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It's Getting Harder and Harder To Be Forrest Fenn - by Puck

It’s Getting Harder and Harder To Be Forrest Fenn –┬áby Puck

3 thoughts on “Photo Entry Page Three

  1. All the photos that have been submitted for this contest are amazing. There is certainly a lot of Fennboree Essence held by all. Good luck to the judges. You certainly have a tough decision to make. Good luck to those who have submitted photos.

  2. Some great pics entered.I really like, Making new friends, from seeker, and The essence,from Timberwolf.Good job everyone.

    • Fins up,

      Thanks for the complement. I think EVERYONE there was having a great time and there were plenty of smiles to go around. The smile on Forrest, just seemed to sum up the spirit of Fennboree for me. If you look close, one can easily perceive the fun he was having, not only by his smile, but by the twinkle in his eyes.

      When you meet Forrest in person, he seems to genuinely appreciate you… which I thought was evidenced by the photo.

      Caught you, Forrest!


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