Feather Art…

March 2020
by dal


cake 1Those of us that attended Fennboree 2019 will remember Patty (Patricia Marin Miranda) and her lovely (and delicious) Treasure Chest Cake.

FF Cake 1

Patty and Forrest with “THE” cake at Fenboree 2019

It turns out that Patty is accomplished at more than one art form. In addition to being a talented cake artist she is also an artist working in the traditional form of feather painting as practiced in her native country, Costa Rica.


The Taos Pueblo as painted on feathers by Patty.

Patty playfully calls herself the “Lead Costa Rican Searcher”, and along with her S.O. Paul, they have been on the chase for Forrest’s chest for a couple of years now. They decided to move to Santa Fe after searching in NM, being drawn to the creative and spiritual atmosphere and then visiting on their trek to Fennboree 2019.


But the newest event in their life is the opening of a small gallery and studio called “Marin” on Canyon Rd. in Santa Fe where Patty creates and shows her beautiful feather art.


Patty is having the Grand Opening and Exhibition of her gallery on March 27th. Pretty exciting. Congratulations and Good Luck Patty!!!

The chase has spawned another great human story.

You can find out more about Patty and her art and the fascinating history behind feather painting on her gallery website HERE.

I can’t speak for you but I know the next time I am in Santa Fe I plan to stop by and say hi to Patty and Paul and take a closer look at her feather art and maybe talk a bit about “treasure hunting”.

By the way, you can look at more photos from Fennboree 2019 HERE.









Win a Set of Forrest’s Books & Help Cancer Victims…


logoThe Cancer Foundation for New Mexico (CFFNM) is a local, independent, non-profit that provides support for cancer patients in northern New Mexico.

The annual Sweetheart Auction is the primary fundraising event supporting essential patient services and programs for the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico.

Auction attendees enjoy the opportunity to bid on over 500 incredible items including local & international getaways, hand-crafted jewelry, highly-collectible artwork, unique dining experiences, and much more.

Last year’s Sweetheart Auction brought in over 850 people and raised approximately 50% of the Foundation’s annual revenue for patient services.

As always, the annual Sweetheart Auction would not be possible without the continued support of the Santa Fe community and beyond.

And this is where we come in…Searchers for Forrest’s hidden chest… we can help by bidding on a signed and doodled collection of Forrest’s books…pictured below. These are brand new books all are signed and the top three are doodled..

fenn books

(1) The Thrill of the Chase, signed and doodled, 10th edition
(2) Too Far to Walk, signed and doodled, 8th edition
(3) Once Upon a While, signed and doodled, 1st edition
(4) Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch: A Personal Tribute to Eric Sloane, signed, 1st edition
(5) Teepee Smoke: A New Look Into the Life and Work of Joseph Henry Sharp, signed, 1st edition
(6) Leon Gaspard: The Call of Distant Places, signed, 1st edition

You do not have to come to the Auction to bid on this item. You can bid from the warmth and comfort of your home, no matter where you live and you can do it right now by clicking HERE and filling in the bidding form. You must submit your bid by Friday, Feb. 7th, at 5pm U.S. Mountain Time.


You can find out more about the books up for bidding by clicking HERE

If you’d like to know more about the Cancer Foundation for New Mexico…click HERE

If you’d like to know more about their annual auction, click HERE

You can even look at some of the other items that will be offered at the auction HERE









We Shall Not Cease…

abc 1

by Brad


“We shall not cease from exploration and at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

Why did Forrest Fenn offer us the above quote? At first notion we readily accept that the quote was offered in reference to our search for his hidden treasure and the endless exploring to be endured in that specific pursuit. However, are we really to believe that Forrest Fenn held little regard for the true context of those words in the original author’s writing? 

Perhaps, in order to answer the above question, we need to examine more closely what it might actually be that we are being challenged to explore? No doubt we are being challenged to explore all of the wonders of the Rocky Mountains, there is no questioning this fact. But now let me suggest that we are also being challenged to explore two other equally important things, one of those being life itself, and the last and most important challenge being the exploration of ourselves. These last two, after all, is what T. S. Eliot was exploring when he penned the above words in his writing, Little Gidding. 

What was T. S. Eliot writing about? What was he referencing when he spoke about all of that exploration and what was to be discovered in the end? The end is the beginning, or so it was written, and not just by T. S. Eliot. In Forrest Fenn’s poem we are to begin where warm waters halt and we are to end our quest with the discovery of the blaze, brave and in the wood not coming until later. This is the full extent of our participation according to that poem, Fenn’s last directive being that we listen, and listen good. 

Why are we to listen good? Is it because he is making extra effort to draw out attention to what is really being said? Is it because he is suggesting to us that there is something more to be understood within his poem then what is presented on the surface? 

Below is a painting I did, a new pursuit I’ve recently taken up. I call this little painting, Willie & Me, and I think it sums up the true nature of Fenn’s poem pretty well because he’s done it tired and now he’s weak, and there is that contentment in this simple painting. 


But there is more to this little painting then what one might see at first glance. The tree is a Juniper tree, a sacred tree at the heart of the Hopi culture. In the distance there is a river, there also exist the hint of a blaze, and there is also two soaring eagles. And there he comfortably stands, with Willie, a moment of absolute contentment.        

“…at the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

If you have not read Little Gidding then perhaps you should as you just might discover more content within that writing that seems to resonate with Fenn’s poem and the chase. I know I did. And so I’ll continue to explore and to discover until one day I can say, in complete contentment, that I’ve also done it tiered and now I’m weak. 

With open mind, with great imagination, I’ll keep exploring and discovering. Next year I have Wyoming in my sights and I plan to take my camera, fly rod, and now also a canvas and easel. The thrill of the chase, maybe we’ve just got to embrace it for what it can be, the journey of a lifetime. 

Have I got it all figured out? For me, anyway, I have. Now then, I gotta go because I have a date with a paint brush…… 

Man Alone (Brad)