Mike and Heather Look for Randy…

January 22nd, 2016


Heather and I have never, in all our lives, met so many people who were willing to put another person before them, and writing these words brings tears to my eyes. These are the heart beats of the future and I am damned privileged to have met each of these people.

Heather and I  got involved simply because I have children and read on the blog that Randy was missing. So I contacted Dal and Linda, letting them know I would come down. I read those words I awoke my little Lady Heather and with a lump in my throat tears streaming down my face and could barely get out the words  “ Honey we have to go “ and that “Randy’s kids needed us”, and “we had to go . She agreed and was out of bed in 5 seconds. We barely grabbed clothes. I took my pack, heavy coats, gloves,2 pairs of pants, and my Treasure Heather. Heather and I  never knew Randy, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was we got involved to help get him home to his Kids.

We emailed Dal and told him we were heading out. He suggest we don’t be to hasty, Dal knowing my past, understood that I have some very serious medical conditions and was looking out for my best interest.

I can barely even type these words as they fill my eyes full of tears and my heart heavy for Randy and his family. We have 5 sons. We cannot even begin to understand how they as a family feel, but having our own, we can only feel they’re hearts.

Every one involved in this search, as well as any Fenn hunter in my opinion, is most likely the kindest people this country has to offer. Selfless, love filled people with hearts as heavy as ours.

Today the thoughts of driving through the mud on those mountain roads made the trip dangerous at best. Huge rocks in the path along with steep muddy hills and soft shoulders due to snow melt off. This could even get the best of mud trucks stuck. The mud sticks like concrete to everything. And made our search very difficult. But Slurbs is the man when it comes to mudding.

So Slurbs, keep in touch buddy, we have a Mud date!  Wait is that a Man date? LOL

He and I drove up a mud hill at almost a 90 degree angle, and me in my little white SUV That barely could push it.  While we slid side ways at times and Heather was a bit worried at the time due to the amount of gas we had left. So we parked and got in Slurbs’ truck  to continue on. I’m sure the determination of all of us over powered any sense of danger of being stuck out there and pushed our group forward.

Slurbs can drive!!!!! But let me tell you I feel every screw in my neck today from those roads.

Heather was tired and I commend her for supporting me as well as the team. She is my back bone and the love of my life.

Slurbs, Roger, Sacha, Cynthia, Eric, Daisy,  Heather my wife, and others I have not mentioned; Thank you. I have never met better people. I will never forget each and every warmth and kindness you showed to this search. You all are my direct heroes. I hope to see you at the Fenn gathering in June. My whole Family will be there.

To all people who are searching for the Forrest Fenn Treasure. Please, please be careful when you go into the wilderness looking for that chest. Remember:You are not looking in a dangerous place.

Don’t go where F could not.
Take supplies, lots of water, food, and any other tool that can help you be found .
Bring blankets and dry clothes.
Be prepare for a week in the woods if you can.
Get a Spotter, link to a love ones cell number so they can track your steps .
Be smart, do not put your life on the line.

Nothing is more precious then you, that is why you have chose to be apart of this entire thing.


Our First Few Trips…

SUBMITTED may 2015


I look forward to getting back in the mountains when the weather clears, hoping me and the boys will find a few treasures of our own . A few weeks ago we found a spot not even looking for F at the time, just on a drive sight seeing.  And, well we found a cool spot to re visit as a place for our family to re mind us of a peace and recovery from the recent years of harshness upon my family.

Our first few trips, ( Not well documented, due to me forgetting the camera ); were through New Mexico. We visited Eagles Nest Lake on a full moon covered in a thin stream of pure pearl clouds, a sight my eyes had never embraced before. Taos was a small, but quite unique place. painted in the color of modern artists and packed with an easel full of history’s paint brushes; a place for an adventure and understanding. From there we went to a location I felt was the “Spot” …
Well , I missed my mark by a half a mile and realized even though this looks great and I swore it matched the “Poem”, I was dead wrong. Caught in the gauntlet of my own indecision of the poem and caught by F officially!  .. Boy he ties a great fly!
Since, we have continued to look for clues and of course a new adventure. That’s how we came upon this little place snuggled in a wall of rock. If you blinked you passed it. I barley noticed a small water fall twinkling  in the peaking sun light…
“WOW , Heather did you see that “?
“Yea”, she said . “Wanna Stop”, I asked? “Yep “, she said.
We turned around and parked tight to the canyon wall so cars wouldn’t hit our car and we started looking around. I found under a huge boulder, next to a water fall covered in flowers, an Indian arrow head… It was just lying there. I couldn’t believe it , Heather looked at me and smiled. We looked right around the corner of this massive boulder, and a crack appeared right in the middle of it. Of course we went in .
The slop was steep but manageable and we hurried up a rock that was slanted in position as if it knew we were coming. I pulled my little beautiful wife up. We looked and were amazed ! There in front of us was a staircase waterfall that trickled down for miles in a canyon with huge rocks that dictated which direction the stream would flow before splashing down to the next. Little platforms of green grass were  covered in flowers next to, and at the bottom of these water falls. We could not believe our eye’s.
See Heather and I are from Florida. We moved out here, for the simple reason, Forrest Fenn has shown our family a place where dreams of children are made. A place we long forgot in the maze of our lives and the harshness of life’s realities. But the First picture is the very first Blaze our Family has ever found and is the most important thing to us. I think the picture speaks will speak for it’s self. Along with the smiles we found as a family, wild high mountain mushrooms, and the artifacts, every one of us found a little treasure. And we were there as a family to experience it. WOW!
IMG_3817So the Chase goes on , and even though you hooked me once , maybe two more times won’t be so bad.
We attached some pictures our adventures.


Thanks For the Adventures!