Scrapbook One Hundred Fifty Three…


MARCH 2016


I just read your signed copy of the Thrill of the Chase. I enjoyed it all
the way through. When I read the segment on Skippy’s passing I was set back
for a minute. That is why I am writing to you. It was astonishing how he
passed and the similarities to my story. You see, I took a cruise with my
wife. We went to Cozumel and took a scuba diving adventure. At about 20 to
30 feet in depth, I stopped her, and in my best attempt, proposed to her
underwater using my redneck form of sign language and theatrics. She
squeezed my hand firmly. With her goggles steaming, bubbles spewed out of
her mask as she said yes. Odd how some journeys end and how some begin. Bless you sir,