Book of Blazes – Sherif Billy and Deputy Katie

We were looking for a Kiva on Google Earth when we kinda tripped over this “Blaze”.  The 10’x10′ “X” cannot be seen from the road.  I still can’t figure out the circle.  Who could make a “donut ”  with their truck so perfect?

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11 thoughts on “Book of Blazes – Sherif Billy and Deputy Katie

  1. So dry there Billy. Not sure that’s what F had in mind.
    Makes me want to hydrate just looking at the pic.

  2. If this is New Mexico, I think we’ve finally found where they hid the aliens. Clearly an underground base of some type. My dad’s retired military and the regional medical center around here for veterans is Wright Patterson, AFB. That’s supposedly where they took the crashed ship after Roswell. I go with my folks sometimes to Wright Patt and the first thing you notice driving around is all these roof air ventilators sticking out of the ground, like everywhere, not on rooftops but just out of the ground… it’s easy to imagine there’s a secret underground base at Wright Patt. That’s where my bias is coming from. But let’s look at this objectively, nearby tracks suggest a wheel-base width that could be a truck, but the track shadow of the donut suggests a greater depth than what was achieved outside the donut itself. That’s no moon, that’s a spac– wait, I mean, that’s no donut, that’s a sunken circle. Not a donut, must be aliens. I mean, that’s just common sense.

    I dunno what I’m talking about.

    X marks the spot!

    • Hey JP…I grew up crawling in and around the planes at the AF museum. I love that place, my uncle was custodian, I thought he had the coolest job in the world and I would go and help him, we had the whole place to ourselves. My uncle said the little green guys are definitely there. Sorry back to the blaze, X’s and O’s mean hugs and kisses right?

    • Lol Jeremy P.,
      That reminds of a poem an old wino nick-named “Welfare” taught me back when I used to skip school and hang out at the Shady rest tree adjacent to the convenient store. He was a very kind Bojangles type who picked oranges for a living. One day at 78 years old he was bitten by a rattlesnake while picking and amazingly he survived. He was a living legend to me when I was a young teen. But I digress…oh yeah, the poem!

      “As you travel through life,
      Whatever your goal;
      Keep your eye upon the donut,
      And not upon the hole.”

      How about those underground bases? Pretty cool stuff right there.

  3. Nice idea, but I think he said the blaze was not something you would see from google earth.

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