Plans for Friday…

January 28th, 2016



Sacha and Forrest
I just left the Bandelier visitor center. I talked to 2 rangers who showed me how to get to the west rim of white rock canyon and be on the south side of frijoles. I told them I wanted to be across from where the raft was found and take pictures using my zoom lens of the entire eastern side including shoreline and side of canyon up to the mesa top. I want to do this both north and south of the raft but more on north.

I just confirmed Roger Craddock. I will meet him in Santa Fe tomorrow morning at 0700 so we can be on foot by 08. The Rangers approved this for me and Roger only as a back-country hike tomorrow only.
The lady ranger said I’m talking about a 10 mile round trip hike from the visitor center. 😄



Cynthia and Roger are like two over-charged Energizer bunnies. They are taking the search for Randy beyond what anyone could expect or hope for. If their back packs tomorrow are a little heavier it is because the respect and admiration of a thousand other searchers and well-wishers are going with them.


Mesa top along south-side of Frijoles Canyon where Roger and I will hike to access West Rim of White Rock Canyon and then continue along mesa top south to raft.


From White Rock Overlook, Buckman Road Put-in using normal vision


Standing at same place but zoomed.


I want to shoot a grid of photos on east side both north and south of Randy’s raft. I can zoom even more than this photo.

Report From Forrest on Tuesday…

January 26th, 2016

by Forrest


Still aloft

We flew out of the Santa Fe airport again today. Three of us in the plane. Doug and I were the main eyes while Glenn held the camera in the back seat moving from side to side to get the shots he wanted. He was in awe of the geography, and he kept shaking his head.

We searched around the boat, and up and down the banks, and on the ridge, and in the fringe canyons, and the near-by mesas.

Cochiti Lake is half void of ice now, and we used a few minutes to look in the deep water,  I asked Doug to head back up river.

We took our time flying low up Frijoles canyon, looking hard at the sandy creek bed. No one could climb the sides of that canyon. The waterfall is one of the most compelling places I’ve seen. I kept thinking that beautiful place was trying to tell us something. But what? No buzzards, crows or ravens, no tracks in the sand, no sign of a fire being built, and no Randy Bilyeu.

We have thoroughly searched the places that looked most promising to me, and those that were suggested by searchers who are familiar with the area, or had good hunches.

Later, Sasha, Cindy and I discussed our next plan. After ten hours of searching that 15 mile area from 100’ up, we have exhausted all of the places where we think Randy could be, maybe it’s time to start searching the places where we think he isn’t. But where are they?

Report From Forrest on Monday…

January 25th, 2016

by Forrest


We searched for 2 ½ hours today and again I am not happy with the results. John Pearson was with me. We circled the boat where Leo was found, flying at 100’ for 30 minutes looking at the banks a thousand feet around. I think I can say that Randy is not there. Lots of trees, brush, and large rocks. We went up Frijoles Canyon all the way to civilization and back. Cochiti Lake has very thin ice. I am not as optimistic as I was a few days ago, but I just don’t feel like we should stop looking. The weather is good with almost no wind. I’m thinking about trying again tomorrow.


Below are a few pics from Cynthia as Forrest and John prepared for their search.


Forrest and John at the airport previewing their search area prior to departure



Thanks Cynthia


Plans for Monday…

January 23rd, 2016


Forrest is meeting up with John, Sacha and Cynthia at 11:30 tomorrow for a briefing with the helicopter pilot, Doug. Forrest and John and Doug will take off for the canyon at Noon…as always, weather permitting.

There is no organized search by foot scheduled for Monday, January 25th. Cynthia noted that apparently folks are showing up at the animal shelter every day but that was a one time meeting place and is not an everyday occurrence. Neither Sacha nor Cynthia are organizing a foot search for Monday.

We all await the analysis report from the drone operators and an opportunity to view their footage. But I do not know if that is coming on Monday. It is what Sacha reported last Friday…but plans do change.