Planning For Fennboree 2018…

As of December 2017 Fennboree 2018 is cancelled. Both Cynthia and Desertphile have determined that their schedules will not allow them to spend the immense amount of time that planning, pruning and care taking Fennboree 2018 will take.

I have closed this page to new comments. But if you read Desertphile’s comment at the bottom of this page you will see his very legitimate reason for stepping away.

Wisconsin Mike’s Survey


By Wisconsin Mike

First off, let me begin by thanking everyone involved with Fennboree for making this a memorable event. It was a true joy and lifetime event for me and my daughter, who was absolutely thrilled to meet and speak with Forrest.

Forrest and Christine

Nuclear Accelerator

Although we searchers participate in Blogs – Dal’s or Jenny’s or others, to share and gather useful information, human nature to socialize oft leaks in and we find the discussion trailing off the path to enlightenment, so to speak. It occurred to me that this event presented a unique opportunity for us searchers to coordinate our information and further the pursuit of Indulgence by means of a tightly focused survey. Forrest has said “I cannot imagine anyone finding the treasure without first identifying the starting point…” To wit, my focus; What are the first two clues in the poem? What follows are the results of that survey. I do hope it will help searchers and represents my ‘giving back to the community’.

Tangential Conversations - Particle Collision

The participants in Fennboree represent the greatest concentration of
dedicated searchers available.

Fennboree presents a unique opportunity to gather statistically
significant, qualified data on deciphering the poem and locating Fenn’s Treasure –“Indulgence”.

Forrest sitting on wall Fennboree III

Twenty-Six “Fenn-atics” were interviewed:

BoomerGirl Sacha Timberwolf the First
MS Elaine WiseOne Amy Bill
ccJulie The Chase  (documentary Team from TN)
Slurs JDiggins Desertphile IronWill
Dal Wildcat DaiseyMae GoldenRetrievers
Cynthia Robert Steve MarvinCandle
Renee Julie SmartBlonde FrankA

Of the twenty-six, ALL agreed with the following facts:

  1. There are nine clues in the poem and lead to Fenn’s Treasure
  2. The clues are in consecutive order, to be followed precisely.
  3. The first two clues, consecutively, have been solved.

Each was then asked the question:
Where do you believe are the first two clues in the Poem?
Here are the results:

Survey Graph

—————————————–Clue #1———–Clue #2

As I have gone alone in there——- 54%-

And with my treasures bold,

I can keep my secret where,

And hint of riches new and old.——-3% —————-3%

{Entire first stanza} ——-=————-12%

Begin it where warm waters halt——31%—————55%

And take it in the canyon down,—————————-12%

Not far, but too far to walk.————————————3%

Put in below the home of Brown.—————————-27%

Note that it IS significant that ALL participants responded that the first
two clues were located within the first two stanzas.

Take Away: Dedicated Searchers believe…
1.  Strongly that “As I have gone alone in there” is clue #1.
2. Strongly that “Begin it where warm waters halt” is either clue #1 or clue #2.
3. A significant portion of respondents believe “Put in below the home of Brown” is also a clue. (#3?)

Using the results of the survey may help you to be “in tight focus”.

~ Wisconsin Mike

Essence of Fennboree Photo Contest


This is a photo contest that everyone who attended Fennboree can participate in.  All you have to do is submit a picture that captures the essence of Fennboree. It might be a photo of Tim Nobody wearing his floating hat, or of Desertphile dancing on the hilltop, Sacha orchestrating the World Famous Forrest Fenn Trivia Contest, Ming showing off her booties or Cynthia sipping a mimosa by the golden light of the evening campfire. It might be a moody morning mist over a field of tidy porta-pottys or a foodscape of the greatest pies ever made.

Whatever moment it was, I hope you snapped it and will enter it in this contest because that’s what it’s all about. It can be a photo from your phone or the 8×10 digital back on your Sinar camera.

Submit your photo. Give it a short caption and a by-line and our razor sharp team of judges will choose three winners..

We’ll post them up for everyone to appreciate as they come in. So the Entry Page will be updated daily.



