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  1. I hadn’t noticed this category before dal. How long has it been up? I remember Renelle’s story. I began the chase shortly after her raffle.
    Her story is quite touching, and I am being honest in saying, I think of her a lot. I don’t know why, I just do, and truly, I hope she is still smiling. 🙂

    • It was up for a over a year but it had a different name. It used to be called Searcher of the Month. I took it down when we had the Found Object Contest because I needed space up on that bar to put the contest link…I just took the contest link down and am replacing it with the Searcher of the Month…now called Searcher of Note…because I am too lazy to actually add a new searcher every month…
      There were two up there previously..I will put the second one back up this evening and I have a new third one to put up.

      I am a tad cautious about this whole Searcher of Note or Searcher of the Month concept. I don’t want it to look like I am playing favorites…That’s not the case..it’s just that some searchers have done some really special things or had some very unique experiences and when I hear about it and if I can pull off a story I’ll add it..

      It’s not a favoritism thing…it’s just a recognition thing…

      We’ll see..maybe I won’t be able to come up with more..if I can’t we’ll just let it fizzle away..

      Katya and her Mountain Lion run-in was the other story I had up there and I am about to add something unusual that I think you will get a kick out of concerning Desertphile…the guy who hosts the Fennboree..

      • Great idea Dal–don’t worry about people accusing you of “favoritism” or anything else. Some folks just need something to complain about so look at it like your doing them a favor. I hadn’t read Katya’s story until today. I missed it somehow. What a thrilling day that was. More stories please!

  2. This would be a good thing to hear about some of the people who are dedicated searchers. Surely it was meant to be continued?

  3. I’m a little unclear on what constitutes a searcher of note, but I am a searcher, so here goes. I first got interested in the chase in March of 2013. I made 2 trips to YNP that summer, with one of my adult sons. I went too early and got bogged down in the waist deep snow. on the way back saw bear tracks that were bigger than a baseball hat, where they weren’t any tracks going in. Made a trip later in the summer and saw 3 black bears. I decided that an 80 year old man didn’t make that trip, so I went home and regrouped.
    I studied that winter and found what I think is the correct spot, also in Montana, but not YNP. I sent f an email with a veiled reference to my spot. 2 weeks later he made reference to”a word that is key” comment.
    Since then I’ve made 7 trips to that location. I’ve made great progress, and I’m going this week on my final trip.
    I finally know exactly where to go and expect the treasure to be within 12′ of this spot. Every clue lines up perfectly. Mr.—Browns home, where the lines cross, the hint of treasures new and old, 400′ from where you park the car, the creek that u can’t paddle up, what it is, what I is, what the blaze is, ect., ect.
    Having made 9 previous trips, I have no illusions about the possibility of failure, but–This is my last trip- My solve is so good that If I fail this time, I give up. No more for me. It has been a wonderful experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. Thank you, Forrest Fenn.

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