Bob Haworth Sings the Clues…



BHaworth02You might know Bob Haworth from his stint with the Brothers Four or the Kingston Trio. I remember him as Bo Mooney while I was producing a television series in Seattle. We had him on more than once…great musician, fun performer and solid good guy. Later he had his own creative agency and now lives in Eastern Washington with his wife Meri.

Bob is a long time friend of Forrest’s and he put together this song for Forrest and performed it at the “To Far Too Walk” book signing in Santa Fe.

You can find out more about Bob, his history and his music by clicking here.


Even better…you can listen to his TFTW tune right here. Just click on the link below.
Listen close for hidden clues to you know what!!

Thanks Bob!!!

Too Far To Walk

A Fenn Celebration…

Posted in october 2013

By Elizabeth

The Loretto Inn, Santa Fe

The Loretto Inn, Santa Fe

Well, the Book Signing Bash was fantastic!  The Tesuque Room at the Inn and Spa at Loretto was packed with friends and fans of Forrest.


My family and I arrived about five minutes after five and the place was already full of happy people.  As you walked in, there was a long table where Forrest was signing books.  His youngest grandchild, Piper, helped him by writing down the name of the person for whom he was signing the book.  It was quite noisy and difficult for Forrest to hear.  At the end of the table were most of the books that Forrest had written, which were also available for purchase.

Bob Haworth was up on stage playing … mostly background music.  My three children and I waited patiently to say hello to Forrest.  We had met him on one previous occasion at his home.  He is always kind and gentle and has a twinkle in his eye.

There was a nice buffet and alcohol and soft drinks for everyone.  It was a very festive atmosphere and everyone was excited to be there.  It was easy to spot the treasure hunters from the long-time friends.  The treasure hunters were looking around the room more and had their books in hand.  The long-time friends were busy catching up with one another!

Around 5:45pm Forrest came up front and thanked various people who helped him with his book and then he thanks Bob Hayworth for coming.  Forrest didn’t talk long, but rather turned it over to Bob.


Bob said that he and Forrest went back a long ways … and that Forrest asked him to write a song about his book … and to include the Inn at Loretto.  Bob laughed and said, “It’s not easy to write a song about a book, but I’ve done it once before … for the Thrill of the Chase”  (or something to the that effect!).  Anyway, he sang his song and it was terrific!  Then Bob went on to sing many, many more songs. He even played “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” on his saw!  It was very enjoyable.

I’m sure it was an exhausting evening for Forrest … he was very generous with his time and trying to visit with everyone.  I did manage to get a few photos with him.  One of his granddaughters took the photo of me and Forrest.  I jokingly told her, “He forgot to smile.”  She said, “Yes, he never smiles!”IMG_2050IMG_2044
It was a grand time … I hope that those of you not able to attend can appreciate the event through my words and my photos.