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We are a community of folks trying to figure out where Forrest Fenn hid his treasure chest. Like any community we work to get along and respect one another. This does not mean that we all agree with everyone’s opinion but it does mean we try to be open minded. We offer support as well as our best critical opinion but we do not belittle others.

Things we do agree on:

  • There is a Forrest Fenn
  • He hid a treasure chest that is very valuable
  • Whoever can figure out the nine clues and follow them to the chest first, can keep it


Our rules are simple and few and are intended to keep the blog civil, provide a source of reliable information and to encourage fun in the chase:

  1. Don’t spread rumors about Forrest or the chest. Others may think they are fact.
  2. Support your quotes. When quoting individuals, including Forrest…make certain your quote is accurate and cite the original source where the quote came from…for instance, if the quote comes from a video interview, provide a link to the video and provide a time into the clip where the quote can be found. If it comes from a magazine interview that is not freely available on the web, give the magazine title, year, month of publication and page number. If it comes from a web source include a link to the webpage and help in locating the quote (i.e.: half way down the page…) In other words, provide a findable reference for the quote so others can evaluate for themselves what may have been intended by the speaker.
  3. Show respect. No name calling or swearing. Children are looking for the treasure and use this blog too.
  4. Be polite, supportive and helpful. This does not mean we can’t have differing opinions and a robust discussion with constructive criticism.
  5. Try to stay on topic. Look at the title of the page you are commenting on and try to stay relevant to that topic. If you want to discuss another topic please move to an appropriately titled page.
  6. Don’t confuse readers. There is a difference between fact and opinion. No one knows where the chest is located until they have it in their hands. So, until the chest is in your hands, you cannot say that you know where the chest is located or that you have solved the poem…Saying these things will lead casual readers to believe the hunt is over and someone has found the chest… which is not the case. You cannot claim you have found it or know where it is or have solved the poem unless the chest is in your possession…until then it’s only your opinion. Making unsubstantiated claims will result in banishment from our community.
  7. Don’t post anyone’s email address except your own.
  8. Don’t post comments under more than one name. Changing your name on the blog causes confusion to other readers. Some folks change their name often and carry on conversations with their various “personalities”. If you are caught doing this you will be banished from this blog.
  9. Don’t discuss politics, religion or Coronavirus here. Those topics are covered in hundreds of other blogs. Please use another blog for those discussions.
  10. Comments should contribute to the discussion and not simply make conversation. Don’t use this blog as a chat forum to say hi to someone or talk about things unrelated to Forrest’s treasure hunt.
  11. Don’t post YouTube links to music or movies.
  12. I don’t read every comment, every day so if you see someone breaking the rules please let me know.

INAPPROPRIATE: I know where the chest is located.
APPROPRIATE: I think I know where the chest is located.

INAPPROPRIATE: I have solved the poem.
APPROPRIATE: I think I may have solved the poem.

INAPPROPRIATE: The chest is hidden in Colorado.
APPROPRIATE: In my opinion, the chest is hidden in Colorado.

INAPPROPRIATE: Hi folks I got a new car today
INAPPROPRIATE: Happy Birthday Mary


Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Please abide by these simple rules and have fun while you are here.







34 thoughts on “Rules

  1. I like rules…they draw a clear line in the sand. Very intuitive to put this up before the long winter months to come…thanks Dal.

  2. Thanks for stating the rules, even though most people here have been posting responsibly and following them when they were “unwritten”. They will help everyone, even “old-timers” on the blog. Most of my info on the chase is stored in my head and I do not have exact quotes of much of anything Forrest has said so I guess my responses will be very limited from now on. 🙂 My memory is pretty good and I can tell pretty much when someone has made an incorrect paraphrase of something from Forrest, I just can’t say where the correct quote would be.

    • CJ-
      I agree. I have been taking more notes in the past year and this “rule” will encourage me to take better notes and quote more accurately. It does not mean you can’t ask about quotes without citing them…

      The reason for that “rule’ is that I have seen on this blog many misquotes. One of the most common is a statement made more than once by new searchers…

      Why are you looking in Wyoming? Forrest said, “It’s in New Mexico.”

      We did not allow this comment and the searchers are sometimes furious and always confused…
      If they had taken the time to look his quote up they would have found the real quote…which has been repeated by Forrest often, but misquoted by many reporters.

      If we had allowed the comment so that others would have corrected this quote I feel confident that other new folks would have simply believed that Forrest actually made that statement and gone no further in their research. This blog then becomes another source of inaccurate information.

