Scrapbook One Hundred Three…




My Zebras



Hesna al Ghaoui – a great Hungarian film maker, but a little eccentric. When the wind blows she has to sit in the car.

I can’t keep girls out of my Zebras. Maybe it’s because they’ve been known to evoke animal instincts to the wearer. One middle-aged lady who wore them to the opera said they’re hallucinogenic. She thought lions were watching her.

dags 015

Unfortunately my Zeebs are a full size too small and that means I can only wear them for four minutes before my feet feelings start going from discomfort, through agony, to numb.

dags 017

So if I’m ever invited to a Coronation or some other big event, like if I’m Knighted, then I’ll just cut my toe nails short, forget the socks, and sprinkle alum in the boots. That’s what my grandmother used to do. She said it made her feet shrink.


These great boots were made by Leddy’s in Ft. Worth and were once owned by my old friend Snuff Garrett. He was so influential in the music industry that his high school gave him an honorary diploma, and that’s true. He collected art so we had fun arguing about artists. He knows what he thinks, but was always so busy talking he couldn’t hear what I was saying.

I thought about giving my Zebras to Dal but his feet are bigger than mine and he’s afraid of pain. Besides, his wife would steal them away. I just know she would.


That’s my youngest granddaughter Piper who thinks she’s Taylor Swift. She said Dal’s wife can’t have her zebra boots.