The Squirt…

October 1, 2020
by Dal

dude motel postcard

The Dude Motel postcard circa 1962


Matt, owner of the YouTube channel “Smell the  Sunshine”, was in communication with Forrest on August 25th as Matt and Cynthia prepared for the Finale Get-Together to be held in and around Yellowstone on Labor Day Weekend. Forrest gave Matt the below letter for everyone at the gathering and Matt read the letter aloud at the get-together.

In the letter, Forrest is speaking about the road in front of The Dude Motel in West Yellowstone which he, his brother Skippy and his friend Donnie Joe built in the early 1960’s. The Dude is still around today with it’s iconic sign, but Boundary Street is now paved…



You guys are lucky because the streets in West Yellowstone are paved now. Boundary Street used to be a dirt road and every time a car passed by the Dude,  dust would swirl all around and make me mad. 

One hot day I’d had enough so I hooked our garden hose up to the faucet and started squirting water on the road to calm the dust, beginning at the corner by our big sign.

The problem was that our well didn’t provide much pressure so before I could wet down very much of the road, it was already dry back there by the big Dude sign. 

Elert Kosky saw what I was doing so he started speeding by, back and forth, causing giant swirls. I tried to squirt his car as he sped by but that didn’t work very well. That’s when I stopped liking Elert Kosky. Besides, he was Skippy’s friend, not mine. Fortunately, Skippy’s car was parked nearby so I went over and squirted it really good. That’s how I got back at Elert Kosky. I felt smug because he just didn’t fully know who he was dealing with.

Sometimes I just feel diabolical. 

Squirting water in front of The Dude

The Findlay kids fulfill Forrest’s wish.




 I am sorry I can’t be talking with you in person today. You can blame my age if you want to but you can’t blame my heart. And since I can’t be there I hope someone will take a squirt bottle and wet down the pavement in front of the Dude sign. If someone does that, I’m sure I will know.” f