Scrapbook Seventy Six…


JUNE 2014


I was just informed that Dal has recused himself from the search for reasons I think are inappropriate. It is unfair to cast a shadow across a man of his integrity. And since there are other searchers who have fallen in that same line of thinking I believe I have a solution.

If a majority of people think Dal should stop his search for the treasure because he is getting inside information from me, then I will recuse myself from further posts on his blog, thus removing the reason for him to stop searching. If you have a comment one way or the other please post it here. f

Scrapbook Seventy Five…


JUNE 2014



I am father to Wyatt Lles, a twelve year old boy, diagnosed with autism.  He is rather high functioning for his diagnosis.

Although I have many treasured childhood memories of adventures in the forests of Kentucky, my son has never really been the outdoor type.  He prefers to spend much of his free time with a variety of electronic devices, such as games, internet videos, etc..  I was especially excited in that one day last week, while playing around on the internet, Wyatt introduced me to your hidden treasure story and poem of clues to it’s location.

Wyatt said he wanted to try to decipher your clues, and search for your hidden treasure.  As this meant he would be getting out of the house and off the computer, I was all for it.

This is his decipher, and search story.

Begin it where warm waters halt 
and take it in the canyon down,
Wyatt decided this meant you hid it Coldwater Canyon in California (luckily this is only 30 minutes from our house).

Put in below the home of Brown. 
From there it’s no place for the meek,
 The end is drawing ever nigh; 
There’ll be no paddle up your creek, 
Just heavy loads and water high.

Wyatt decided this meant to go up Lytle Creek Road in Coldwater Canyon, past the outdoor shooting ranges where they shoot “heavy loads,” and past the water tower further up the road.

If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
Wyatt decided this meant the Stockton Flat Campgrounds, as the only indication you are there is a blazed tree. This tree is “home” to many “Brown” birds. 

For some reason, Wyatt decided the treasure must be buried below the blazed tree marking the entrance. So we went to a local outdoor sporting equipment store and got a cheap metal detector.

 You should have seen his face when we reached the exact tree Wyatt thought about, turned on the metal detector, and it indicated there was in fact metal there!!

He dug up the spot and found two dimes, a penny, and a rusted nail.  Wyatt, does have a good sense of humor, because he started to laugh at this. We spent the entire rest of the day in the outdoors in this area with no electronics, and no cell signals. 

I know I will treasure the memory of our day trip. I hope that he will as well.

Thank you for inspiring our adventure!!

Luther Lles