Hobble Creek Solve…

February 2020

By garnum


I would like to layout the one and only Forrest Fenn treasure solution I came up with over the past few years. Even though my one BOTG found nothing, this solve is an example of just how “straight forward” the correct solve could be. I shared this solve on a call to A Gypsies Kiss several months back but have participated very little in online forums.


The entire solve is based on a very different interpretation of WWWH. Warm I interpreted as comfortable/pleasing and halt (my key word) I interpreted as Hobble. I had pulled my biased hints in TTOC, videos, and scrapbooks which included Lincoln, Poker, Alice/crocodiles, forgotten graves, asterisk, omegas, brown gravy, white canyons, porcupine, and marry the map with the poem.


So, if you haven’t given up on me already let’s begin at WWWH:
Find Hobble Creek on a map. It is the only Hobble creek located in the search area. It is a pleasant, relatively short trout stream which Forrest is likely familiar with. The only way to access it via car is to start in Cokeville, Wyoming located in the southwest corner of Lincoln county (remember the folded Lincoln five dollar bill in scrapebook). If you look at the poem/map in TFTW, Cokeville lines up exactly with the line in the poem Begin it where warm waters halt (marry map with poem).


462713418 Screenshot 20190618 171331 Samsung Internet 1226660 resized
 Now where on Hobble Creek do you start? Put in below the home of Brown. There is a lonely single grave marker on Hobble Creek which is the resting place of Estella Brown. Estella means star which could be the asterisk reference. The grave stone is right where the Lander Cut-off of the Oregon Trail crosses Hobble Creek.


Screenshot 20200129 214725 Samsung Internet
The only put in below this gravesite is Hobble Creek campground. Much of the canyon walls between the gravesite and campground appear white on Google Earth and the ridge along that route is Porcupine Ridge. The put in is approximately 6 miles below the gravesite. It is about a 30 mile drive from Cokeville to the campground.


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Starting the search at that point on Hobble creek. You follow a trail that leads to Lake Alice. If you look at “the big picture” on Google Earth Lake Alice (with a little imagination) could look like a crocodile.


Screenshot 20190821 215026 Maps
Forrest mentions picking Huckleberries in a scrapbook. Lake Alice has a Huckleberry Cove.


Lake Alice was formed a couple of thousand years ago by a collapse from Lake Mountain. That landslide formed a natural dam of Poker Creek (we all know the Poker reference), resulting in the lake.
Screenshot 20190821 215101 Maps
If you backtrack from Lake Alice back towards the campground, Poker Creek then flows under the landslide (there will be no paddle up your creek just heavy loads and water high) for about a mile before surfacing at the end of the landslide and it becomes Spring Lake Creek.


While during my BOTG I hiked the 1.5 miles to Lake Alice, but I was almost certain Forrest would not of carried the treasure that far.


When I first started my hike at the put in I was struck by how “alone in there” I felt. I did not see another person during the entire search. About 10 minutes into the hike from the campground the trail splits between a human trail and a horse trail.


The double omegas in TTOTC look like horseshoes. The horsetrail (the treasure is not in close proximity to a human trail) starts off steep (no place for the meek) and runs in close proximity to Spring Lake creek. If one “listens good” you can notice that the sound of the creek stops when you reach the bottom end ( the END is ever drawing nigh) of the landslide because it is all underground from that point all the way up to Lake Alice. If you depart the horsetrail when you no longer hear water it is a short hike (50 ft.) to the End and what could be the blaze, the exposed rock slide forming the end of the mile long natural dam. If you stand on top of the END and look straight down it is about 30 feet down to where the water springs forth at the bottom.
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I had little time and have never been back, but somewhere in that area I was hopeful I would find the chest. I did not.


It is interesting to note that if you draw a line on Google earth through the entire search area starting at Santa Fe and ending in the very corner of NW Montana, that line crosses straight through my search area and my blaze is exactly at the halfway point on that line. Try it yourself.


Again, this is just an interpretation of how straight forward the clues could be. An isolated area but where many hikers/fishermen have hiked within 500 ft of the treasure on their way to Lake Alice. Begin it where Hobble creek takes the white walled canyon down not far but too far to walk. Put in below the grave of Brown and take the steep horsetrail up to where the End of the landslide is drwing near. There will be no paddle up this creek because it runs underground through heavy debris ending at the high Lake Alice. If you listen good and find the blaze of rocks ending the debris field, look straight down that blaze and somewhere at the bottom the treasure is concealed. Your effort will be worth the cold because you may have to wade across the little creek.