My Favorite Thing Contest…WINNERS ANNOUNCED!



Will Rogers Submitted by Melanie


Will Rogers, whittled by my grandfather while recuperating from a leg amputation following the Battle of Belleau Wood (age 19). -Melanie


Coffee Pot Submitted by Kris B

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Found this late 1800s coffee pot sitting up right in the desert while looking for Fenn treasure        -Kris B


Passport Submitted by Geysergirl

IMG 0210

Mom’s passport. Only 16, newly married to an American Sailor and leaving her country and family behind. Courage and sacrifice.                   -Geysergirl


I offered a TFTW book as prize but two winners already have that book so I am still thinking about what I can offer as a prize for the two who have that book already…





This Contest is Now Closed



Share Your Favorite Thing With The Blog

Take a photo of it and write a caption in 20 words or less that explains what it is.

Your favorite thing must not be alive..
No pets or children or spouses or plants…nothing alive…

Submit your photo and caption along with your blog name via email to me at:
dal at lummifilm dot com

Send it before Noon, Santa Fe time on Friday April 3rd.
I will post the photos and captions as they arrive for all to admire.
Please enter only once.

There might be a prize if someone submits something really exceptional.
I dunno what the prize might be yet…


Here is an example:


Napoleonic era, infantry (ynfanteria) uniform button recovered off the wreck of the Spanish troop ship Salvador.           – dal

OK…Let’s have some fun!!! What’s your favorite thing?

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And The Cat Naming Contest Winner Is…


scat jog

Forrest’s cute kitty

Allen K. won the naming contest for Forrests cute kitty. His entry was “Meowthful”.

His prize was a Forrest Fenn signed and personalized edition of TFTW.


We asked him to send us a pic of the signed inside when he received it.

Here is what Allen K. wrote and the pic of the autograph and doodle by Forrest:


Thanks Forrest, Dal, and the judges for the cool cat-naming contest!

This site is where my awareness of the chase took its first few steps and since then, I’ve obsessed, quit, unsubscribed, resubscribed, deleted, renewed, defended, argued, pondered, waivered, broke-up, and fell back in love with my solve and the chase again and again. Forrest is right — this chase will live on in the hearts of searchers.

me·owth·ful /mēˈouTHˌfo͝ol/

Definition: A quantity of disagreeables or malcontents that fills or can be put in the mouth.

~Allen K.

IMG 1819





Name Forrest’s Kitty Contest…



THE WINNER IS Allen K with “Meowthful”…

See his entry HERE

It’s the middle of the coldest and snowiest two months of the year in the mountains north of Santa Fe so we need something to fill our waiting moments as the long dark nights and cold days slowly march toward the temperate memories of spring.

This is it !!!

A new contest that anyone on this blog can participate in..

Forrest sent along a photo of his kitty which has no name right now. But we can fix that.

This is a contest to come up with a name for Forrest’s dear cat.

You can submit your entry in the comment section on this very page. On February 11th this contest will end and all the submitted names will be reviewed by our crack panel of anonymous judges. The winner will be selected by the judges and announced on this page soon after the contest closes.

So put on your thinking cap and help Forrest name his kitty…

scat jog

Forrest’s cute kitty


“I don’t know how old she is but I do know she likes to eat disagreeables
and malcontents. f”



The contest begins right now and ends on National Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk Day, February 11th.

Everyone on the blog is invited to enter this contest.

Enter the contest by leaving a comment on this page with the name you want to submit for Forrest’s cat.

Use the comment area on this page ONLY for contest entries. All other comments will be deleted.

Do not use the “Reply” button. Make each submission a new comment, not a reply to a previous comment.

Only two entries allowed per person.

In case of two or more persons submitting the same name…the first one submitted will be accepted.

Entries after 6pm (Santa Fe Time) on February 11th will not be accepted.



The winner will receive a Too Far To Walk book, signed and personalized by Forrest.




Use Your Imagination…Have Fun!!





A “Personality Galore” Hat Contest…


Forrest Modeling Mildew

Personality Galore Hat Contest

More than three years ago Forrest bragged about Mildew..his hat of dubious distinction. He declared that this hat was the most “interesting” on the blog.

Shallow claim. I say.

