Scrapbook One Hundred Thirty Two…





This letter came from Allison with no return address so I don’t know where she is, or who she is. Since I can’t respond by mail I’ll post a message on Dal’s blog and hope she reads it:


Dear Allison,

Thank you for the $100,000,000 check. It cleared, and is now in my Santa Fe account. The banker said funds will be taken from your father’s future pay checks. Please thank him for me. I think you are made of sugar. Send me your address so I can give you some bubble gum.


I will give an easy clue that will take you to a special place in the forest north of Santa Fe. But I know several girls named Allison so to be sure you are the right one, please tell me by email what is on the back of the envelope you sent me.

Good luck, and thanks again for the money.

Your secret flame,

Forrest Fire