Be Prepared


As spring approaches and we start putting together our gear for a summer season of treasure hunting I have a suggestion for you…
But first, I’d like you to meet Adam and Cressi…


Adam and Cressi are Paramedic/Firefighters from Minnesota who spend their summers working the dry west’s life threatening wildfires. These two are the real deal. They serve in their community and beyond to ensure that others can continue in their accustomed lifestyle.

Those of us who live outside the reach of urban fire and medical support depend on folks like Adam and Cressi when devastating forrest and range fires rage across public lands threatening not just the natural beauty of a billion year old, well loved natural landscape but also human life, wildlife, our homes, our shared natural resources and everyone’s water supplies. Folks like Adam and Cressi stand in the way of an approaching apocalyptic conflagration as a way of life. I appreciate what they do and how well they do it. Their skills and knowledge do not come without training and experience and their  EMT licenses do not come without education, constant testing and practice.


Adam consoling a cub who lost his mom in the North Star Fire in 2015. Don’t try this yourself!!

Last summer, after coming off the North Star Fire in the dry forested lands of the Collville Indian Tribe in northeastern Washington State they stopped in Wyoming to relax for a couple days and see if they could locate Forrest’s chest.

They did not find it. But they got a few great pics and had a good time.

When not confronting fires and administering life saving emergency medical attention, Adam and Cressi run a small business that operates on the web. And this is where the rest of us, those who don’t necessarily come in contact with them as they fight fires and provide medical assistance, can take advantage of their knowledge and experience.

I keep several “emergency kits” around. I have one in my house, another in my cabin and a third in Esmerelda. They contain different things but they share a common reason for existing…to help me out when things go sideways.

Like right now. I am sitting in my cabin typing this story as a windstorm rages outside. 60mph gusts are tormenting the hundred year old trees in the woods where my cabin sets. I’ve already lost electric and therefore internet access, lights, my water pump and waffle maker.  I’m using my laptop and I have the kerosene lamps out for tonight. I have plenty of dry firewood for heat. I can heat water on my wood stove and I have a griddle for pancakes. We heat the main house house with LPG and we have food for a couple weeks in storage. One never knows when you live on an island in the stormy northwest. I learned to “be prepared” in the scouts about a million years ago. I could have a generator and a hundred gallons of gas out here but I’m not a fan of generators. I’d rather make do without the noise and exhaust. Splitting firewood is like meditation. When the lights go out I can stand on my cabin porch and look at the southern sky and see stars and planets that ordinarily are eradicated by civilization’s glare.

In Esmerelda I have some flares and a space blanket and spare batteries for flashlights, waterproof matches and maps…lots of maps.

I also keep a small “survival kit” in my pack when I am out in the wild. To that end I recently got a new kit made up by none other than Adam and Cressi. This is their side business…Rogue Survival Kits….

It’s a wonderful kit, lightweight, slim and crammed with important goodies. Fits in my pack and if I wore cargo pants the waterproof kit would fit easily into a leg pocket. It has everything I might need to get by for several nights…maybe a week or two…in the wild. Forrest has one of their kits too. He told me that he likes it and carries it when he’s out.

This isn’t a kit that you can live off of for a week…it’s a kit that will help you survive for a week and also help you get found. It does not contain vast amounts of food and drink. It’s a kit that will help you make potable water out of what’s available and will help you stay warm, signal rescuers and catch something to eat…survival…staying alive!

It’s what everyone should have when traveling away from civilization and venturing into the wild. When things go as planned, this kind of kit will never be opened. But when things go sideways…when the unexpected and unplanned happen…that’s when you need a survival kit…Adam and Cressi use their experience and skills to make up a selection of personal survival kits that are compact and essential..


My Apocalypse Zombie personal survival kit

Mine is one of their Apocalypse Zombie kits and has fire starter gear, fishing gear, a space blanket, a saw, bandaids, water purification gear, a whistle, a knife…and even a p38 can opener…which has several more functions than simply to open a can…With it I can catch a fish or snare a rabbit and start a fire, even if my matches are soaked, to keep me warm and prepare my dinner. I did not notice a silver bullet or wooden stake so I am not certain the kit would actually get me through a Zombie attack 🙂 ..or Vampires for that matter..

I know for certain that in addition to carrying a survival kit you also have to know how to use the gear inside it. So I practice making fires, purifying water and making snares and fishing lines. It gives me confidence that when things do go sideways I am prepared.


If you, like me,  are headed into the wild this year, do yourself a favor, take along a personal survival kit. You can make one up yourself but it’s probably cheaper and easier to buy one from Cressi and Adam. They make good personal survival kits and I’ll bet their ingenuity and selection will impress you…

You can find them here: