. I hope I can make a slight detour on my way to the yuba river bash Pat Keene puts on….I have a couple of clues to solve…

  71. Dannie O’Brien,not the redneck from Texas but I am in Southwest Oklahoma just 30 minutes from the state line.Have a beautiful wife,a pickup truck and 6 kids.Will be retrieving indulgence the first week of August.
    I am 62 years old and had major back surgery then a massive stroke that left my left arm and leg paralised.
    I am a retired Army Chief warrant Officer.Spent about 22 years on active duty,most of which was overseas.14.5 years in Germany 2 in Korea.I retired in Alaska and stayed there for another 17 years before returning to the banana belt.
    I first heard about the chase in December 2017 and found our solve by mid Januarybefore we got the book.Our user name reflects an observation one of my kids made about the clues/hints. Wehave not been botg yet but as I said in an earlier post we are confident in our solve and attempted to confirm our solve by navigating the poem backwards.We went from the hidey spot back to the first clue and ended up at our pickup truck.This was not reverse engineering, looking for clues but confirming that our solve leads in a direct path to and from the resting place of indulgence. We plan to retrieve the chest first week of August and after following any instructions that may be in the chest,contact Mr Fenn to return his bracelet and ask a couple questions,not related to the chase.

    • Hi Dannie;

      Did you know if you click on the “Reply” button your response will be placed directly under the comment that you are commenting on? Make following a conversation a lot easier – Just like my comment to you will fall directly below your last comment, instead of off to the left. Just a suggestion – JDA

    • Taking children … have bear spray and other safety needs … read up on the safety threads. Good Luck in August

  72. Hi everyone. I’m a disabled 41 year old. I use a wheelchair due to both acchilles tendons permanently damaged, nerve damage, and autonomic nervous system damage from an antibiotic called Ciprofloxacin I took 4 years ago. My husband and I have traveled the country in our RV for the past 15 years selling out work at art shows. I’ve been to 47 states and hundreds of state parks, national forests, & off the beaten path BLM areas. I found out about the chase a few weeks ago while we were on our way to CO for business. I like to search online for weird stories about places as we’re traveling through. Forrest Fenn’s treasure is now my #1 favorite weird story I’ve found while traveling. Before that my favorite was the story of the Van Meter Iowa Monster.

    I have plenty of time on my hands for researching this treasure hunt. I immediately started researching only CO since we were there for a couple weeks. We hit two search areas on our way home and I’ll post something about the main one we checked as soon as I figure out where on here I can do that. I also posted comments on the Chasing Leadville thread because we checked an (as far as I could tell) yet unsearched area near there.

    I also have a couple of what I think are good suggestions / resources for searchers since I’ve been around the country so much. If you have a search area in mind and want to know where the trails are, not all trails for a given national park, state park, etc are always on the official park website or available at the rangers office. Alltrails. com is a good source showing even old tram roads and horse trails. Also, there are tons of oddball old and hardly used city, county, reservoir parks etc all over the U.S you won’t easily find on a map. Check freecampsites . net. I realize not likely he left treasure there, but you never know and it might just help with a lead to a trail head near a place you’re looking into.

    All the best to all of you treasure hunters, but especially me (since I need $6K a year to get very helpful experimental medical treatments that have worked but I can’t afford anymore and an awesome super expensive all terrain tank like wheelchair so I don’t have to just wait in the RV while my hubby has all the fun hiking trying to look where I tell him for the chest)!! Half kidding about the last bit – good luck to all, not just me, LOL!

    • Hi Helen;

      Regarding how to post a solve – Type it up – Send it to Dal – His email address is found on the right/top of every thread near his pic. – JDA

    • Helen,
      Welcome to the Chase! And thanks for the great resourse information help and new ideas!
      I am much older than you and I now take care of my sister full
      time who has a different disability. She can walk a bit and has a bit of a challenge, but I have taken her on trips and she enjoys the idea of a treasure hunt.but I cant go too far.
      I started on the chase in the beginning, but 4 years ago. I rescued my sister and my life changed alot.
      Im still trying to find it. Helen you are a inspiration! Happy trails!

    • Welcome, Helen & Hubba K!

      Look forward to seeing your reports on your travels. As JD said, you can send longer fuller reports to Dal for posting (that’s how the Chasing Leadville report you commented on got there).

