Archer’s Book….

March 2015

arherArcher is 18 months old, and a very busy young man.  He loves Bubble Guppies, balls, rocks, and books.  He keeps me very busy, too.  His favorite game is hide-and-seek, and he can climb and run all day long.

I spent some of my winter creating a children’s book for him.  No – I am not a writer.  No – I did not write a book.  I used Forrest’s poem to create a children’s book to read to my son at night.  I used a website, with some cool tools.  There was a very limited library of background scenes and props to use, but there seemed to be plenty to create a treasure-hunt themed children’s book.

Originally, I had used ONLY Forrest’s poem to create the book, but the publisher would not let me make a hard cover book with less than 16 pages.  My son loves to read books, but he also loves to eat them, which means paperbacks are out.  So, I had to get creative, and I came up with a preface for it.  It is only a few lines, and it is not worthy of the poem, but it adds a cute spin to an already fun story.

ttotcIt took me about 3 months to create the book, but only because I would work on it a day and then set it aside for a couple of weeks.  I am sure some of you can do better than me – and I certainly encourage you to try.  The website I used is Story Jumper (, but there are several others out there.
I laughed my butt off once it was done.  It is both cute and hilarious – at least to me.  I have shared the link below for all of you to enjoy.  I hope you get as big of a laugh as I did.

P.S.  There are NO intended hints, clues, or implications in this book or the images.  I used what limited resources were available in their library and tried my best to keep it relevant.  The main character is supposed to be a younger Forrest Fenn.