A Searchable Compilation…

SUBMITTED May 18, 2020
by Mark Hughes



The link below will allow you to download a searchable document that is a compilation of all the Forrest Fenn Scrapbooks and the Forrest Gets Mail collection as well as other items from the “Most Important Info” section of this blog.

I started this compilation to create a searchable medium, then found that some of the items I went looking for were not even in the Scrapbooks but in Forrest Gets Mail and Dal’s Most Important Info posts. One of the posts in Most Important Info belongs to Seeker. It is also included.

I would like to thank Forrest for giving his permission and approving this document as well as Dal’s and Seeker’s approval…

The .pdf can be found HERE

Please note that this is a large .pdf document. It will take up to a full minute to download to your computer. If you wish to keep it, simply hit save and point to where you want to save the document.

The document is current as of May 18th, 2020 and will be updated from time to time as new “Scrapbooks” or “Forrest Gets Mail” or other “Most Important Info” documents are added to the blog.

-Mark Hughes