Scrapbook Sixty Four…



APRIL 2014


photo 3

My name is Joseph Archuleta and I am in the fourth grade at Chamisa elementary school in Los Alamos New Mexico.  My assignment was to research someone who is famous that lived in or did something special in the state of New Mexico.  I chose Forrest Fenn my dad and I got his book The Thrill of the Chase a couple of years ago and got very excited about the buried treasure.  We read the book in just a couple of nights because it was such an easy read and so fascinating.  I chose Mr. Fenn and I studied about him and his life.  I had to be a wax figure today at school and when people would put a ticket in my bowl I would come to life and give a speech about Mr. Fenn. I made a poster and used pictures from the web and also one he sent me by email.  I got lots of compliments on my speech and poster and my cowboy hat and jean jacket that I wore.  Thank you Mr. Finn for writing such an exciting book and sharing your life story with us I really had fun learning about your life I especially liked the stories of you and your brother Skippy.

Joseph Archuleta