Friday’s Plan…

January 21st, 2016

by Cynthia


Meet at drive way to Santa Fe Animal Shelter which is on Caja del Rio Road at 10:30 am.

The exit is off 599, I think at South Meadows exit : Follow the signs to the Animal Shelter/ Humane Society. (see map at bottom of page)

Katya Luce will meet us there with some friends from Taos who will bring drones.

We will then drive back towards Montoso Peak and drive the muddy 4-WD road until the first person gets stuck, which will likely be me. We all will park there.

From there we go on foot as close to the mesa edge as possible. GPS: Latitude 35: (degrees) 44’56.63”

Longitude 106:13’56.21”
I believe this spot is where Randy’s dotted line from the river joined the road around Montoso Peak to the mesa edge where the picture of him may have been taken in Dec.

We will walk as far as possible and then use drones with cameras to search closer to the top edge above where his raft was found and where the 4 X’s on his “treasure map” are.

Randy’s raft coordinates are: 35:44’55.20” N, 106:15’30.96”W which I believe are the bottom most-left on the picture below (the x closest to the river.)

(click on images to see them larger)


The red arrow on picture above points to dotted line on Randy’s map.


GPS coordinates on Google Earth picture above. The right arrow is so I can find the correct spot to know we are on the correct “road”. It should be easy because the power lines intersect with the road here.

Everyone invited. Please bring lots of water and snacks. Cynthia


Map to meeting area.