  1. One submission per person. You can only submit one photo so pick your best one.
  2. You had to attend Fennboree2016 and take the photo while there. No fair submitting a photo you didn’t take on June 3rd, 4th or 5th 2016.
  3. The photo you enter should be at least 1000 pixels wide so that it’s big enough for us to appreciate in all its glorious detail.
  4. No digital trickery please. You can crop your photo if you’d like, but other than that please don’t tamper with it. Other than cropping it should be the way your camera recorded it. This contest is about capturing the essence of the event and is not about anyone’s photoshopping abilities.
  5. If a photo is not suitable for all eyes or appears to be an invasion of someone’s privacy it will not be posted or entered.



  1. Send your photo as an attachment in an email to dalatlummifilmdotcom as a .jpg file
  2. Subject line of your email should be Photo Contest Entry
  3. Make sure you include a 10 word or less caption for your photo and a by-line. (for instance: “Forrest Eating Pie” by Tesuque. This caption has three words. The by-line is not counted as part of the caption.)
  4. Make sure your entry is sent by the contest closing date/time



The last date to submit your photo entry will be June 26th, 2016. After midnight (Santa Fe time) on June 26th we will no longer accept entries.



There are three prizes. A prize will be awarded to each of the top three winners as determined by the judges. The prizes are three large, wall mount type maps of the search area. One is from the Too Far To Walk book and two are the Fennboree III Maps that came out this year. Each map has been signed by Forrest and each map has an original doodle created by Forrest. Each doodle is different and depicts a scene of searchers discovering Indulgence. These are unique maps and will make wonderful collectables. The maps without the doodles sold for $100ea…what are they worth with the doodles???





There are three judges; ThomasD, Pest and Goofy.

Judging will take place over the 24hrs following the close of the contest.

Judges will be looking for the top three photos that best represent the Essence of Fennboree. Two of the judges attended Fennboree 2016 and one judge did not. They each bring their own unique perspective as to what determines the Essence of Fennboree. Their decision will be final and no bribe could possibly be large enough to sway their decision. However you are welcome to try.

Remember, this contest is about the photo but a great caption will certainly help.



Dal will post entries as soon as possible after receiving them. They will be made available for all to see on this blog


Please direct any questions about the contest to me and good luck!!!!!



Photo Entries Page One

Photo Entries Page Two

Photo Entries Page Three


Fennboree 2016 Photos


Tom took a train load of photos and posted them up for us.

Thursday Evening is HERE

Friday Evening is HERE

Saturday is HERE

Sunday Breakfast is HERE


Old Drum also kindly posted his photos HERE


Fennboree 2016 Wrap-up

Fennboree 2016 was a giant success by any measure. Kudo’s to it’s tireless organizers, Cynthia and Sacha as well as Tom and Coreda for coming all the way from Pennsylvania to help get things set-up and tirelessly cleaning up when things were done. Tom and Iron Will for their great grilling and cooking efforts….

Entering the Saturday Fennboree area

Entering the Friday Fennboree Area

We had one area for Friday’s activities and a separate, larger area for Saturday’s activities. Folks attending came from as far away as Tasmania and as close as Santa Fe.

I wish it could have lasted longer but if that were the case we would have had to give Cynthia a one way ticket to the loony bin. Her efforts, both before the event and during, were relentless and greatly appreciated.


Friday night campfire

We figure there were about 80 folks there for the Friday night campfire and about 200 for the Saturday afternoon trivia game, schmoozing and evening campfire.

Friday event at Hyde Park

Friday event at Hyde Park

Forrest showed up at the Friday evening campfire and again on Saturday afternoon. He said the crowd was terrific and he told me afterword that he had a great time.


Forrest and Boomer Girl


Forrest greeting a couple of the kids who were in attendance

When Forrest arrived on Friday evening the crowd broke out in spontaneous applause and Forrest graciously removed his hat and waved it in the air in acknowledgement. As far as I know he didn’t hand out any clues but he greeted and talked with folks individually and in groups for hours. ( I did notice that Strawshadow took off early after chatting with Forrest and did not return on Saturday…did he learn something new??? )


Karen and Missouri Jim

There were a handful of children and plenty of us old geezers in attendance soaking up the New Mexico pine and oak landscape at about 9,000 feet. The altitude affected a couple folks and unfortunately spoiled their weekend but the grand majority operated fine in the mountains north of Santa Fe.

