Have a Forrest Fenn at Hansa Brewery…


Next time you’re in Cleveland stop by the Hansa Brewery and order up a glass of Forrest Fenn…

Not kidding…Look HERE!

The brewpub describes it as a “Happy Treasure with notes of grapefruit and pine. A blaze red appearance from the Carmel malts add a sweeter body to the balance. Brewed in the spirit of the west and adventure.”

I spoke with Boris who owns the European style brew pub and he told me they were out of it right this minute but it could come back…  Maybe we should all send Boris a note and request a new batch!!!

You can reach Boris at info@hansabrewery.com

Searchers in the tri-state area could have a meet-up in 2020 at the Hansa and do a few Forrest Fenn’s…

2717 Lorain Ave, in Cleveland…near the world famous Cuyahoga River…








Our War Effort…

Sometimes short messages are the best way to make a point. This AbBerrations section contains ideas that don’t precisely fit within a present discussion.



Dal sent me this clipping dated 1942 and it brought back memories of a time when things were tightening up in America. The Japs bombed Pearl Harbor a year earlier so we were in the war and not winning.


All the kids wanted to help our troops. One girl received an award for an idea she submitted. She said her father’s barn was full of spider webs and wanted to know if our government could use some, thus the phrase, “think outside the box,” was born.

In class we whittled Japanese and German airplanes out of wood so our fighter pilots could study them from all angles and better identify the enemy. I remember how proud we were to help in that way.

Once a week grades 7 through 12 turned out of school to collect rubber and iron. We went door to door asking everyone to donate what they could for the war effort. One little old lady was ironing when I spoke to her through the screen door. She said, “Here, you can have this thing as soon as it cools.” That’s the way it was, and we’d pile everything up in the school yard. Some stacks were 10 feet high because people drove by and threw things on. If you looked closely you could see guns, bicycles, fishing reels, skillets, and nearly everything else. The Army came by with big trucks and all the boys helped throw things on.

When I was 13 and Skippy was 15 we volunteered to check coats at the USO. Fort Hood was about 35 miles away and on weekends Temple was full of soldiers. The winter wool coats were really heavy. There were so many troops lined up at closing that we didn’t have time to look at numbers on the check stubs, we just handed each guy a coat. I think most of them left before they realized they had the wrong one. Some of those sergeants were pretty big so Skippy and I were quick to slip through the side door and run to the safety of 1413 north Main Street. f


Veteran’s Day Ponderings…

Sometimes short messages are the best way to make a point. This AbBerrations section contains ideas that don’t precisely fit within a present discussion.



Why are so many of America’s best men and women fighting in wars around the world when they could be in the Rocky Mountains hunting and fishing and looking for hidden treasures. Will there ever be a time when we will not need an armed force? Something to think about…f

Beer Commercial Reminds Us To Always Remember The Troops