Scrapbook Eighty…


JULY 2014


Hi Mr. Fenn. As I’m broke and half a continent away from my search location I got creative in searching my location: Craiglist! I went into the “Bozeman, MT” jobs section, under the category of “Etc.” and said that I was looking for a Treasure Hunter. Told them I would split the treasure with them if they found it and offered gas money for their trip. Not expecting much, if any, of a response, I was surprised twenty-four hours later when I had over a dozen different people offering to partner up with me. Turns out everyone wants to search for treasure, they just need an excuse, or someone who claims they know where it is anyway. Ha ha. Following my detailed directions my Craiglist partner went out to the Lamar Valley where he was quickly semi-circled by bison whom he escaped by crossing the Lamar River–part of the directions, though instead of wading across as I told him, he had to swim the last 15 yards. Oops. Shows you how little you can plan for.



Luckily everything worked out and he had a great adventure, sending me back lots of photos–he even waived the gas fee. The only thing that would have made it any better would be if the had found the treasure. Oh well. Gonna go through my list of applicants and find someone to check out my other solve… Have a good Fourth weekend.