It’s in There Somewhere!?



I consider myself lucky but don’t we all, we are the ones that are still dreaming of the possibility of finding Forrest Fenn’s treasure trove. I figure I was born under a curious star and meant for something, I just haven’t figured it out yet.

So as I wait to figure out what I’m here on earth for, I am going to pursue the Forrest Fenn treasure. I work pretty hard to not divulge my location on this blog. I will only say I belong to the underwater in New Mexico club since out of sight and out of mind does have more appeal than above ground to my imagination. I admit to falling prey in more than once instance of thinking one of Forrest’s blogs posts was for me because I am “special” in some way. Ok, go ahead and laugh ladies and gentlemen but you know you too may have felt “special” at some point. He is an interesting fellow in our time, so you would be acting giddy too if he agreed to meet you for coffee on one of your trips. It as if the universe lets you know if Forrest pays attention to you then maybe you have a place at the table rather than a spot on the menu of life’s food chain.

In my travels I’ve searched high in the mountains north of Santa Fe during the day and also under a moonless pitch dark night. I’ve been scared of wild game following me, thirsty, dizzy from altitude sickness, hungry and knee deep in mud at least once and have no regrets about the vacation time or the money I spent to put myself in those unpredictable situations.

The chase makes you remember you’re human, not a machine…that you have choices and that none of them are bad, just different paths to fulfillment. It helps you to overcome fears of taking risks and more importantly you learn how to be a gracious loser.

Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Since I prefer images than text I’ll leave you with artistic version of a memory of one of my last searches of the season. Don’t ask me where I’ve been because I’ll just play a game and change the topic on you.

Snow is sure to start covering the ground early this year in the Rocky Mountains so I wish you all of the best in your search areas secret and not-so-secret as they may be.


Never give up on your dreams!