Film – Fenn’s Searchers

My name is Matt Maisano, and I’m a documentarian from North Carolina.  The film I’m working on is called Fenn’s Searchers. The film will be about the treasure hunt in general, as well as the stories of several searchers involved in this great adventure story.

This is a film made primarily by one person.  My wife was my only crew, and she has no background in film, but made a great helper :).  Like a lot of people on here, I’ve been a fan of the chase since it was featured on the today show a few years ago.  These last few years it’s been my dream film to make, and I always thought it was out of reach to do.  Financially, logistically, etc.  How could I rent the gear, fly across the country, get a rental car, lodging, etc?  I then got inspired by what I was reading about Forrest and the stories of the searchers, many with the same challenges I faced as a filmmaker.  At that point something clicked in my head, and I decided it was time to stop talking about it, and just take the risk and do it.

Well here we are about 7 months since this project officially began.   It has been a great experience so far, something I’ll never forget.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a part of the country I’ve never been to, New Mexico and Colorado, as well as meeting a bunch of new, interesting, and just plain good people.  I want to specifically mention four searchers that I spent the most time with and were the most instrumental in the film being made at all.  They’ve been particularly great to both film with, and get to know beyond the film.  Those are Sacha J., James G., David Rice, and Cynthia Meachum.  There are several other searchers I enjoyed meeting as well.

Thanks for your time, and for letting me be a part of this community.Here is a link to the trailer for the film, both on Facebook and Vimeo.  Please check back on our Facebook page, as I will be posting updates and more info soon.


Documentary Film Request….

October 2014


leachTomas Leach is a maker of documentary films, commercials and other things photographic who has garnered serious accolades for his very engaging visual portraits of people. He specializes in “street photography”. His work is personal and captivating. He is interested in creating a documentary about searchers who have traveled a long way to get to the search area.

If you have searched and traveled a long way to get there, please drop me an email and I will pass your email on to Rose who is working with Tomas and conducting the research that will hopefully lead to a documentary.

Below are a couple of on-line articles about Tomas and his delicious documentary about a New York street photographer, In No Great Hurry : 13 Lessons in Life with Saul Leiter: