Scrapbook One Hundred Seventy One …


APRIL 2017


My library contains a few hundred books on archaeology because that’s my hobby, and I’ve read or thumbed through all of them more than once. Most are highly researched, well written, too technical, and dull as cold oatmeal. C’mon you guys, it’s not like tornados are stopped in mid-air by archaeology, or famines prevented, or even terrible diseases cured for crimanny sake. Loosen up some.

In 2004, when I wrote a book about my excavations at San Lazaro Pueblo I tried to change the archaeological norm by adding some levity. The book is quoted in technical journals, but credit is not given. They don’t like land owners excavating ruins on their own land so they ignore me. That’s okay because I’m having more fun than they are.


Many archaeologists are really good guys, like David Hurst Thomas, who is Curator of Anthropology at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. He is loose, and he’s analyzing the San Lazaro church bell fragments for me.

The secret is to not get too excited about the little things. f