My Name is Dal…


Stephanie sent this in. I think its a riot.

 12 Step’s to no longer having OTD=Obsessive Treasure Disorder
Step 1    Realize maps online only zoom in so far.
Step 2    Stop selling things you own to support trips out west (the kids don’t need their toys anymore).
Step 3    Keep yourself from drooling over the newest shovels on the market.
Step 4    Quit buying extra batteries out of fear your metal detector will run out.
Step 5    You’ve gone too far when you’re considering your actions if you come across a bear.
Step 6    Listen to your kids when they beg to no longer go on “vacation” anymore.
Step 7    Stop thinking about what type of vehicle could go through 5 feet of snow in the mountains.
Step 8    Don’t put survival training gift certificate on your Christmas List.
Step 9    Stop refreshing Dal’s blog every 10 seconds to see if he left on a hunt.
Step 10  Make sure to feed the children on occasion and not think they can survive on jello for weeks.
Step 11   After doing laundry, do not fold and put in suitcase each time.
Step 12   Put Forrest’s book on the tallest shelf in the house (preferably someone else’s house).
Ok, need to clarify…I did happen to sell the kids go kart, but it’s because they didn’t use it…and Ryan actually loved his vacation…and I only check your blog maybe twice a day (as of now :- ) Oh and Forrests book will never really be on a shelf….the rest might be true.