On Saturday Sacha had a Trivia game for the adults and a treasure hunt for the kids…


There were a few brand new faces like Don from Colorado and many regulars including WiseOne, Old Drum, Tim Nobody, Spallies, Strawshadow, Frank, Keri, Julie and Brandon, JDiggins, Timberwolf, Golden Retrievers, DaisyMae, SarahTulsa, Cynthia, Sacha, Bill, Canyon Down, Sandra, Carolyn, Hunch, Slurbs, Karen, Jeff, Wisconsin Mike and Christine, Amy, Renee, Katya, Melanie, Boomer Girl, Iron Will, Brooke, Seattle Sullivan, Ellen, Ming, William, Jeremy, Michael, Desertphile and many, many more. ( listing names is always dangerous because I have a horrible memory and I end up hurting people’s feelings whose names I left out )

Folks broke into small groups and couples to chat about all things Fenn as well as conversations about the best way to make smores; good hiking shoes, where to get the best maps and “family” stops while out searching.



The great Iron Will and Spallies  cook-off was a tummy filling success for me personally. I sampled plenty of Spallies Pineapple pies and more than my fair share of Iron Will’s Apple Butter pies. Who cares if there was a winner. It’s sort of like choosing which superhero is best. The important thing is that both pies were scrurmpdeleicious and if you didn’t get a chance to try both I feel very sorry for you.

Tom took 1,700 pictures while there and when he gets home he will edit that number down some and post the final selection for us. So plenty more photos are coming and I hope some personal accounts in the comments below….

Don’t forget the Essence of Fennboree Photo Contest. It is open now. You can find out more about it HERE. I have the prizes and as soon as I get home I will post them as well as a closing date for the contest.

Those who missed the Fennboree this year…Remember Fennboree 2017 is not that far away..

A good time was had by all…!!!!!!!



Here are links to Tom’s photos-

The first is setting up and the small campfire at the site occupied by Coreda, Ming and I.
The second is the Friday night campfire.
The third is the Pot Luck Lunch on Saturday.
And the last one is the Pancake Breakfast on Sunday.


Announcing: Essence of Fennboree Photo Contest

Break out your instamatics, polaroids, holgas and flip cameras. Load up your tri-x, fujicolor and agfachrome. Grab your flashbulbs and light meters and bring everything else you’ll need to capture the essence of Fennboree with your favorite camera.

This is a photo contest that everyone who attends Fennboree can participate in.  All you have to do is take a picture that captures the essence of Fennboree. It might be a photo of Forrest wearing a raccoon hat and cleaning up at marbles, or of Desertphile riding in on his favorite pony, “Old Scout” or Sacha wearing all her Fennboree gear at once or Cynthia sipping Mai Tais by the golden light of the evening campfire. It might be a moody morning mist over a field of tidy turquoise tents or a foodscape of the greatest smore ever made. Maybe it will be a selfie of Goofy arm wrestling a bear for the last bowl of lime jello.

Whatever moment it is, grab a photo of that precise point in time and enter it in this contest because that’s what it’s all about. It can be a photo from your phone or the 8×10 digital back on your Sinar camera.

Submit your photo in the week after Fennboree. Give it a short caption and our razor sharp team of judges will choose three winners..

We’ll post them up for everyone to appreciate..

More content for this contest will be added, including:
Photo Categories
How to Enter


For more about Fennboree 2016 go to the top of this page, the row directly under the header photo and look for “Fennboree 2016”

No Child Left Inside

The press release below came today from the office of the Governor of Washington State. It looks like he picked up on Forrest’s belief that it’s a good idea to get kids outside…

Maybe he should consider taking some of that grant money and hiding a couple thousand in each State Park and publishing poems with hints to where it’s hidden  🙂




April 22, 2016

Contact:  Governor Inslee’s Communications Office

ADVISORY: Inslee to announce statewide No Child Left Inside Grants


Gov. Jay Inslee on Monday will announce nearly $1 million in new grants that will help young people get outside and connect with nature and their communities. Inslee will be joined for the announcement by children and educators.

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission will award the grants for programs in 15 counties. This is the first-of-its kind grant program in Washington. No Child Left Inside is the result of legislation passed last year and the grant funding was a recommendation of the governor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Parks and Outdoor Recreation and the Governor’s Council for the Healthiest Next Generation.

The grants will help more children gain exposure to outdoor activities and supports the governor’s Healthiest Next Generation efforts to help kids be more active.