Help me prove the point by submitting a photo of your “interesting hat” to me at:
dal at lummifilm dot com

I will post the photos as I receive them until the contest closes to entries.

Forrest Modeling his Buffalo Hat

Someone, yet unnamed, will help me judge the hats and together we will choose the hat with “Personality Galore” to be the winner of this contest. I don’t expect this to be an easy judging task.

To begin, take a look at Scrapbook 126 to see what passes for “personality galore” in Forrest’s mind…HERE

Next read the rules of this contest below:

1. A contestant may submit only one entry in this contest. 

2. A contestant must be a person of good standing on this blog.

3. An entry is one photo of the hat attached in an email. The email must also include the blog name of the contestant.

4. It is the hat that will be judged not the photography nor the “personality” of the character modeling the hat. That being said, the cumulative effect of a photo that shows an “interesting” hat along with an “interesting” hat model and interesting background, should not be ignored.

5. Entries must be sent before the contest closing time and date.

6. The contest closing time/date is 9pm (Santa Fe time) May 31st, 2018

7. I repeat, one entry per person.

8. The “hat” must exist in the real world. It cannot be a digital creation of a hat.

9. The photo of the hat must be an actual photo and not a hat photoshopped onto a background…ie no digital manipulation of the photo is allowed. We want to judge a hat and not someone’s photoshop ability.

10. The winner will be announced by the surviving judge as quickly as possible after the contest closes.

The winner will receive a signed copy of “Too Far To Walk” by Forrest Fenn. A signed copy is a nice investment…

Finally…off we go…

Let’s have some fun!!!


Page One of Entries

Page Two of Entries

Page Three of Entries

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Page Six Entries




We will all be judges. You can vote by sending me an email to the address below with your top 3 picks. Make the subject line of your email “vote”.

Just email me the names that appear under the photos of your favorite three hats.

The hat with the most votes gets the prize…

Please do not send me a “vote” email more than once.

Please vote only one time for any single hat

Only the regular 3,817 folks who contribute and comment on the blog can vote. This keeps folks from asking their co-workers or family or neighbors or prison guards to vote for them and tilt the voting in their favor. No ballot box stuffing!!

Voting will close Sunday (June 3, 2018) at Midnight, Santa Fe time.

I will tally the votes and announce the winner…probably Monday afternoon

Send your “Vote” email to:
dal at lummifilm dot com







A New Contest…



Thanks for your understanding.

Please feel free to peruse the entries.

Forrest’s new book is nearly upon us…

We have a new contest to help celebrate the occasion!


If Forrest can do it so can we. Make a stick figure drawing that depicts “Forrest Hiding Indulgence”. Make it simple. Make it black ink on white paper.

Winner gets a signed, first edition copy of Forrest’s newest memoir, Once Upon A While.

One entry per person
Must be submitted via email
Must be on the topic of “Forrest Hiding Indulgence”
Must be black figures on white background
Entries can be drawn digitally and submitted
Drawn manually on paper and scanned or photographed and submitted
Entries must be emailed to:
With the subject line “Contest”
Include your blog name so we can credit it properly for all to see
Entries must be received by dal before the contest closes
Contest closes 11pm (Santa Fe time), Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Entries will be posted on a page linked at the bottom of this page.
Entries will be judged based on originality, imagination and fun factor.
Judges will be selected by the time judges are needed.
Judging will occur as soon as practical after the contest ends.



Please feel free to peruse the entries

Page One Entries

Page Two Entries

Page Three Entries

Page Four Entries

Page Five Entries

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No Contest Contest About ME……


JULY 2016

Treasure hunters are a diverse group and they come from all backgrounds and locations. Fennboree was fun because we got to meet and make new friends. I think everyone would like to know more about those with whom they compete to find the treasure. If you are inclined, please comment and tell us where you live, what you do, what you like, and one of your favorite dislikes. I asked Forrest to start it off and this is his reply:

“My name is Forrest Fire and I live in Santa Fe because it’s the best place in the world in which to do that. I like to walk up the side of a hill and look back down. My favorite dislike is a dry tamale.”

Okay, your turn. Short and sweet can’t be beat…


Crook County Cache….