      Face it, many people will do as little as possible to locate the chest. I have no control over that but I can try to insure that what they read here is accurate to within our capabilities and I can certainly encourage them to look around, read what Forrest and searchers have posted here…look at the media interviews and then, armed with as much information as the folks who have been here for a long time have…move forward on their own…

  3. Dal, thank you!
    Sometimes, the aggressive remarks and character judgements passed here do get out of hand. A polite decorum needs to be present to be enjoyable and productive…but WAIT!
    You just said that! (My inference)
    Imagination has no bounds, now all you butterflys, flutter by!
    Be safe!
    ¥Peace ¥

  4. A river without riverbanks isn’t a river. Thanks for defining those things that allow this community to have positive forward direction.

  5. Thanks Dal,

    Is Odds and Ends an open forum under most situations as long as it relates to the Chase/searching, a place to just check in or?

    • Cholly-
      I think that’s accurate.

      The intention is not to change anything. The rules and our intentions are the same as they always have been. We just listed them so there was a reference.
      Since the Travel Channel story we have seen a threefold increase in hits on the blog and many new folks commenting…which is great. But there have been a number of comments that didn’t make it to the blog because they were off color or degrading…the kind of comments I see on sites where folks are allowed to post anonymously.
      So I thought this might be a good opportunity to post some rules so new folks could see what we are trying to do here.
      Folks who have been around for awhile are already aware of all the rules. This is mostly for the new folks. I was hoping that it might let new folks know we are not a free for all..we are a community..and thereby avoid some of the “less meaningfull” comments.

      • Politicians make enough rules now everything is all about rules Welcome to political correctness. FF told the students to touch after seeing rules against it. What goes?

        • Woody, re-read Dal’s comment above! Without rules, a chaotic mind cannot think, so it is great all the rules keep it civil and pleasant for everyone!

          • So I got me a pen and a paper
            And I made up my own little sign
            I said, “Thank you, Lord, for thinkin’ ’bout me
            I’m alive and doin’ fine”


          • Goofy, You do know many folks won’t get the reference? I llaughed out loud when i saw it! (Being a teen in the 70’s.)

          • Well Swwot, at least there’s a few knowledgable people here. I got a kick out of loco’s reply. Odd how some words change over time. Most of my teens were in the sixty’s.

            Now, hey you, mister, can’t you read?
            You’ve got to have a shirt and tie to get a seat
            You can’t even watch, no you can’t eat
            You ain’t supposed to be here
            The sign said you got to have a membership card to get inside

        • “You’re pirates. Hang the code, and hang the rules. They’re more like guidelines anyway.” – Elizabeth, Pirates of the Carribean

          (good on 1 and 2, iffy on 3, OK on 4, slippery slope down on 5, and possibly an infraction on 6)

  6. Even I can follow these rules without testing the edge. Can we add another? If your opponent is making a mistake you do not have to correct them. Personally I read through a lot of the material here for about 7 months before I decided to post anything. It was kinda strange when I first found it and discovered other people actually had some of the same thoughts as I had, I ruled that information out right away because I am hardly ever right.

  7. Well I’m in I’ve ordered, received and finished reading ttotc and tftw and I feel a bond with Mr. Fenn and determined to at least go and search for his treasure. And I’m going to have fun doing it some people think I’m crazy but I find Forrest so interesting why wouldn’t I.

  8. Someone quoted odds and ends for April 2014 which I can not find….
    Could you please point me to where I can find it as the Odds and Ends I find do not go back that far….
    Thank you!

  9. where’s the “I agree to these terms” button?

    oh, i can proceed without clicking on it.

    never mind, i dont read the whole thing anyway

  10. I like your rules.
    No, wait! I THINK I like your rules!
    Hee Hee.
    I just started this hunt. It’s going to be fun.

  11. I’m looking forward to putting my solve to the test. Dreams do come true. Good Rules, facts are a must.

  12. dal, rules are great, I hope I haven’t broken them (I may have…I didn’t read your rules first. )
    In regards to rule #6, don’t you think that’s being a little picky? Are you really going to throw someone off the site because they forgot to say “in my opinion” or “I think”? I mean shouldn’t it be understood without having to say it, that these are individual opinions? (I’m quite certain that if the treasure were to be actually found and someone announced it, you would certainly put a banner streaming across the top of the home page stating such a thing?)
    I for one, know that I will never go to physically search for this, yet I ache to know how close I am to being correct. So if I were to figure it out, it WILL be my intent to tell someone. (Yet, as I tell others, I will not actually KNOW that it is there…someone may have gotten there already, and either not announced it, or maybe in the process of getting ready to announce it…or some unlikely event not perceived by Forrest could have caused it to be moved.
    So I will not KNOW that it IS there, but I may KNOW where Forrest left it.
    See my point?

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