Scrapbook Sixty Nine…


MAY 2014

Occasionally I get an email from a searcher who presents a different twist
to the story. I always get permission before forwarding it to Dal to post.
This is one of those. Please don’t misunderstand me. I’m not hinting that
the treasure is hidden on top of a rock with a bear guarding it. f


A serious question on Spring hiking that could save my life. Last year we
hiked Beaver creek in the soft spring snow for 13 miles and it was
miserable. Especially with the bears out there and hungry and all. I’m not
sure what was worse, the fatigue from that soft snow or my worry about being
out there all night with those grizzess.
Can bears climb rocks? If I get stuck out all night when we go next time, I
might try and sleep on some rocks to hide from them. But if they eat me,
then it’s your fault for hiding the chest in a place with mean bears all
around!  Next time can you pick a nice forest with small little creatures
that don’t eat people?