      There’s also a Looking in Colorado page (under Searchers’ Discussions from the column on the right) where you can leave briefer comments, float trial balloons, and/or ask questions in a format just like this page).


  73. Greetings,

    My name is Ray, and I am in Colorado. Born and raised here, can’t imagine living anywhere else. I work with computers now, but formerly spent several years as a photogrammetrist (map-making using aerial photography in a 3-D viewer).

    I discovered The Chase about a year after my wife passed away of stomach cancer. She was a wonderful glitter-and-purple-loving lady from Roswell, NM who liked to joke that her father “was born the day of ‘The Crash’, which probably explains a few things.” When I read that Forrest was donating the proceeds from his book to charity after having overcome an attack by that dreaded “C Monster” himself, well don’t you know I just HAD to buy copies of both TToTC and TFTW right away. His newest will soon grace my shelves as well.

    My thanks for everything you have done and continue to do, Mr. Fenn.

    My grandfather Bill (aka “Leaky Boot”) was like FF in many respects. I spent my summers flyfishing with him up and down the Cache La Poudre River above Ft. Collins/Laporte, where he taught me not just about fishing, but about respecting nature, looking for the things most people are in too much of a hurry to appreciate, and listening to the sounds that often go unheard. As a boy, he collected arrowheads along the South Platte River near Atwood, Colorado. As an adult, he served in the Army in the closing years of WWII operating some of the earliest portable radars in the South Pacific watching for Japanese aircraft. He had an odd sense of humor that his middle daughter (my mother) often didn’t quite understand or appreciate. But I did.

    One of his favorite sayings was, “You never know what the future might bring, so eat dessert first.”

    Reading TtoTC and TFTW has been like hearing my grandfather’s stories all over again. In that respect, I already feel like a winner just for having the books.

    I’ve been lurking around here for some time, but finally decided to break radio silence over the weekend after reading the thread about JDiggins’ tragic loss, and dropping my own meager contribution in the mail. More than anything else, the things I read in that thread convinced me that there are good people in this community.

    I haven’t gone BOTG yet as I am still working on a solve I can carry forward “with confidence”, but I think I might be getting close. Maybe next summer, if the Chest hasn’t been found by then. I’d love for it to be here in my native Colorado, but my research so far puts me solidly in the Montana camp at this point. We’ll see where this poem/map takes me.

    Good luck to all. Keep your powder dry, don’t forget to take in the view, and eat dessert first.


    • Fantastic opening post, Ray, and thank you for “coming out of the shadows.” I especially want to thank you for your clear and enjoyable writing style. I like you already, and encourage you to share your thoughts about the Chase in general, and poem theories specifically. The contributions of (former) lurkers such as yourself are precisely the breath of fresh air we need.

    • Welcome to the chase Ray!

      We share much in life, and the Chase…

      Best of luck to you in your search!

      Fennatical (of Santa Fe)

  74. Welcome aboard, Ray.
    Sorry to hear of your loss, your wife sounds like a wonderful lady.
    I particularly like this part,
    “You never know what the future might bring, so eat dessert first.”
    I think I’ll go have some cake. 🙂

  75. Hi everyone, I began searching for the treasure in April of this year after hearing about it at a dinner party. I live in the Denver area. I, like all of you, was hooked immediately. Based on FF’s history, I felt that Yellowstone was a first good guess. I conducted my first BoTG in June of this year (2018) during Father’s Day weekend. My husband, being the good sport, followed me along. I have posted this first BoTG on another blog. Maybe I’ll do some editing and post it here too. Father’s Day weekend in Yellowstone was very rainy. Thus, it prevented me from searching all of my spots. The clouds were very low and many of my landmarks were obscured. But, we had a great time, and the rain kept the crowds away. It was my third time to Yellowstone, and the first time searching. We saw lots of animals – my first Grizzly with cubs, Yellow Tanagers (my favorite bird), mountain goat, and of course bison. No Treasure.

    After returning, I decided to come up with a different strategy. I am working on developing a solve in each of the 4 states. Are many of you doing this? The Yellowstone solve started at Boiling River Hot Springs (WWWH) and (canyon down) along the Gardiner River into Montana. I still like my area, but not sure when I can get back there. I am now working on a Colorado (Yampa) solve, and starting to think about one New Mexico (but can’t settle on a WWWH). Both locations are a lot closer to me than Yellowstone, so it will be easier to travel to.

    Happy searching everyone.

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