On The Move…

SUBMITTED may 2015
Lois Highwater


I’m attaching some photos of the one spot that made me think “This is it!” The more I climbed the more convinced I was “the treasure really wants to be here!”

There’s a petroglyph of what looks like an owl in the lower left, a mixture of dead and live trees, and a shelf-like dirt slide up above. I climbed in and around all of them, and under all the trees.  There was a really cool rock formation with a rotted tree stump “growing” up the middle of the rocks behind one of the green trees. The rocks and stump were all about three or four feet tall. I poked all around that too. I didn’t get a picture of it but I think my mom did.

The cave/ lair is in the same general location, but not part of the other photos. These are ALL over the place. I got close up and peered inside maybe a dozen or so. They are so numerous, high, low, left, and right you can’t possibly explore them all. So I agree, you have to know what your blaze is and just what to do with it when you find it.
I also met a Mescalero Apache woman who taught me that rattlesnakes smell faintly like skunk.  I smelled this three or four times in my search, and backed off each time. Thankfully I never saw either skunk or snake, but plenty of other animals.

click on photo to see it larger

It’s beautiful up there.