Fly Fishing for Gold…

APRIL 2019

Fly Fishing for Gold COVER

Fly Fishing for Gold: Searching for the end of Forrest Fenn’s Rainbow and his Treasure 
by Jeff Uryjasz

6 x 9 Paperback (great size to take along on your travels or a plane)
163 pages

Whether you are new to the search or have been looking since the beginning, join me on the quest for Forrest Fenn’s bronze treasure chest filled with gold and precious stones as I provide a comprehensive analysis of his memoirs, email responses, and other hints he has provided on my way to deciphering the nine clues in his poem needed to create a map that leads to the end of his rainbow and the hidden treasure. Come along with me as I follow the map’s directions which led me on a real-life adventure to the Rocky Mountains in search of the GOLD. 

About the Author

Do you really care? Ok, you asked for it.

Jeff Uryjasz graduated from Illinois Institute of Technology with a degree in architecture and he also has over fifteen years of experience in civil engineering and land surveying. He decided to utilize his education and life experience to extrapolate a solution to Fenn’s poem and create a map to the treasure.

Also, he loathes writing in third person. 

The book can be purchased through Amazon as a Paperback. Great travel size to take with you on your travels and add your own notes.

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