Scrapbook One Hundred…



Glory is where you find it

I’m so proud of this football. It’s a genuine Rawlings Pro 5 lace-up.


For two years I was the star 98 pound quarterback for the Central Junior High School Kittens. With this very football I finally made a touchdown. It was a one-yard dash through the middle of the line.

Illustration by the author

Illustration by the author

We were playing the Troy Warriors and my good friend, Edard, who was the center for our team, moved the opposing guard to the right just enough for me to plunge through. It was a daring feat of mental and physical dexterity. I’m sure the crowd was roaring and the Temple Daily Telegram probably would have reported it in headlines if someone had told them about the achievement. I don’t remember who won the game but I got to keep the ball and that’s glory enough for me.

While trying to avoid those who distract me from my self-esteem I am quick to remember those incidents in my past that define me.