Scrapbook One Hundred Eight…





JB is a good friend although we’ve never met. He researched my family like he worked for the KGB, and mailed me all sorts of things, like my father’s college annual from TCU. I guess he reads Dal’s blog or he would not have sent me this email. F

Hey Forrest,

Just checked it to see what you are up to.  I’m going to send you a little care package to cheer you up:-)

I grew up in a house where I had to dig through a double-wide drawer of literally hundreds of mismatched forks, spoons and knives to find one that not only suited my fancy,  but was actually clean (often had to clean it to use it).  When I moved out on my own, I started stacking my forks neatly in a plastic drawer organizer that a poor college student could afford.  It helped that I could only afford an ultra-cheap, sheet-metal, press-cut, four piece “silverware” set (less to organize).  Of course I had to get roommates to keep rental costs low and that is where I had to learn tolerance.  There isn’t a male college student on this planet that would ever stack their forks or untangle a telephone cord, or clean the toilet for that matter.  I finally found a roommate that generally didn’t make a mess and put his dishes in the old portable dishwasher I acquired, so we didn’t have to fight over dishes….but he just wouldn’t stack the forks!  I realized then that there are some things we each do that you cannot impose on others.  It was a valuable lesson and important to my happy marriage.   My wife and children are never going separate and stack the forks according to size.  That is my “cross to bear”.

All my best,