Scrapbook Seventy Two…


MAY 2014

Once in a while I get an email that I have to read several times. I am constantly amazed at the strength and resilience of women who come nose-to-nose with tough choices. I think Ann is one woman who doesn’t need an Equal Rights Amendment. What do you think about this exchange? f


Hi Forrest,
    It’s been a while since I bugged you with something.  I was wondering if you could send my sister Ann an email.  Cutting to the chase, she has been diagnosed with breast cancer. She and her doctors are confident that everything will be okay. However, a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery are in order.  One of the first things she said to me after her diagnosis was that she won’t be able to search for your treasure this summer.  She’s afraid that she will be in no shape to do any serious hiking and is bummed out about the whole situation.  A short, “Hang in there” type note would lift her spirits and make her very happy if you have a minute to send one.
Thanks, Chris


From: Forrest
To: Ann
Chris gave me your address and said you were going out of the chase for a few weeks. Bummer. You may not know that I had cancer, lost a kidney, and was given a 20 percent chance to live. That was 26 years ago and medicines are so much better today. I should have waited.
Hope you can get out in the trees again soon and look for the treasure. You are young and beautiful and have a lot going for you. Please keep me in the loop on your progress. Maybe we can meet sometime and jabber about hidden treasures. Let me know if there is something I can do for you because I’m in your corner. f


From: Ann
To: Forrest
Mr. Fenn, 
Oh My Goodness!!  Thank you SO much for your kind words of encouragement!!   I feel honored you emailed me!   I think you and my brother, Chris, would be best friends if you lived near each other.     From reading your books, I can tell he is a lot like you.  

I got the book Thrill of the Chase for his son Daniel’s birthday last year….. and I told Daniel  “if anyone can figure this out it will be your Dad…..  and if you two go treasure hunting, you have to take me along.”   Well Daniel didn’t come with us but Chris, my husband Tom and I went and we had a  BLAST!   It was a little disappointing when the treasure wasn’t where it was supposed to be, &#9786 , but we had a great time and I have to say, Chris and I are closer and talk more than we used to.     

I am very disappointed this breast cancer junk is getting in my way of treasure hunting this summer.  Maybe I will be able to go along, out West, but a am not very confident that I will be back to “my healthy self” enough to be able participate in “the hiking” part this summer.   We will just have to see.  

I did find an arrowhead on May 2nd, my biggest and best one yet.  I attached a picture.  It measures 5 and 1/4 inches long.  I found it down in the creek behind our house.  We had 2 big “Gully Washers” in the week prior, so I knew the creek would be “turned over” from all that rain.

Thanks again for the email, it made me smile and giggle.

 One of your Treasure Hunting fans,   Ann






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Scrapbook Sixty Five…


APRIL 2014

This was posted by Dal not by Forrest

Fellow searcher and friend of this blog, Renelle Jacobsen is the subject of a story about her fight against cancer in “A Woman’s Health” magazine.

renelle01You might remember that last winter the searchers on this blog contributed over $23,000 for fellow searcher and cancer victim, Renelle Jacobsen. The fund raising took place in the form of a raffle for one of Forrest’s handmade bronze jars. In the jar, Forrest placed goodies he collected like arrowheads and beads and bones and also a beautiful handmade necklace he crafted from objects in his collection. In the end Forrest not only donated the prize but also wrote a check for $5,000 to Renelle upping the total sent to $28,000 and some change. Money to help her through her expensive and prolonged battle against cancer.

Renelle is one of a growing number of people who are living longer-term with metastatic cancer—cancer that has spread from the original site to one or more distant sites in the body. Metastatic cancer is generally considered incurable; but, as cancer treatment continues to evolve, more and more patients are living longer with metastatic disease.

“You have to figure out what keeps you going,” she explains. “It is important to have as much of a life as you can. If you can’t have it outside your house, then figure out how to have it inside your house.”

Renelle’s hunt for Fenn’s treasure has been one way she has continued to live a full life—sifting through clues and trying to deduce where to look next for the bounty. The thrill of the hunt keeps her going, especially on hard days.

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