Monday’s announcement will be held in partnership with Wild Whatcom, an organization that connects kids to nature in lasting and meaningful ways.

When:  Monday, April 25 at 4:10 PM

Where: Northern Heights Elementary School (4000 Magrath Road, Bellingham)

*NOTE: TV and photographers – visuals will include footage of the governor engaging with students outdoors where the school property includes woodlands.

What the Brits Think


“A few seconds ago I tore my trousers trying to climb what could only generously be described as a fairly medium-sized boulder. Shortly before that I’d watched with pathetic abandon as my sunglasses were swept over the edge of a waterfall. I’m now looking at my feet, where a couple of inches from my hiking boots lies what used to be a snake. I can tell that’s what it was because its head is still attached to what might otherwise be mistaken for a rogue spinal cord. I’m beginning to question whether I’m entirely cut out for adventure. Just a week earlier, I was in an office writing about enterprise IT. Now I’m almost 5,000 miles away wondering what kind of animal could strip the flesh from a snake.”

This is the introduction to John Kerrison’s lively story about looking for Forrest’s chest and little green men while on a trip to the USA a few months back.

According to his bio, “John Kerrison is a writer based in Cornwall England. His words have appeared in a range of publications including The Guardian, Sabotage Times, and The Fly — and will continue to do so until he finally finds that treasure.”

Mr. Kerrison is witty and provocative and entirely correct in his assessment of the chase. If you don’t believe I could possibly be correct this time either, then I suggest you read his articles for yourself..

They are linked below, unless aliens have removed them-

Open Road
Adventure Seekers


A New Map…

Please Note that these maps have sold out and are no longer available.


Cynthia and I have been working on a secret project for Fennboree III, and we can finally tell everyone what we have been up to.

I am happy to announce a special new treasure map is now available, made just in time for Fennboree.  This map is similar to the one in Too Far To Walk, but has had some significant changes made to it.


Forrest, in collaboration with Benchmark Maps (, has redesigned his treasure map, and we are releasing a limited edition of 30″x24” poster of the new map, signed and numbered by FF himself.

These maps were printed in Albuquerque, by a great lady named Tami, at A Good Sign (  We talked to several local companies, and while they each told us they couldn’t print something this nice and big, they all told me that Tami could.  If you need something large printed in Albuquerque, she is the lady to see.

Tami has a print shop, on the corner of 2nd and Lead, in downtown Albuquerque, which happens to be located just across the street from a castle (which you might notice is in the picture behind Tami).  I didn’t even know there was a castle in Albuquerque, but it was explained to me that it used to belong to the local jewelry maven, Gertrude Zackary.  It was only built about 10 years ago (which explains why I didn’t know about it). Sadly, Gertrude passed away shortly after the castle was built, and it was never really lived in that long.  Her children now own the property, and they rent it to movie studios for filming.  I hope to someday get an up close view of the gargoyles guarding the rooftops of that place.


Tami is printing the first batch of these as we speak, and will have the first batch ready by Monday.  We hope to have them signed by Forrest within a few days, and the first ones will ship out by the end of next week.  The map on the table in front of her was the test one she printed for me, and looks way better than the picture on the website.

You can order yours now, only at:

The cost is $100 each..
They are stunning.

This map will only be available in poster form, at least until later this year, so if you are waiting for the mouse pad version, you might have quite a long wait.  Also, don’t forget they are a Limited Edition, so once they are gone – they are gone.

Cynthia’s Fennboree Report…

SUBMITTED may 2015


Fennboree 2015

01 panaramic sky (800x275) This was my first Fennboree…many great discussions took place, old friendships were renewed, new ones were made, new Fenners were found, and each day ended with folks sitting around the campfire, still talking about Forrest’s poem and our various solutions…

I was going to write a lot of verbiage about the event, but I believe the pictures tell the story…

The Camp
My group consisted of myself, my partner Michelle, our best friend of 30 years Thomas D. from Pennsylvania,  and Frank Abel from Phoenix. We arrived Thursday to secure a group site, which ultimately held our pop-up camper, and three tents, plus the kitchen / dining room, and group fire pit.

02 group site (800x533)

03 group site 2 (800x533)

04 group site 3 (800x533)

Here the documentarians from North Carolina  Matt and Deborah are trying to pitch their tent before it rains.

