Scrapbook Two Hundred Nine…


October, 2019


IMG 3589a

Chaos                                                                                                             photo by Cynthia Meachum

IMG 3588a

Embroidery                                                                                                    photo by Cynthia Meachum

I love these two objects.

They found their way into my collection via a friend of many years past.  Are they soul fairies bred in chaos, demoted angels, nascent beings – what? Their exaggerated personalities are somehow persuasive to me. Why is that?

Both are wrought with a penchant for trickery. Maybe it’s because their armatures are made of spring wire. When I push one away, it comes leaning back at a nervous angle, as if were ordained to taunt me – or protect me. 

Look at their faces, each has an eerie diabolical grin as if is possessed by some unknown seminal moment. Their clothing is made of spangly materials, luscious forested vegetation, and woven woolen fabrics from around the world. Ancient beads adorn their necks while silent fetishes secret themselves beneath the understated colors.

Everything on their bodies is sewed in or tied down. Nothing can be removed, not even an ancient Afghani turquoise necklace that rests amid a cluster of old beads and precious amulets.

Doll 1

Chaos Full Frontal                                                                                        photo by Lou Bruno

Doll 2

Chaos Full Back                                                                                                   photo by Lou Bruno

Doll 3

Chaos Front Bottom                                                                                                photo by Lou Bruno

Doll 4

Chaos Front Top                                                                                                    photo by Lou Bruno

Doll 5

Chaos Back Top                                                                                                     photo by Lou Bruno      

aaaa copy

Embroidery Full Frontal

Have they been thrown out and are now suffering amidst the wreckage of failed marriages? I don’t know, but never mind, I like them as they are. I can relate somehow, especially now that I am past middle age and unwilling to postpone or subjugate any part of my life. Maybe they have the power to protect me and that’s why I keep them close. I hope so. f