Scrapbook Thirty-one…




Many years ago Glenna Goodacre (she made the Sacagawea dollar coin for the US mint, and the woman’s Vietnam memorial on the mall in DC) gave me a $1,000 bill to commemorate an anniversary of the two of us working together. She was a painter. I gave her a piece of wax and said that if she would make something really nice with it I would cast it for free, but if I didn’t like what she made I would throw it in the trash and that would be the end of it. She made a beautiful little ballerina (her daughter Jill modeled for it and is married to Harry Connick Jr.) I cast it for her in my foundry doing all of the work myself. Her professor in college said she would never be a sculptor. When I handed the little bronze to Glenna the expression on her face said it all and she became an important artist and was elected to the National Academy of Design. She lives in SF and a nice book has been published about her.wvnm

Back to the subject. I put the $1,000 bill and two $500 bills in the treasure chest originally but after thinking about it I took them out because I didn’t know how moisture would effect them over a long period of time. I wish now I had left them in the chest. You can file this information under Misc in your trash can. f

Scrapbook Thirty…


Bookbinder Mike Roswell made this specially bound copy of The Thrill of the Chase for Chanon Thompson, the lady who was “lost” in the Bandelier National Monument while searching for Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure. She spent the night alone with temperatures huddling around 26 degrees. Forrest presented the book to Chanon who jokingly promised to carry it when she went searching in the mountains again because the compass imbedded in the leather cover would assist her if she became disoriented. Forrest said that Chanon is “a delightful lady who is full of vinegar and sparks.” (photo by Janet Shamlian)