05 kitchen (800x530)

Michelle and Thomas D. preparing one of their delicious meals in the kitchen…

The People

06 michael sandy tim matt (800x533)

Michael who is fairly new to the chase, Sandy and Tim Dunbar, and documentary-maker Matt.

07 slurbs and frank (800x533)

Reuben (Slurbs on the blog) and Frank Abel

08 slurbs frank cindy (800x533)

Frank Abel, Slurbs, and Cynthia… Those are remote control battery powered candles in the center of the table… Frank liked having mood-lighting with his bottles of wine.

09 david tom frank (800x533)

David (Desertphile), Thomas D., and Frank Abel conversing after breakfast

10 frank abel (800x533)

Frank feeling happy despite all the rain and his bad back due to sleeping on a tiny inflated “mattress” in the back of his jeep… Frank’s secret to life and happiness… a lot of wine! All in fun, Frank, you were a joy to spend a few days with.

11 group discussion (800x533)

Desertphile at picnic table, Tim Nobody, Thomas D., new Fenner Michael, and the back of Bajaau.12 fenn shrine (800x533)David eventually made it to the camp Saturday after struggling with his muddy ranch road …he set up his Shrine for Forrest .

13 david interview at shrine (800x533)

Documentary-makers Matt and Deborah interviewing David…

14 hollywood with david (800x533)

Another group arrived from Hollywood to interview a few searchers, too. We dubbed these three young film-makers “The Hollywood Kids”… (from left to right: Clay, Carin, and Toby)

15 happy hour (800x533)

After their work was done, I called for a “Happy Hour”, and served frozen margaritas to those who were thirsty for a frozen beverage despite the rain… I think I may have truly impressed the youngsters a bit when I pulled out my generator and blender… (Toby, Clay, me Cynthia)

There were a few other Fenners who popped in and out of the group site who I don’t have photos of: Floyd and Floyd (I think his son) and Betsy the mother of Ty who was helping the Hollywood group.

16 rainbow all (800x533)

It rained every day, and one of those storms produced this beautiful rainbow.

The Scenery
This year’s event was held at the Rio Chama Campground in the beautiful Rio Chama Canyon…12 miles back a narrow, winding dirt road (where Forrest created the line “From there it’s no place for the meek”). Pulling a camper on this road during a holiday weekend in the rain going home was something I hope to never experience again. But, thank goodness, all of us made it out of the canyon in one piece…

17 scenery 1 (800x533)

19 scenery 3 (800x533)

18 scenery 2 (800x533)

20 scenery 4 (800x533)

Christ in the Desert Monastery
21 monastery (800x533)22 monastery interior (800x533) The Dog

Molly our Weimaraner participated in some of the discussions…she believes the treasure chest is buried and often digs to find it when she searches with me. (Her older sister Emma who you may have met in other search stories of mine unfortunately passed away last month…we miss her enormously.)

23 molly in chair (2) (800x530)

24 molly resting (800x533)

What a great bunch of folks gathered together for this year’s Fennboree…

I have to give a special thanks to Tim Dunbar who walked over to our site Sunday morning in the rain to deliver us a plate of hot, homemade cinnamon buns that he had baked in his camp oven…wow, really delicious!

A special thanks to Slurbs who returned to our site Sunday morning in the rain with his wife Andrea and son Stephen in tow, and a box of fresh Dunkin Donuts. Just because I’d eaten those cinnamon buns doesn’t mean I passed on the donuts…the chocolate iced Boston cream filled was awesome!

And a special thanks to newish-Fenner Michael who walked all the way over to our campsite from his site by the river to help us take down our camper, tent, canopy, etc  in the rain…you are a true team-player and exemplify my idea of a Marine. I’m happy to call you a friend, as well as fellow Fenner,  Fennaholic, Chaser…

To all you wonderful people, good luck with your searches…be safe.

My party and I had a fantastic time and are looking forward to next year’s Fennboree…


PS.  I’d like to apologize here to anyone especially Slurbs (Reuben) if I misspelled your name.

Oh, one last photo of two of the most intrepid, tenacious, and relentless searchers in New Mexico…all you other searchers who believe Fenn’s treasure chest is hidden in New Mexico, you better get on it asap…David and I put our minds together and analyzed and dissected and pondered and cogitated Fenn’s poem… and still disagree where it’s hidden! LOL…

25 david and cindy (800x533)

The End…