APRIL 2015


I know many of you are familiar with the legendary Fenn Cache. An impeccably preserved and intact collection of 56 Clovis era points in various stages of completion and made from a wide variety of stone. The cache was first unearthed about 1902. No one knows exactly where. Forrest has written about how he obtained the cache and he published a book written by George Frison and Bruce Bradley focusing on the magnificent tools and the materials used to create them. He also wrote a scrapbook about the cache for this blog. You can read that scrapbook HERE.

But Forrest has been instrumental in preserving more than one Clovis Cache. The Crook County Clovis Cache is a collection of nine tools unearthed in 1963 in northern Wyoming. This cache was discovered by Harold Erickson during oil exploration activity.

Clovis points have a distinct flaking pattern that separates them from the flaked points of other cultures. Many are also found with a distinctive composition known as “red ochre” affixed to them. They are some of the oldest evidence we have of humans in North America. Those who try to piece together the colonization of our continent require access to these earliest human artifacts. Sophisticated techniques for dating and analyzing prehistoric artifacts are still evolving. Re-examination often turns up new evidence of the way early peoples hunted, lived, interacted, and more.

Forrest is lionized by many archaeologists, anthropologists and other students of  prehistoric North Americans for two important aspects of his cache collections.
First, for keeping the artifacts intact. Many collector/profiteers have separated out the various points from other caches  and sold them off individually. But to archaeologists, paleontologists and anthropologists it is extremely valuable to have the entire collection of points intact, to be studied as a whole as well as separately.
Second, for making the cache available for observation and study. Many collections owned by individuals and institutions have been locked away and privileges to study them are more often than not, very difficult to obtain. Forrest, on the other hand, has made his collections accessible. He has even packaged up his collections and shipped them to distant archaeologists so they can examine them in their own labs.

In the years after 1963 Forrest was able to obtain the Crook County Clovis Cache but the exact location of its unearthing faded into obscurity when Harold Erickson died. No one knew, any longer, the precise location of the spot where the nine points had been unearthed by Erickson. Knowing this place and being able to examine it could lead to more knowledge about the prehistoric Clovis peoples.

One of the folks who became interested in this lost location was the respected and renown archeologist Ken Tankersley Although the cache is staggeringly beautiful and an archaeologically important collection to view, it would be even more valuable toward understanding Clovis culture if Ken could examine the spot where it was removed from the earth. But how could that be accomplished? Tankersley had twelve clues that could lead him to the spot. Sound familiar?

He collected data on the likely location for several years. “The more data I collected the more daunting the task seemed.” he said.


In 2002 Tankersley wrote a book about the mystery and adventure of locating the spot where the Crook County Clovis Cache was unburied.  He wanted to tell the story of prehistoric North Americans based on found artifacts and the Crook County Cache was a key element in his story. It is an engaging read of both scientific and creative thinking…both novel and thesis…a wonderful read!!

The book launches with a forward by non-other than Forrest’s good friend and prolific writer, adventurer and documentarian, Doug Preston. Doug does a fascinating job of setting out the  landscape of ruthless archaeological dictators and professional frauds that much of the available literature about Ice Age North Americans was based upon during the first half of the the 20th century. There were scams, there were mistakes, there were misinterpretations and the facts were hard to find. Where there is potentially large profit there are always unscrupulous profiteers who care little about truthful provenance and more about making a big and fast buck.

Tankersley then picks up on Preston’s theme and writes a humdinger of a detective novel about how he, Forrest and two other scientists went about finding the original location of the Crook County Cache. We meet Forrest, Tankersley, C. Vance Hayes, a geoarcheologist and member of the National Academy of Science and Jack Holland who operates the Holland Lithics Laboratory at the Buffalo Museum. We watch and listen as they assemble information and root out the cache’s home and the home of the mysterious “red ochre” affixed to the points. It is a rich book with illustrations and color photos, that give life to the fascinating story of the Crook County Cache to explain clearly how those artifacts fit into the  intimate diorama of prehistoric North Americans.

Here are a couple of comments readers made about Tankersley’s book-

“This is a very entertaining book on one of my favorite subjects, the First Americans. When it comes to books about the First Americans, there are usually two kinds of books; straight research books and archaeological site reports. This book is not like either of these. This book is filled with stories about the players involved in the search and artifacts found of the First Americans. It is easy and entertaining to read. The author holds the readers’ interest by telling the every day stories about a variety of subjects centering around the First Americans. My favorite story was about the fake Clovis Cache that some scoundrels tried to sell to Forest Fenn.”


