You Are Invited….


Charmay Allred Invites you to an Autograph Party

Please join us and bring a friend

Leon Gaspard – The Call of Distant Places
A new book by Forrest Fenn and Carleen Milburn


Monday September 14, 2015
La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe
Santa Fe Room
5-7 pm
Light refreshments will be served



The authors Carleen and Forrest at the book by Lou Bruno

ThomasD sent in two sets of great pics from the book signing. We need some way to caption the pics and ID the folks. I’ll work on that when I get back, but for now here are the pics on his smug mug site.

THIS LINK is the book signing itself
THIS LINK is the searchers get-together after the book signing.


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2. Wiseone
3. Cynthia
4. dal
5. Slurbs
6. Katya
7. JDiggins
8. ItsAllMine
9. (wishes to remain anonymous)
10. Randy Bilyeu


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  1. 1. Syd5000
    2. Deb
    3. BoomerGirl
    4. Art?
    5.Randy Bilyeu
    6. BajaGold
    7. (wishes to remain anonymous)
    8. Doug (what is his blog name)
    9. dal
    10. Cynthia
    11. Amy (not Amy on the blog)