Art of the Chase…


by Sacha


I had to share this with you.

sachapaintIt is a painting, made by Rick’s grandson, Eli. Eli is 6 years old.

This is Eli’s very first painting.  On the left is Rick, and on the right is Eli.  They are both holding shovels.  Between them is a tree.  Below the tree is a red box.  According to Eli, that is “the” treasure.

Jason and I were on a video call with Rick when Eli came into the room to share his first masterpiece with his papa.

It is amazing how children can view life in such simple terms.

I asked Rick if I can borrow Eli for my next BOTG. He has this thing figured out.


image1 1

Rick added this new photo of Eli’s painting and the following comment about it:

When I took the picture Eli was signing the painting, I guess he wasn’t done signing it because he added the 6 to it after I took the picture for Sacha.

Sacha Johnston is a long time searcher.
She has a YouTube Channel devoted to the search.

Rick is IllinoisGho$t and has both a Blog and a YouTube Channel.

By the way…Eli is auctioning his one-of-a-kind artwork of eBay. Monies go directly to his college fund…Click HERE.







Scrapbook Seventy Seven…


JUNE 2014


Dear Forrest,

To include our boys in the fun of treasure hunting we put together a little treasure hunt for them using your poem as the clues. We have a state park right down the road from us and we take the kids hiking and on picnics there. It is full of places that could be used as clues and was a perfect place to have a treasure hunt. Both the boys were really excited and were thinking hard about the clues on their hike. Jaxson, the oldest, had me take pictures of some spots he thought were clues so he could go back and look at the pictures if he needed and also he said to remember where we have been in case we got lost. We never got lost, but glad he thinks ahead.

We guided them through a little by pointing out certain things and asking hypothetical questions about the clues we used. Their imagination of what fit as clues was very creative. When they got to the spot, they worked together to get the treasure. You could see the excitement on Maddox’s face and by the squealing sounds he was making. It was really nice seeing them help each other out and encouraging one another. Their treasures consisted of a couple silver half dollars, liberty coin, pyrite, crystal rock, fake bear claw and arrowhead, and one of their favorite animals made out of marble. No real monitory value, but of great value to them and their efforts. I loved that this was a chance for all of us to be adventurous together and that the boys got to be a part of treasure hunting.

By the way, we never told them that we hid it. They both think that they have found one of your treasures. When we were hiking back Jaxson said “I can’t believe we found that old guys treasure!” I really wish I had gotten that recorded because I still crack up when I think of him saying that. He asked if you had another poem leading to some treasure. HA! They want to tell everyone about their treasure hunting and show off the treasure they found. They are so proud of what they did! They are both ready to go on more adventures and see what they can find. It has sparked an explorers mind in them both.

I created a little 2 minute video of their treasure hunting experience. I do this on occasion and wanted to make one for this. Hope you watch and enjoy.

Thanks for the inspiration,