 “In his book, Tankersley addresses the problem that plaques museum and private collections, i.e., fake artifacts. I found it interesting how difficult it is to detect fakes. It reminded me of a trip through the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness area. At nights around the campfire, the guides would chip rocks to make arrowheads. They would then scatter the newly made arrowheads for unsuspecting guests to find. Of course, the guides would “guide” them to their discovery and in turn would get a bigger tip at the end of the trip.”

If you’d like to win a free, hard cover, first edition copy of this book…
Enter the latest contest HERE. The three top winners will each receive a smear of red ochre, collected by Forrest from the place where the Crook County Cache was hidden and the first place winner will also receive a copy of Ken Tankersley’s book, In Search of Ice Age Americans. You can read more about the prizes and how to enter on the contest page.


Story Contest Winner Announced…

All the votes are in. Goofy and I counted them up twice each and arrived at the same conclusion. The clear winner is Laura. Her winning story is copied below.

Congratulations Laura..!!!

Laura will get Forrest’s handmade necklace and, if she can make it to SF she will get a sip  from Jackie O’s brandy bottle…

Thanks to all who submitted and voted..


The Winning Story
by Laura

My first search was in West Yellowstone !!! We got to the spot that I had study over and over for a year!!! So you as a fellow treasure seeker knew no rock was going to be unturned !!! We searched the area looking for the blaze for some 3 hours !!! I was becoming extremely discourage, I kicked a huge boulder, to my surprise it was of heavy plastic and it was hollow it echoed when I kicked it!!!! OMG!! My heart skipped a beat , I found the treasure!!! When I pushed the dirt away here are about 8 tent steaks holding this huge boulder , my husband at this points wants nothing to do with tampering with anything on federal land. Mind you we are in the middle of a heavy bushed tree forest. No path for this girl, about a good 4 miles from the road. My husband is yelling @ me get away from that, you are going to get in serious trouble. No way was I letting this go, I had to walk back to the car , I couldn’t pull any of the steaks out of the ground , tearing up our trunk I find a tire iron, racing back to the boulder full steam, mind u I’m 50 something with an extra 50 pounds on my butt. This was no easy chore for sure, I was pink in the face, sweating and shaking , I just knew I found it, the steaks where about 24 inches, I pulled and tugged, with my husband yelling in the back round, first steak pops out , I get on the ground it won’t left far enough for me to see under, crap, I work on another, no easy task , second one pops out, I take the tire iron , forcing to see under , now I know why you need a flashlight I can’t see anything , omg! Heart racing. Hands shaking , I knew I had it, who else would put a huge plastic boulder in Yellow Stone but Mr Fenn, the third pops out, back on the ground, I see it a square box inthe middle , fourth pops out , my friends the first light hits under the boulder it is a box silver in color with iron looking snakes coming out of it, it’s an electric box running some of the cameras in the trees of Yellowstone , Yes , Uncle Sam is watching us..

I completely freak out I just tampered with federal equipment . Running back to the car, dirty, sweating, huffing and a puffing, my husband races off . We get about 20 miles down the road, and here comes sirens behind us. I am completely freaking out, crying, and , my husband is

furious with me. The trooper was very nice checked our ID’s and asked, what where you doing of course I said “LOOKING FOR FORREST FENN’S TREASURE” he just chuckled, we figured that what you where doing, we all had a good laugh watching you struggle . We just figured we keep watching and laughing, needless to say I didn’t find IT.



The Prize…



Rare things power necklace

I strung this necklace during a violent thunderstorm, which empowered its supernatural authority. It will be awarded to the special person who wins Dal’s searcher story contest.


I have to do all the work and Dal gets all the fun.

Here is a description of each item on the necklace, starting on one side and going all the way around to the other. You can decide where to start. WARNING: This necklace should be worn with confidence. It contains one unidentified talisman that cannot be seen in this photo. It has singular powers untold.

