Feeding the Griz

December 21st 2014

IMG_1221sSince so many treasure seekers are working around West Yellowstone, I thought I’d show this photo. It was taken by my father in 1936. The scene is Rabbit Creek, just a few miles north of Old Faithful in Yellowstone Park. Rangers collected garbage wherever they could find it, mostly from local restaurants and campgrounds. They poured it out on a large cement slab for the bears to eat. Open bleachers were provided not far away so tourists could watch.

First, the black bears poured in to feed. Sometimes there were a hundred or more. Then, about two hours before dark, the first grizzly came strolling in. His appearance caused the smaller bears to flee for their lives, and in just five minutes there were none to hamper the more powerful diner. A lot of the tourists fled also. If you zoom in, you might count 18 griz in this photo.

To find out more on the subject you can Google “feeding grizzlies in yellowstone.”