Scrapbook One Hundred Twenty Nine Point One…



Glenna Goodacre

Since there seems to be an interest in Glenna’s work I took some photos of a few things in our collection. All were gifts to us from the artist.


The little bronze is one of a small edition. It is the first little ballerina of her daughter Jill, who grew up to be a Victoria’s Secret model and married to Harry Connick Jr.



The 7 ½ inch coin is ceramic and was cast from Glenna’s original that the dollar coin was made from

Sometimes Glenna makes ceramic copies of her bronzes to give to friends.

Sometimes Glenna makes ceramic copies of her bronzes to give to friends.




Scrapbook One Hundred Twenty Nine…



My Eric


Here’s my seventeen-inch bronze portrait of Eric Sloane created by Glenna Goodacre. She made it just for me, and that’s the way she is. You may not know that she made the Sacagawea dollar coin for the U.S. Mint,


and of course she also sculpted the Vietnam Women’s Memorial that’s on the National Mall in Washington.


Even Glenna’s flaws have artistry. That’s if she has any, flaws I mean.


Eric’s depiction of an airplane flying above the clouds on the front of my bronze is a take-off of his 59 x 75 foot mural that’s on the wall of the National Air and Space Museum in the Smithsonian. Lindbergh’s famous airplane, the Spirit of St. Louis, hangs in front of the mural.


Eric said that I was flying the airplane in my little painting. His smiling words fell softly on my willing ears. Such was his friendship.


Glenna captured that mischievous smile on Eric’s face. I know it well. It meant he was about to say something entertaining, probably at my expense.

He was the most productive man I ever knew. He could paint a major painting a day, lunch with me, and dine out with his wife that night. And he wrote fifty books in fifty years, or close to it. I talked about that in his biography, Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch.

Glenna also gave me a $1,000 bill. It was to commemorate ten years of being in the art business together.


If I’d put it in an interest bearing note when I received it, thirty-three years ago, at 6% interest compounded annually, it’d now be worth … oh, never mind. Maybe someone can tell me. I flunked math class in high school. I don’t intend to spend the bill, but if someone steals it, please keep your eyes peeled for me. Its serial number is J00003274A, and it has President Cleveland’s picture on the front. If it had been my choice, I’d have probably put Eric’s photo on it.