Digging Gypsy’s Overcooked Imagination…

by Diggin Gypsy



Many times I have thrown on my old worn boots and trudged across the states from Georgia to Montana. Unfortunately scenery was getting a little worn as well. This particular trip I started with a spring in my step.  It began when I left the wildfires of California heading off to face the familiar muddy prints the Grizz left for me in Montana.  Just so you know, I have stared at that muted tan book for 4 years studying all the hidden hints tucked away like the toy in the cracker jacks box.

WE HAVE A GOOD MAP! Remember, hidden treasures have treasure maps and that ole coot (ff) made sure his treasure does too! All the remaining Goonies out there picked up on this real quick as well.

Up in the Appalachians all we had was our imagination and if you didn’t have that and your car broke down, well you walked out of those woods. Being one of eight kids and knowing how to use our IMAGiNATION, it was better than having any toy from the Sears Catalog.


This trip  was with my sister Melani, she is number 7 in the line up at home and I am number 6. I bring her because she is lucky 7, she finds everything out there BUT the treasure. She says she brings me to pick up sticks ( i still don’t understand what she means by that).

On the Flight into Bozeman,  A nun had sat down next to Melani on the plane, I bet she felt lucky but she claims I jinxed her because I was always talking about Virgin Mary in my solve.


Flying in on another plane I was graced by a group of Asians wearing surgical mask, kinda stirred my nerves a bit and all the sudden I  wasn’t  feeling so lucky myself.


Our first few nights we stayed at the 320 Ranch then moved on to the Rainbow Lodge. We really liked  the 320 Ranch due to its history and also playing a part in a solve.
The Wilson’s sold it to Luke Brown., he had three other partners for the purchase. They named the ranch “320 Ranch” for the amount of acres it encompassed. His partners could not come up with there part of the money. So Luke Brown sold his portion to Dr. Mcgill. Meanwhile Mrs. Wilson worked at the Post Office in the little community of Eldridge while there was logging going on at Taylor Fork. When Dr. Caroline Mcgill bought the 320 Ranch, that little community of Eldridge started dying out due to the decline in logging. Dr. Mcgill felt sorry for Mrs.Wilson for not having her Post Office open anymore so she moved the post office from that dying community of Eldridge to the 320 Ranch where Mrs Wilson continued to run it until she died.


Rainbow Ranch on the Gallatin River

Rainbow Ranch on the Gallatin River

After settling in we began going over our ideas and how they match the rest of the clues,  we again find ourselves at pulpit rock. It went with everything (in our minds). Thinking that ole coot (ff) referring to his hat as a crown, Peggy being compared to a saint, he once referred to himself as a king, then him standing  on a stool in his kitchen singing out loud as if he were on a stage. The picture were Peggy was standing in front of a pillar candle stick , this made me feel she was his pillar, his strength through all the bad times. This was a great solve we thought too because he said his church was in the mountains. I could go on and on but no need, everything fit.

Pulpit Rock

Pulpit Rock

She searched high and i searched low...It was a perfect spot!

She searched high and i searched low…It was a perfect spot!

Needless to say it wasn't there . For the record, on our way out there we did see the most amazing BLAZE.

Needless to say it wasn’t there . For the record, on our way out there we did see the most amazing BLAZE.

A remarkable woman simply keeping watch over the Gallatin River. All i could think of is how many rock formations were awarded names and wondered why she was forgotten?  She was beautiful! Wearing a rather large hat and keeping her nose poised just right. She requests your respect, please keep your distance, while she keeps in tight focus on what lays across the way. I would imagine all the things she came to see down through the many years perched there elegantly, owning that little mountain.

I named her Diggin Gypsy. She certainly was a treasure.


The blazes we found in our searches became  quite comical at times. See this dinosaur egg ? That was truly something to gawk at, looked like it tried to hatch.


We moseyed on over to cabin creek although we had looked there before.
Boldly walking back in there, this time not knowing that just the day before a man got attacked by a grizzly up in those woods. Melani said that there was bear scat around and I tried to make her think it was horses , although she knew better because there were no horse trailers or people around.

Cabin Creek

Cabin Creek

We don’t need no stinking guns! Or bear spray for that matter! We did have good music though, very important. Forrest wrote us an email a day late telling us to be safe there were reports of bears. Well glad I had lucky 7 with me because we never saw that grizz.

image6 Well its now time for me and my sisters to lay down our diggers for winter  and prepare for  the adventures that lay ahead of us .

image7-2 Until next year 🙂
Happy trails y’all !!


Digging Gypsy-