Us Searchers…


July 2014
from effective detective


With experience in several other puzzlehunts/treasure hunts/searches, I can say there are many similarities to this fun chase: and also many similarities among us searchers. In each of these chases, the treasure was eventually found.

Also, invariably, the treasure hunters then hit the online world and make just as much noise about it AFTER as they did BEFORE the find.

One part comedy, one part cynical, on part truth, …but IMO there’s always these archetype people/comments that pop up once the treasure in a puzzlehunt/treasurehunt game is found.  I expect TTOTC may not be much different, so I present to you this ‘IMO’ peek into the future, of “Typical post-treasure-hunt online comments” if you are so interested:

1.  “Oh that’s impossible, no one could’ve ever guessed that in a million years.”

2. “Oh, that was my solve, the only reason the winner figured it out was because of the hint I gave two months/years/hours ago”

3.  “I knew it all along, but just decided to let someone else get it/but that was my solution they used.  So they should do the right thing and give me half. ”

4.  “Call me paranoid, but that’s not the real treasure, the so-called winner found a fake, I mean, obviously, the treasure-hider never would’ve made it so easy.  Therefore, this is some sort of hoax, the real treasure is still out there and I’m the only one who will get it now.”

5.  “That’s the real treasure, but not the real solve.  They did it out of order / the winner must’ve stumbled on it with just dumb luck and obviously used no skills at all like the rest of us did.  They did it wrong.”

6.  “the game was rigged all along, because you may not realize (but of course I do), that the winner was once the ex of the cousin of the roommate of the car mechanic of the treasure-hider, so obviously it was totally an inside job and they don’t deserve the treasure because of how they cheated.”

7.   “This so-called ‘winner’ person pushed me out of the way/said something online to distract me/intentionally led me astray in the woods/etc  to get there first, otherwise it would’ve been me.  I might sue.”

8.  “Oh that? I gave up on that ages ago.  Could care less.  By the way, anyone wanna buy a barely-used, one-month-old metal detector?”

9. “Oh, well; THAT.  Sure, if you are weird / crazy / risker of life / breaker of the law / morally corrupt / some other judgment/ etc  …I guess you COULD somehow solve it like THAT.   But I would Never.  So I didn’t. ”

10. “I had a thing to do/injury/baby diaper to change/power outage/etc at the same time that last hint came out.  And that last hint gave away the ENTIRE THING obviously, even if you all aren’t wise enough to see how.  So I missed out.  If I had been glued to my computer the whole time, I would’ve been the winner, but I’m not, but only because I have a life filled with distractions [and no one else ever does].  I’m going back to my 6 other blogs now.”

11.  “Well, that person has special knowledge because they a. live near the hiding site /b. work nearby /c. grew up around the corner from there /d. spent a weekend more there than I have /e. wrote their thesis on that exact geological formation …so obviously this wasn’t a FAIR win.”

12. “I actually found it first, but decided to leave it – I left a note in the chest saying so, but the winner isn’t mentioning that fact.  So they’re really the second place winner, just so everyone knows.”

Then for every 5 or so of those, you get 1 like this
— “Dang, well, ok.  Wish it was me, but obviously it’s not.   Ok: Well done, and congratulations, true winner! ”

Humanity is a weird, odd tribe   😉