  •  Tiger eye stone bead. Helps you stare down your enemies.
  •  Ancient hand-drilled agate bead from Turkey. Puts a hex on evil in-laws.
  •  An old malachite bead. Helps bring color to your smile.
  •  A jasper arrowhead from Texas, ca 1200 AD. Insinuates food on your table.
  •  Two branch coral beads. It anneals your boyfriend’s temperament without him knowing.
  •  Three ancient paternoster beads flanking a mystery bead. I don’t know what it is, but whatever it is, it sure is a good one.
  •  An old coin button. Asks for nothing – gives everything.
  •  Venetian millefiori bead, ca 1850. Promotes inner harmony.
  •  22 caliber bullet casing found in the desert.
  •  Early Mexican German silver bead. Helps one see a path to wisdom and wealth.
  •  Ancient amber bead. Promotes romance and adds strength to your argument.
  •  Six rattlesnake vertebras. Keeps your mother-in-law at least 6 feet away.
  •  Ancient, green, 12 sided Dutch bead. Keeps your friends envious.
  •  Barb from a bobwire fence. Keeps those whom you dislike from hugging you.
  •  Mexican double-fluted silver bead. Helps wish away financial problems.
  •  600 year old Afghan carnelian bead. Promotes long life.
  •  Steel watch gear, ca 1920. Helps keep you punctual and makes your enemies late.
  •  Prehistoric hand drilled stone bead, 2,000 BC. Gives you one wish when you really need one. Just ask it three times and close your eyes. (caution – don’t tarry when your chance to use it is nigh)
  •  Glass teeth beads. Helps you keep from laughing when your boyfriend says something stupid.
  •  Milagro. Has power untold. (Google it)
  •  Ancient French glass bead. Helps you read the wine list without embarrassing yourself.
  •  Venetian lasting bead. Keeps its powers secret until you need them the most.
  •  The light blue spacer beads are for all reasons. They provide knowlege about certain mysteries that lurk in the mountains and along the arroyo bottoms. It helps stop people from telling you no. But beware, this fetish treasure has no power when not worn.


And as a really special treat to the contest winner, I’ll throw in a supplemental award. Whoever wins the contest, if they will come to SF, I’ll offer them a sip from Jackie Kennedy’s Korbel brandy bottle, the one she left in our wine cellar when she departed our guest house on June 2, 1984. I consider that to be a  special treat because there are only a few sips remaining. You can read the bottle’s bio in my book TFTW.

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Tell Me a Story…




This is a storytelling contest.  Anyone may enter. Please only one entry per person.


It’s been a long summer weekend. We have met-up to share our common interest in Forrest’s treasure hunt and to meet with those whose screen names have become familiar to us.  We have all been searching hard for the past three days in our secret spots. Although no one has found the treasure yet, we have all made new friends. We have spent the last two nights talking and telling stories around a campfire until midnight.

It’s 9pm now and dinner has been put away. We are gathered around our last campfire together. The evening is cool at 6,500 feet in the mountains north of Santa Fe. Some scoot closer to the glowing coals, others have hot chocolate, sweaters and blankets while the twosomes snuggle for a gentle warmth. Ten of us. Searchers all. It is our last evening together.

Although we all have different ideas about where to look for the chest during the day, at evening we gather to share stories about blazes and meek and Brown. We pass around our souvenirs from the hunt. Someone has an elk antler. An arrowhead found by the river has sharp edges that are translucent when held up to the fire.  An envious find.

The air is still. The smoke from our fire ascends straight up into the pine scented, star filled sky, lit by the waxing gibbous moon. A young, long-eared owl somewhere in the trees across the lake vocalizes hoping to attract a consort. Crickets fill the void from every direction. A lone loon echoes off the flat, clear water. A symphony with owl, cricket and loon.

Story time begins. The fire cracks and pops. Faces are lit by warm fluttering flames. Ten people, ten stories, rich and sweet and funny.

Now it is your turn. You want to entertain us with a story about the funny thing that happened to you on your search for Forrest’s treasure.

Make us laugh…


Funniest thing that happened on my search for Forrest’s treasure chest.

Up to 500 words. Less is fine.
Words only. No pictures or sounds or links.
Contest closes on August 10th, noon, Santa Fe time.

Submit your story as a comment at the bottom of this page.

We will select a winner because all contests have winners. I am hoping that we can all vote for our favorite story. But I am not sure how to do that yet. I will arrange something before the contest closes and post it here.

Forrest has generously offered to provide the prize. Click HERE to see it.

Other rules or ideas may occur. They will be posted as needed. Let the contest begin…