Scrapbook Forty Eight…



October 2013

This is not a scrapbook item posted by Forrest…

This is a scrapbook item about Forrest’s Book signing on October 22nd at Collected Works Bookstore in Santa Fe…


Gold-less Rich sent along this photo from the October 22nd book signing…
and added this.

Forrest gave some new ” clues”. (not exact quotes)
1. The treasure is below 20,000 feet ( and he laughed, of course.)
2. Forrest said, I took out Utah and Idaho because I said that the treasure is in the Rocky Mountains and those states have only a little bit of those mountains.
3. You will not find my treasure on a picnic, it took me 15 years to write my book and I revised my poem many times. (He mentioned 10,000 years, hundreds of years,, etc.)
4. My treasure is not on top of a mountain, remember, it can’t be hidden anywhere a 79 or 80 year old can’t hide it.


Thanks Rich…

Below are some pics from Toby Younis:


The author, Doug Preston on the left, then Forrest and I assume that must be author and retired sheriff, Michael McGarrity on the right, holding the microphone…





That’s Shiloh is the background wearing the checkered shirt. Shiloh is Forrest’s grandson and also the shipper of Too Far To Walk books ordered from this blog. Also in the background wearing the red jacket and glasses is Irene Rawlings…author, radio personality and long-time friend of Forrest’s. So who is Forrest flirting with?



That’s Stephanie just right of center in the red jacket, having a talk with her camera.

Thanks Toby…

Anybody know other folks in these photos?

The pics below are from Frank Abel:

Collected Works Bookstore near the Plaza in Santa Fe.

Collected Works Bookstore near the Plaza in Santa Fe. This is where the book signing took place.



That’s Peggy, seated in the lower center with glasses. Her grand daughter and daughter are standing on the right…moving toward some empty seats.




Doug, Forrest and Michael on the stage…



Forrest with Cynthia of Rio Rancho…



Thanks Frank….

If anyone wants to tell me who they are…screen name or real name…I’ll be happy to add names to the photos..



Scrapbook Forty Seven…



October 2013


Margie Goldsmith sent this email to Forrest. It’s from her friend in Australia. The problem is that Forrest can’t read French. So he wonders if anyone can give him a short summation of what it says. Here’s your chance to get even with Forrest because he won’t know if your translation is correct.

He demonstrated his prowess and versitility with words in a short story at the bottom.


Hi Margie,
For French homework this week, we had to write a short story. Your story about Forrest Fenn was my inspiration……thank you!!

Un homme American millionnaire excentrique, Forrest Fenn, a caché un trésor  vaut $3m quelque part dans les montagnes au nord de Sante Fe.   Il a cancer et ce sera son héritage.   On doit lire son livre ‘The Thrill of the Chase’ pour qu’on obtienne des indices d’ou le trésor se trouve.  Le succès aussidépendra de l’ interpretation de son poème dans son livre qui a aussi des indices cachés.  Peut-être les indices pourraient à l’envers.   Peut-être il est une blague et Forrest Fenn a caché beaucoup de pain rassis.   Mais, si  non, et je le trouve, je serais aux anges. 




Forrest writes:
When I was in the 8th grade our English teacher gave the class an assignment to write a story with these rules. It should be as short as possible, and include religion, sex, and be a mystery.
After about 8 seconds I turned in my novel in. It said:
“My God, I’m pregnant, I wonder who did it.”
The teacher fainted and I got an F on the course. ff