A Real Trout-Mount…



I dubbed this hill to be “TROUT-MOUNT” (see below) for my own usage / terminology. It scales to be an approximately 1,200′ W x5,900′ L x160′ High hill (not a mountain), which is seemingly “MOUNTed” right next to the Madison River, and also unquestionably resembles a huge “Brown TROUT” as shown. ALL but a portion of the tail lies in the Montana portion of YNP. I consider it to be the “HOME of Brown (trout)” and to be located in “No-Man’s-Land”. SEE: http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/wyoming/yellowstone-no-man-s-land-leaves-jurisdiction- question/article_f4caad4c-fd01-5e78-b2d9-1a0cf37b4855.html


“NOT implausible”

(Note: arrow = mouth below eye- see map below also)

Barnes Hole “Looks FISHY to me?” This FISH is entirely uncanny!

Note: arrow = mouth below eye ~400′ per scale) < < – – – ~2.38 miles ( “No-Man’s-Land”-MT.) – – – > > | Fenn’s (our) 2.086 acres = ~301’sq.


My initial thinking was to climb to the “EYE”, look quickly down to the “MOUTH” area, and expect to see a “BLAZE” of some sort. Maybe deeper into the stomach area!? But, After doing a Google Earth count (approx.), I calculated I would have to climb over about 100 trees per 1,000′ of uphill climb due to the 1988 forest fire. NOT for ME or FENN, even though I’m 74 yo, have beaten a heart attack, bladder cancer, 3 previous trips from CA. to MT. and am finishing up 3 cords of firewood (cut, split & stacked) I’ve done it tired in the last few weeks. Getting over this “IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE” 4th trip, hasn’t been accomplished yet. Since I’m NOT a gluten for punishment, I’M DONE NOW! — (SEARCH WAS ON 5/25/16 — Not a quitter, just going quieter) HA! — On gmap4, you can select google aerial also.
I can handle it up to a point, then I lose the point and the handle. (My actual photo of “T-M” area)

image[10](Below Photo) Left Center is my vehicle at Barnes Hole #1. I Island Hopped 3 times to the right, then crossed Mad. R. (off-photo) at far right. This minimized the depth and velocity for me as it increased the incremental width..Easier on me. Photo is taken from atop (~50′ plateau above Mad. R.) in front of “T-M” @ expected Blaze / TC. (see next)

image[13] Some of these images / info are copied or scanned pages from my workbook and are therefore “partial” with an item missing or out of place as well as suffering visual clarity. — I aborted my “initial” thinking and opted for something more “realistic”. (ALL IMHO) Just inside a “tree-line-inlet”, hidden from the across-river parking spot at Barns Hole, I found and speculated the below item at the 3 arrows / cross-hairs.

image[39]The below G.E, overhead shot and the sketch at left were my “homework” and can be compared to the actual “fieldwork” photos further below. As I suspected, the “false-shadow” (wrong direction) is NOT a tree, but rather an opening / split amid the suspected rock pile. “G.E. doesn’t focus close enough …”!

image[42]My “Thrill of the chase” has included “Earthquake Lake”, 2 trips to “Beaver Creek” and this 4th one to “T-M”.
Thanks to Forrest Fenn and ALL whose input we have enjoyed over the past few years.
Eureka! Forrest has succeeded in pushing me until I FOUND MY WITS END! HA! I DON’T KNOW WHERE HIS IS! I salute you for your many accomplishments. A fellow VET. — SincerLEE —

This was “MY” ideal spot for “Forrest’s Spirit” to rest and watch over HIS Madison River “domain” from about 50′ above, viewing the river, the valley, the town ((behind the trees) and every “PEEK-TO-PEAK” from “T-M”. (blue lines) — https://www.google.com/maps/@44.6613628,-111.0651102,2383m/data=!3m1!1e3

image[45]MY MAP to T-M / T-C — Just start at the RH “Line # 5 / Clue # 1 (IMHO) and follow it down to the map location.
”IT SHOULD’A’ BEEN THERE” (is that an echo?). Who can deny, it’s NOT “nigh”! YOUR TURN, as mine is DONE!