Diane Sawyer et al

December 26th 2014

IMG_1225sWell, there’s Diane with John Ehrlichman of Watergate fame. She interviewed him in the library at our gallery not long after he was released from prison. John didn’t trust her so he refused to answer any question unless it was asked while the camera was trained on both of them. He was afraid Diane would later change a question to his answer and make him look bad. No one ever looked at John the way he wanted to be seen. What did I just say???

John and I met with the Chinese Minister of Culture in Beijing, hoping to broker the many antiques that were superfluous to their great collections. John was allowed to attend the business meetings, but not the several dinners that were held for “us.” Our hosts always served 8 course meals, Every course was duck, and each was prepared differently. I couldn’t eat any of it, but I faked it as best I could.

The Chinese government liked our business proposal, but time was not on our side. They have a saying, “The tree grows slowly but the earth is patient.” f