The Tenth Clue…


Submitted May 18, 2020
by Jason


As Forrest said, “The treasure is out there waiting for the person who can make all the lines cross in the right spot”.  As important as it is to find out how the 9 clues create a path to the treasure, I would argue that the 10th clue is that we know the chest hiding place is somewhere FF deems personal and special.  For example, if we were just given the poem without knowing who wrote it, then we would truly be required to search the entire Rockies for a potential location.

However, since we know the final location is special to Forrest, we can narrow that search down to locations that are special to him.  I would argue that the TOTC book, which is written as Fenn’s memoir, gives us the answer to what places are important to Forrest.  As Forrest says, “There comes a time (maybe it’s an age) when all of us reflect on the happenings that marked our passage through the brakes and thickets of life”  To me, TOTC is the book where Forrest reflects on his life.

The stories he decided to include in the book are where his mind went when deciding to tell the story of his life.


The timeline here indicates when each story Fenn mentions takes place.  Fenn seems to have been reminiscing a lot about his time before he was 20 and went into the Air Force.  I think the older we get, it is common to look back at the formative years of our lives, and what they meant to us.

I would suggest that the special place that contains the treasure was found during this formative period.  Further I would argue that the odds are good that Fenn discovered this location before the age of 13.  Fenn says in the book that even though he is nearly 80, “my mind stays at about thirteen”.   That would be 1943 on the timeline, when Forrest was a fishing guide in Yellowstone, and marble champion on school.

So in summary, given the stories of Fenn’s formative years, I would argue that Temple Texas and the West Yellowstone areas are very important to Fenn.  Since only West Yellowstone is in our search area, I think it is likely that the treasure can be found within a distance a 13 year old boy could explore on his own from West Yellowstone.