Lost Treasure…

SUBMITTED february 2015
Don Johnson


My Lost Treasure

I have been a follower of Mr. Fenn’s hidden treasure and Dal’s blog for many years. I haven’t posted in a while. Like all of you I know where his treasure is located. Until I get there I thought I might pass on my own story of a lost treasure.

In 1967 when Mr. Fenn was in the air force flying jets over Laos and Vietnam, I was plowing through mud and jungle with the 25Th Division 4/9 Infantry Division. I was there for 18 months as a dumb kid looking for adventure. (I volunteered). On one day after a daylong march we finally got to our stopping point. It was out in the boondocks ten miles from the nearest small village. We made our defensive perimeter and I started to dig my foxhole for the night. It was slow digging because the ground was hard. I was down about four feet and my shovel hit something metallic. I immediately stopped digging because nothing that deep could be there except an unexploded bomb. I looked at what my shovel hit and I could see one small corner of the object sticking out. I figured it might not be a bomb. My curiosity got the best of me and I slowly by hand began removing the dirt around the object. I told you I was a stupid kid. After about a half hour I was able to pull the object from the dirt. It was all black, flat, metallic, about two inches thick, two feet long and the width about 14 inches. It weighed I am guessing about 45-50 pounds. There was absolutely no rust or other signs of oxidation except for being black. It was in perfect condition. On one side there were three indentations that looked like you could put flat spear heads.

At 20 years old I was in excellent shape and very strong. I decided to carry the metal object with me until helicopters took us back to base camp. I was now carrying that object along with my other 50 pounds of military gear. After about 10 miles and several hours of touting that weight I gave up. I dropped the mysterious object next to a tree about 400 meters from a small village. Before I left it I scraped the back with my knife. It was silver colored under the black. I made several scrapes on the metal and they all showed silver color. I put an “x” on a map where I dropped it. I can’t find my map now. Since I can’t find a simple map maybe my chance of finding Mr. Fenn’s treasure is not good.

I have looked up the history of metal casting and none of the metals used many years ago fit the description of this item. Silver itself is a relatively soft metal and not used for casting. Possibly it was not used for casting and was only a design. It remains a mystery to me to this day.

Don Johnson