Plans for Sunday…

January 23rd, 2016



Billy's photo of blue thing

Image #1 – Taken by Bill


Image #1A – Enlargment of the area around my legs from Image #1

This afternoon, John Pearson drove to the mesa top where we parked yesterday. He is trying to find the “blue item” that looks like material (jacket, backpack, waders, etc) that looks like it was purposely stashed beneath the rock slab and then covered with a branch. I was able to get him the time the photo was taken. He then used that time to try to pinpoint in his Garmin where we were standing when Billy photographed John and me (and the blue item behind my foot.) John and I have been able to talk via phone while he’s been searching. He thinks his “tracks” on his Garmin may not have recorded our locations every ten minutes as hoped, so he was having a difficult time. But he used the landscape and odd tree on horizon in picture of Katya, Bill, and John that I took the same time Billy took the one with the blue item. John was running out of time when I last spoke to him. He knows he needs to get back to his truck before dark. If he could locate the approximate spot where Billy and I both took our photos, he will get the GPS co-ordinates, and a team will need to go back. I would like to be part of this team. Roger had plans for tomorrow but might be able to change them. John told me he cannot go tomorrow. Waiting for an update from John.

More info will be added to this page when decisions are made.

Please stay tuned.


A few hours later from Cynthia

This below picture (Image #2) of Sacha, Bill and John was taken Friday during the group search. Bill then picked up his camera and took the photo at the top of this page (Image #1) while I was near the blue thing. So the below photo was taken from very near the blue thing.

Katya on rock near blue thing

Image #2 – Taken by Cynthia (me) You can see Katya, Bill and John’s back. This picture was taken Friday during the group search. Bill photographed me from here when I was standing at the spot with the “blue thing”. The red arrow in this top photo is to reference the tree on the horizon.

Today John went back and tried to find the place I was standing with the blue thing. He ran out of time to continue searching. But he was near the same spot…He took the photo below as he tried to get in the correct potion. Compare the tree in the top picture with the image of the same tree below.


Image #3 of the tree in the background of picture #2. Today John took this picture at 35 degrees 44’53.9”N and 106 degrees 15’8”.To find the spot where the “blue thing” is stashed, you need to walk north upstream.

To find the place where the blue thing is stashed, you need to walk north, upstream.
You will need to use the picture of the distinctive tree on the horizon as a guide. You will also use the bend in the river from the view in the below picture.
Billy's photo of blue thing

Image #1 again – Taken by Bill of John and me. I am standing next to the blue thing

Remember, as a group we were all near one another at the time. We were chatting. I took  picture #2 of Sacha and Bill as John walked towards them right after Bill took picture #1 of John and me looking for Randy.
There will be no organized group search by me on Sunday. However, Scott with his ATV plans on going to this area to search. If you want to hook up with Scott please respond below with a comment so he knows how many to expect and can choose a time and  meeting spot
On Monday, there will be an organized group search to go to this location if the correct place has not already been found and searched on Sunday. We also plan to hike down to the raft on Monday to look for some evidence of Randy on this slope.
To get to the end of the road you must have a high clearance 4WD or coordinate with someone who does. If you plan to hike all the way down to the raft and back up to your car, let me warn you…this is as extreme hiking as I’ve ever done. I know I’m old but this made hiking up the switchbacks to Wheeler Peak seem like a picnic.
We will meet at 8:00 Monday morning at the same Santa Fe Animal Shelter on Caja del Rio Rd. We will leave no later than 8:15. If you arrive afterwards, follow the orange ribbons at the multiple forks to get around Montoso Peak. Then use a GPS to get to our general area near the raft.
This is all weather dependent. So far the weather is forecasting good. The group will be made up of me, Roger, Katya, and hopefully Scott. Desertphile, if you are available, you definitely are most welcome to join us.
I will post an update again tomorrow evening once we have a more current forecast for Monday.
If this plan totally confuses you, post a comment on the blog and I will try to explain better.